Frostoberfest Day Exciting First Day At Flamboro Speedway

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By Randy Spencer  – Day One of the annual Frostoberfest at Bennett Chevrolet Flamboro Speedway got underway with unusually sunny pleasant weather. Over the past five years, cold and rainy weather was the norm but this year we have a perfect weekend weather forecast.
Time trials to help set the field for Mini Stocks and Super Stocks would go first. Twenty eight of the best Mini Stocks and Super Stocks in Ontario were on hand. Andy Kamrath always runs well at Flamboro and he once again would do so and set the best time with a fast lap of 17.506. Jason Tolton followed with Shawn Taylor, Cory Young and Russ Aicken rounding out the top five. In Super Stocks, Treyten Lapcevich had a fast lap of 16.539 to be fastest. Kevin Grubb was second followed by Bobby Mercer, Chris Howse and Kevin Gallant.
Qualifying heats and Pure Stocks would run two 8 lap races. Twenty two cars were signed in and perhaps the numbers were a little less due to a similar event at Delaware Speedway. Two eleven car eight lap heats were on tap. Shawn Taylor and Cayden Lapcevich led the field to green and things got hairy immediately with four wide action into one. Everyone made it through and Lapcevich led one. Next time by Karl Sault was the leader. Rodney Rutherford was in the 32 car and he started seventh in the field. By lap three he was up to second and was challenging the front runners. Going into 1-2 on lap six Rutherford made a successful move for the lead and the win. Heat two had Phil Givens and Leo Labarbera out front. Givens would lead lap one and go all the way for the heat win.
The OSCAAR Pro Midgets were next for the first of four, eight lap heats. Seventeen cars were signed in. Steve Belfry and Owen Elliott were pole for heat one. Jordan Hanna jumped the start twice so we had to start a third time They say third times the charm but not so much in this case. Hanna once again jumped but the race director let it go and said he would deal with it after the race. Not sure what that meant and how it was dealt with, for the record. Hanna would lead all the way and had a big lead on the rest of the field as he took checkers. Heat two had Shawn Stanley and Brody Rickwood lead the field to green. Stanley looked to be on his way to lead lap one with Rickwood close but Stanley went high, Rickwood low and the 2 car of Daniel Hawn split them and led lap one. Hawn won the last time the series was in town and he picked up where he left off and won heat two in a walk.
The Pro Four Modifieds were up for their heat. Gillian Hils and Shannon Morris led the field of ten to green. Morris led lap one. Point champion Dan Nanticoke made a move into three a few laps later and was the leader and would take the checkers.
The OSCAAR Hot Rods were back in town and nice to see them have more cars this time around. I could see them being one of my favorites as they are a throwback to the way Late Models looked in the late 1960’s here at Flamboro and around the area tracks. Darryl Stephenson and Douglas Fischer were pole. Fischer led one but the 77 of Kenny McNichol Sr. made a move to take the lead into one on lap three and led the final five laps for the win.
Dylan Sharpe was on hand for a drifting exhibition and it was quite the show. Seen it before on tv but never live, lots of smoke and some fancy driving!
Flamboro Speedway Frostoberfest Sept. 30, 2017 Drifting by Dylan Sharpe
Drifting by Dylan Sharpe
The Ontario Legends series were on hand for their final race event of 2017. It’s been many years since they last made a visit to Flamboro and its great to see them and twenty cars made a great show. Heat one had Bailey Brown and Jeff Dermmie on the pole and Dermmie led lap one.The 92 car of Dave Riopelle started sixth in the pack but made a pass in 3-4 on lap three and went the rest of the way for the win. Heat two had Bryan Batty and Andrew McFadden out front and Batty led one. Going into three on lap three the 20 car of Cole McFadden made the pass for the lead and would win the heat.
OSCAAR Modifieds were on hand for four qualifying heats and will run their feature Sunday. Always love the power of this division. Fifteen cars were signed in. Cliff Hodgkinson and the Spyderman John Harper led the first heat to green. Harper led a tight field of cars on lap one. As the saying goes you could throw a blanket over them and that was the case with the first four cars. It would run that way throughout with Harper being the victor in the heat. Heat two had Cory Horner and Marshall Schrenk on the pole. Horner led one. A caution on lap five as Schrenk was around in 1-2. Horner continued to lead on the restart and picked up the heat win.
The Ontario Legends were back for their final two heats. Parker Traves and Miles Tyson were on the pole. Tyson led lap one and he and Traves were bumper to bumper early. They continued this way until lap seven when heading into 3-4 they got into each other and were both around. Since the white flag had been shown, the caution flew with the checkers and the winner was the 88 car of Matt Haufe. Heat four had Brandon Thurlby and Paul Pierik out front. Thurlby led one followed closely by Kevin Foisy and Robin Jongen. Fosiy would be the leader out of two on lap three. A couple cautions late slowed Foisy enough to allow Jongen to take the lead and pick up the final heat win.
After a brief intermission we had the Pure Stock feature ready to go. Rodney Rutherford and Phil Givens were pole and led the field of twenty two to green for 20 exciting laps. Rutherford led lap one. Andrea Parsons brought out a caution on lap twelve. Rutherford would lead again with the 81 of Karl Sault on his tail but Rutherford would hold off Sault to pick up the victory.
Flamboro Speedway Frostoberfest Sept. 30, 2017 Pure Stocks
The OSCAAR Pro Midgets ran their second round qualifying with two more eight lap heats. The lone female in the group McKenzie Hamilton led lap one. Hamilton and Jordan Hanna battled down the back stretch on lap three but  a caution brought them to even. On the restart it was Hanna out to a quick lead and he won quite handily. The fourth heat saw Danile Hawn lead lap one and he turned that into a half a straight then a full straight away handily picking up the checkers.
The Pro Four Modifieds were up for their final race of 2017. Aaron Turkey led lap one. A caution on lap five for the 23 of Bobby Mercer. Mark Lucas led off the restart and he battled Dan Nanticoke for several laps. A few cautions would bring everyone even and on the final restart Nanticoke took the lead and picked up the win.
Flamboro Speedway, Frostoberfest Sept. 30, 2017 Pro-Four
feature race for the Pro-Four
The OSCAAR Modifieds ran their second set of heats next to set the feature for Sunday afternoon. Dale Reinhart and Jase Cornell were pole and Reinhart led lap one. Gary McLean and Luke Gignac battled for second and third with Gignac winning that battl. As the checkers flew it was Reinhart picking up the win. heat four has Chris Milwain and Matt Barton out front. Milwain got a good lead, built on it and wouldn’t be challenged in this win picking up the victory.
The OSCAAR Hot Rods ran their feature with Darryl Stephenson and Nick Clarke on the pole. Clarke led lap one and would battle throughout with Kenny McNichol Sr. Clarke would lead the rest of the way for the feature win.
Flamboro Speedway Frostoberfest Sept. 30, 2017 OSCAAR Hot Rods
feature race for the OSCAAR Hot Rods
The Ontario Legends were next for their feature. Cole McFadden and Kevin Foisy were pole and Foisy led lap one. He would lead until lap thirteen when a caution would fly as Mcfadden and Josh Indig were around out of two. Another caution on the restart then another one two laps later. On lap nineteen a caution the red as a fire broke out under the hood of the 02 of Andrew McFadden. Robin Jongen would be the new leader and would pick up the feature win.
Flamboro Speedway Frostoberfest Sept. 30, 2017 Legend Cars
The final race of the night was the OSCAAR Pro Midget feature. CraigPitchell and Paull Gee led them to green and Pitchell led early. By lap five Jordan Hanna was the new leader. Daniel Hawn seemed to be the only car that had anything for Hanna and on lap thirteen Hawn was the new leader. A late caution set up a green, white, checkered finish. Hawn managed to hold off Hanna to pick up the victory.
Flamboro Speedway Frostoberfest Sept. 30, 2017 OSCAAR Pro-Midgets
feature race for the OSCAAR Pro-Midgets
Pure Stock Heat #1 : #32 Rodney Rutherford, #31 Cayden Lapcevich, #81 Karl Sault, #31k Brandon McFerran, #83 Eric Crow, #18 Chris Pendlebury, #76 Shawn Taylor, #48 Steve Deleeuw, #72 Mark Dennis, #47 Scott Byers, #7 John Cote
Pure Stock Heat #2 : #0 Phil Givens, #23 Doug Moir, #42 Leo Labarbera, #90 Andy Wheller, #90x Gary Slama, #18x Josh Shantz, #84 Andrea Parsons, #10 Courtney Scott, #16 Mark Thorne, #61 Paul Ditner, #49 Scott Brooks
Pure Stock Feature : #32 Rodney Rutherford, #81 Karl Sault, #0 Phil Givens, #90x Gary Slama, #90 Andy Wheller, #18x Josh Shantz, #23 Doug Moir, #31k Brandon McFerran, #83 Eric Crow, #31 Cayden Lapcevich, #16 Mark Thorne, #42 Leo Labarbera, #18 Chris Pendlebury, #10 Courtney Scott, #72 Mark Dennis, #48 Steve Deleeuw, #76 Shawn Taylor, #84 Andrea Parsons, #7 Jon Cote, #47 Scott Byers, #61 Paul Ditner (NF), #49 Scott Brooks (NF)
Pro Four Modifieds Heat : #15 Dan Nanticoke, #63 Mark Lucas, #0 Shannon Morris, #32 Gillian Hils, #91 Mike Westwood, #9 Craig Shaver, #93 Rodney Rutherford, #84 Vic Devries, #68 Aaron Turkey, #23 Bobby Mercer
Pro Four Modified Feature : #15 Dan Nanticoke, #63 Mark Lucas, #9 Craig Shaver, #68 Aaron Turkey, #32 Gillian Hils, #84 Vic Devries, #93 Rodney Rutherford (NF), #23 Bobby Mercer (NF), #91 Mike Westwood (NF), #0 Shannon Morris (NS)
OSCAAR Hot Rod Heat : #77x Kenny McNichol Sr., #3 Douglas Fischer, #09 Logan Shwedyk, #8 Nick Clark, #2 Darryl Stephenson, #5 Jerry Luckhardt
OSCAAR Hot Rod Feature : #8 Nick Clark, #77x Kenny McNichol Sr., #3 Douglas Fischer, #09 Logan Shwedyk, #5 Jerry Luckhardt, #2 Darryl Stephenson
OSCAAR Pro Midget Heat # 1 : #55 Jordan Hanna, #15 Paul Gee, #3 Steve Belfry, #57 James Stanley, #25 Norm Newman, #29 Owen Elliott, #58 Gary Triska, #43 Tyler Cullen, #7 Jeff Blackburn (NS)
OSCAAR Pro Midget Heat #2 : #2 Daniel Hawn, #31p Craig Pitchell, #83 Brody Rickwood, #31 Rob Summers. #1k Brent Kemps, #88 McKenzie Hamilton, #75 Shawn Stanley, #1 Ted Greenwood
OSCAAR Pro Midget Heat #3 : #55 Jordan Hanna, #31 Rob Summers, #88 McKenzie Hamilton, #83 Brody Rickwood, #57 James Stanley, #43 Tyler Cullen, #3 Steve Belfry (NF), #7 Jeff Blackburn (NS), #1 Ted Greenwood (NS)
OSCAAR Pro Midget Heat #4 : #2 Daniel Hawn, #31p Craig Pitchell, #15 Paul Gee, #1k Brent Kemps, #29 Owen Elliott, #75 Shawn Stanley, #58 Gary Triska, #25 Norm Newman (NF)
OSCAAR Pro Midget Feature : #2 Daniel Hawn, #55 Jordan Hanna, #31p Craig Pitchell, #31 Rob Summers, #1k Brent Kemps, #88 McKenzie Hamilton, #3 Steve Belfry, #25 Norm Newman, #29 Owen Elliott, #83 Brody Rickwood, #75 Shawn Stanley, #43 Tyler Cullen, #58 Gary Triska, #57 James Stanley (NF), #15 Paul Gee (NF), #1 Ted Greenwood (NF), #7 Jeff Blackburn (NS)
Ontario Legends Heat #1 : #92 Dave Riopelle, #57 Kevin Foisy, #33 Paul Pierik, #28 Robin Jongen, #44 Jeff Drimmie, #2 Brandon Thurlbury, #99 Bailey Brown, #4 Bill Mason, #78 Joe Sherman, #50 Howard Bentley
Ontario Legends Heat #2 : #20 Cole McFadden, #49 Miles Tyson, #5 Joshua Indig, #39 Bryan Batty, #88 Matt Haufe, #64 Terry McClelland, #60 Parker Traves, #02 Andrew McFadden, #27 Sam Reckzin, #66 Dawson Drimmie, #59 Chuck Hopkins
Ontario Legends Heat #3 : #88 Matt Haufe, #5 Joshua Indig, #20 Cole McFadden, #64 Terry McClelland, #39 Bryan Batty, #02 Andrew McFadden, #66 Dawson Drimmie, #59 Chuck Hopkins, #27 Sam Reckzin, #49 Miles Tyson (NF), #60 Parker Traves (NF)
Ontario Legends Heat #4 : #28 Robin Jongen, #57 Kevin Foisy, #2 Brandon Thurlbury, #33 Paul Pierik, #99 Bailey Brown, #92 Dave Riopelle, #44 Jeff Drimmie, #4 Bill Mason, #78 Joe Sherman, #50 Howard Bentley
Ontario Legends Heat Feature : #28 Robin Jongen, #57 Kevin Foisy, #2 Brandon Thurlbury, #64 Terry McClelland, #20 Cole McFadden, #60 Parker Traves, #5 Joshau Indig, #49 Miles Tyson, #33 Paul Pierik, #39 Bryan Batty, #44 Jeff Drimmie, #78 Joe Sherman, #99 Bailey Brown, #4 Bill Mason, #59 Chuck Hopkins, #50 Howard Bentley, #02 Andrew McFadden, #66 Dawson Drimmie, #92 Dave Riopelle (NF), #27 Sam Reckzin (NF), #88 Matt Haufe (NF)
OSCAAR Modified Heat #1 : #79 John Harper, #3 Tim Tolton, #21 Chris Milwain, #8 Gary McLean, #91 Mike Westwood, #11 Cliff Hodgkinson, #56 Jase Cornell, #69 Wally Wilson
OSCAAR Modified Heat #2 : #79h Cory Horner, #14 A.J. Emms, #36 Rob Divenanzo, #51 Dale Reinhart, #99 Luke Gignac, #22 Marshall Schrenk, #2 Matt Barton
OSCAAR Modified Heat #3 : #51 Dale Reinhart, #99 Luke Gignac, #8 Gary McLean, #56 Jase Cornell, #11 Cliff Hodgkinson, #22 Marshall Schrenk, #91 Mike Westwood
OSCAAR Modified Heat #4 : #21 Chris Milwain, #14 A.J. Emms, #3 Tim Tolton, #2 Matt Barton, #79 John Harper, #36 Rob Divenanzo, #79h Cory Horner, #69 Wally Wilson

Andy Kamrath, Ken Grubb And Brandon Watson Champions At Frostoberfest

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By Randy Spencer – Great weather once again and a larger crowd as the Late Models were the main attraction of day two of Frostoberfest at Bennett Chevrolet Flamboro Speedway. The Late Models would be racing Triple 50 lap features sponsored by Grisdale Racing Products while the Mini Stocks and Super Stocks would be racing twin 30 lap features sponsored by London Recreational Concrete Pools and Spas.
Twenty five Late Models were signed in and time trials got underway at 3pm. When all was said and done, Brandon Watson who was this years APC Late Model champion set a fast lap of 15.002, while Shawn Chenoweth was next with a 15.042 followed by Pete Shepherd III 15.044, Shae Gemmell 15.131 and Andrew Gressel rounded out the top five 15.161.
A Super Stock consi was the first race with nine cars taking green and just six cars advancing. Brandon Passer and Derek Jackson led the field to green. Passer led lap one and got out to a big lead. He would lead throughout to pick up the win.
The OSCAAR Modifieds were next for their thirty lap feature. Chris Milwain and A.J. Emms were pole and Milwain led lap one. The cars started to sort themselves out and it looked like a freight train. Milwain continued to lead, he and Emms started to put some distance between themselves and the rest of field. The first caution came on lap eleven when the 36 of Rob Divenanzo was around out of two. Milwain led from the restart. Another caution on lap 18 as Divenanzo and Mike Westwood did what looked like a synchronized spin out of four. On the restart heading into one Cliff Hodgkinson, Jase Cornell and Westwood got loose and another caution was out. Milwain was the leader again while Dale Reinhart and Cory Horner were battling for third and fourth. On lap twenty two, the second place car of A.J. Emms was around in two bringing out a caution. He was battling some over heating issues and he didn’t finish. Milwain led again on the restart with Horner moving up to second. Another caution when the 36 was around. Reinhart and Gary McLean battled side by side and McLean got past for second. With three laps to go the 99 of Luke Gignac got into Dale Reinhart and the two went to the back. Not what Milwain wanted but he got a good start and managed to hold off McLean for the feature win.
Flamboro Speedway Frostoberfest Oct. 1, 2017 OSCAAR Modifieds
feature race for the OSCAAR Modifieds
The first Mini Stock 30 lap feature was next with the top two cars with quickest times in time trials Saturday on the pole. Andy Kamrath and Jason Tolton were pole and led thirty two cars to green. Kamrath led one. With this many cars it would be sure to see cautions. The first one came on lap six with the 77 of Miek Hooper around. Lap ten saw another caution when Erik Dalla Riva was around down the back stretch. Several caution and Kamrath led each time. Three wide action made it exciting but also caused some of the cautions. Dalla Riva was around again down the back and the caution would mean a green, white, checkered finish. Kamrath led and he would pick up the firs Mini Stock feature win.
The first Late Model feature and twenty four cars would take green. The top two in time trials, Brandon Watson and Shawn Chenoweth were pole. Watson led lap one. Several cars were involved as the cars made their way into turn one. This would be a taste of things to come. Several cautions started to way on everyone’s patience including the fans and the race director. A couple of suspect restarts and the games continued. I should have probably counted cautions, easily was in double digits. As the race continued to did the cautions and even a couple of reds. The second red flag came out as the 97 of Michael Gold was making his way down the back stretch and got taken out. He rode the wall and he sustained some very serious damaged. He was out of the car and ok. He said later his arm was very sore but not broken. On the restart, Andrew Gressel took the lead from Watson. Another caution as J.R. Fitzpatrick, Kevin Albers and Jeff Ruddy around down the back stretch as they got into the speedy dry. On the restart Gressel was the leader. he would battle Watson and eventually Watson retook the lead. As the checkers flew it was Watson followed by Gressel and Hudson Nagy. The race took one hour and sixteen minutes. The race director was very upset at what had happened so he set up a drivers meeting before the second Late Model feature.
Next was the first thirty lap feature for the Super Stocks. Treyten Lapcevich and Ken Grubb were pole and twenty six cars would take the green. Lapcevich led one. A caution on lap four as Jaeger McMaster had something break and he couldn’t continue. Another caution as the cars would head into 3-4 on the restart.  Trevor Collver, Miles Tyson, Brad Collison and Joe Trafford were involved and Tyson was off on the hook. A red flag on lap seven as the 44 of Joe Arsenault blew an engine and laid down some fluid. Another caution but after that the cars settled in and Lapcevich was leader and built a half straight lead and would win the first feature.
Flamboro Speedway Frostoberfest Oct. 1, 2017 Superstocks crash to the green
2nd feature for the Superstocks crash to the green
Flamboro Speedway Frostoberfest Oct. 1 2017 Superstocks feature 1
first feature for the Superstocks
The second fifty lap Late Model feature was set and we were all hoping a race that had far less yellow flags. James Horner and J.R. Fitzpatrick were pole. J.R. led one and turned that into a big lead. A caution on lap eight as Hudson Nagy had something break and hit the wall out of four. Fitzpatrick, Chenoweth and Pete Shepherd were 1-2-3 and they broke from the pack. Chenoweth made an aggressive move and was into second. A caution on lap 48 meant a green, white checkered finish. Fitzpatrick would continue to lead and would pick up the win followed by Chenoweth and Brandon Watson.
The second Mini Stock feature was next Jason Leblanc and Mike Hooper were pole with Hooper leading lap one. A few cautions early in this one with some five wide action and it looked like bumper cars as several cars were bouncing around and off each other. Bryan Wilson was the new leader through 3-4 on lap six. A caution on lap 19 saw the 07x of Chris Pendlebury get into Russ Aicken. On the restart Andy Kamrath battled Scott Mast. A caution on lap 27 meant another green, white, checkered finish. Kamrath led on the restart. Another caution but Kamrath led once again and would sweep the night picking up both Mini Stock feature wins.
Flamboro Speedway, Frostoberfest Oct. 1, 2017 Mini Stocks
2nd feature for the Mini Stocks
The second Super Stock feature was up and Derek Jackson and Steve Book were pole. Another attempt at bumper cars as the majority of the field mixed it up on the front stretch. Kenny McNichol Jr. was the leader early. Caution would breed cautions all night long and this feature wasn’t any different. Kevin Gallant, Jeremy Bean and Shawn Hewitt  mixed it up and a red as emergency crews checked out the drivers involved. The race would restart and McNicol would continue to lead and hold off Andrew Ferreira and pick up the win.
The final race of the night was the third 50 lap race for the Late Models. Only 18 cars made the call for this race due to all the carnage in the first two races. After receiving some damage to the rear of the car in an early race, Shae Gemmell would start inside of the second row and lead lap one. The cars settled in for some good racing finally and got some laps in. A mix up however on lap 37 saw another red as several cars mixed it up in one. Jeff Ruddy was off on the flat bed. The Ironman Gary Elliott got airborne and he was pretty slow exiting the car to be checked out by emergency personnel. He was ok the next day, very sore after taking a hard hit and received a severe rib and vertebrae compression. Last time Gary got that was about 18 years ago and he said it took almost four years to totally heal. Lets hope he heals quicker this time. He said the car is fixable as he goes for consecutive start #800 this Saturday at the Autumn Colors event at Peterborough Speedway. Gemmel continued to lead on the restart. Fitzpatrick was second by Brandon Watson got past on lap 48 and as the checkers flew it was Gemmell followed by Watson and Fitzpatrick.
Flamboro Speedway Frostoberfest Oct. 1, 2017 Pro Late Model crash
nasty crash in the Pro Late Models
Flamboro Speedway Frostoberfest Oct. 1, 2017 Pro Late Models race 3
3rd 50 lap race for the Pro Late Models
Flamboro Speedway Frostoberfest Oct 1, 2017 Pro Late Models race 1 cras…
1st 50 lap race for the Pro Late Models filled with multiple crashes
That closed a very exciting weekend of racing at Bennett Chevrolet Flamboro Speedway. When all was said and done everyone gathered in the pits for trophy and cheque presentations!. Check the results below.
Thanks again for the main two sponsors of this event and for your continued ongoing support of Flamboro Speedway, Grisdale Racing Products and London Recreational Concrete Pools and Spas.
Thanks to Derek Smith,, Mike Kiers and Peter Anderson for the photos and to Ingrid Hartman for the great video showing all the great racing and carnage throughout. You can follow her on youtube, petalpower 51.
Super Stock consi : #52 Brandon Passer #30 Derek Jackson, #09 Dan Price, #44 Joe Arsenault, #8 Nick Clarke, #3 Brent Wheller, #37 Shawn Hewitt, #38 Brandon Feeney, #92 A.J. Miller
OSCAAR Modified Feature : #21 Chris Milwain, #8 Gary McLean, #79h Cory Horner, #79 John Harper, #3 Tim Tolton, #2 Matt Barton, #11 Cliff Hodgkinson, #51 Dale Reinhart, #99 Luke Gignac, #56 Jase Cornell, #36 Rob Divenanzo, #22 Marshall Schrenk, #91 Mike Westwood, #69 Wally Wilson, #14 A.J. Emms (NF), #12 David Balych (NF)
Mini Stock Overall finish : #35 Andy Kamrath, #72 Billy Schwartzenberg, #75 Scott Mast, #71 Russ Aicken, #12 Jacob Robb, #25 Jake Watson, #14 Bryan Wilson, #7 Matt Young, #5 Jonathan Ayrton, #8 Lisa Deleeuw, #61 Allie Ditner, #33 Mike Gilmour, #79 Kyle Istead, #6 Wayde Thorne, #6x Terry Woodley, #45 Kaitlyn Wallace, #0 Phil Givens, #76 Shawn Taylor, #11 Jason Leblanc, #77 Mike Hooper, #55 Taylor Thring, #84x Andrea Parsons, #07 Michael Kenny, #86 Erik Dalla Riva, #17 Pat MacDonald, #07x Chris Pendlebury, #81 Rodney Rutherford, #36 Cory Young, #13 Bobby Tolton, #49 Tom Eckenshiller, #84 David Gallinger
Super Stock Overall finish : #36 Ken Grubb, #32 Treyten Lapcevich, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #9 Andrew Ferreira, #17 Kenny McNicol Jr., #63 Carson Nagy, #76 Shawn Arnott, #52 Brandon Passer, #31 Kevin Gallant, #31m Brandon McFerran, #72 Randy Rusnell, #55 Chris Howse, #73 Nick Troback, #74 Jaeger McMaster, #8 Nick Clarke, #64 Steve Book, #30 Derek Jackson, #3 Brent Wheller, #1 Trevor Collver, #13 Brad Collison, #7 Bobby Mercer, #38 Brandon fenney, #87 Jeremy Bean, #03 Steve Ecker, #09 Dan Price, #70 Joe Trafford, #44 Joe Arsenault, #49 Miles Tyson, #37 Shawn Hewitt, #92 A.J. Miller

Late Model Overall finish : #9x Brandon Watson, #89c Shawn Chenoweth, #84 J.R. Fitzpatrick, #81 Andrew Gressel, #4 Pete Shepherd III, #50 Chad Corcoran, #3 Shae Gemmell, #02 Mark Burbridge, #29 Steve Cashmore, #32 Cayden Lapcevich, #89 James Horner, #27 Kevin Albers, #14 Keith Temple, #63 Hudson Nagy, #27x Mat Box, #36 Gary Elliott, #48 Gerry Wheaton, #9 Jeff Ruddy, #8 Jordan Lawrence, #61 Brent Wheller, #56d Jordan Howse, #97g Michael Gold, #77 Tim Gordon, #12 Craig Marche

Season Comes To An End With Championship Night At Flamboro Speedway

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By Randy Spencer for Flamboro Speedway – After a long season of racing it came down to the final race weekend at Bennett Chevrolet Flamboro Speedway to crown the 2017 champions.
The night started with two rained out features from September 2nd, the Pro Four Modifieds were first. Linc Erison and Aaron Turkey were pole. Brian Nanticoke was in a rocket ship on this night and he led all 12 laps to pickup the win.
The Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds were next and Steve Trendell trailed Jason Keen by 13 points. Jeremy Barton and Keen led the field to green with Keen leading lap one. A caution on lap five when Bill Stoner and Max Wright were around in 3-4. On the restart, Trendell and Keen got involved and Trendell was around. Another caution on lap eleven and once again Keen and Trendell got into each other. It appeared Keen sustained some damage and he slowed and as the field took checkers it was Trendell crossing the line first. Keen would come home fifth allowing Trendell to get just a little closer.
We then got into regular features on the night. Budget Tire Pure Stocks were first. Rob Shaw and points leader Doug Moir were on the pole. Moir pretty much just had to start both features to win the points title. Moir led lap one. Moir broke away with the Thorne’s, Wayde and Mark close behind. Mark was on Moir’s tail in the points race for most of the year but had some mechanical issues and bad luck and that put him to third place behind Courtney Scott in the standings. Moir would lead flag to flag to put an exclamation mark on his year and pick up the checkers.
Klotz Auto Repair & Engine Machine Shop Mini Stocks were next. This was special for our flagman in training Cameron Thomson as he got a chance to flag the race. Russ Aicken was pole along side Kaitlyn Wallace. Aicken led lap one and got out to a big lead. The real battle was for second through fourth with Rich Schwartzenberg, Matt Young and Shawn Taylor battling throughout. As the double checkers flew it was Aicken pretty much wrapping up a third points title.
Ray’s Auto Centre & Towing Super Stocks were up Nick Troback was leading in points. He had  his back up car put driven by his brother Mike, just in case. Chris Howse and Joe Trafford were pole and Howse led lap one. Nothing was set in this one, it could go to the top two or perhaps three drivers. Chris Howse sat third in points and he and second place driver of Kevin Gallant were at it early, getting into each other on two separate occasions early. This would allow the 74 car of Jaeger McMaster to take the lead on lap five. He started to build a healthy lead but a caution on lap 17 when Trafford went around in 3-4. McMaster didn’t show any effects, continued to lead and picked up the win.
The Pro Four Modifieds were next and this one was already wrapped up some time ago. Dan Nanticoke has won the majority of the features this year. Linc Erison and Brian Nanticoke were pole. Nanticoke led lap one. The Nanticoke brothers broke away with Brian leading Dan. Dan tried to make a move and got loose out of four on lap eight bringing a caution. Brian led from the restart and would go on to take his second win of the night. Dan came home third.
The Canadian Vintage Modifieds were next with Ian McIntyre on the point along side Jeremy Barton. Barton led lap one. Steve Trendell knew he had to give it his all to have any hope of passing Jason Keen in the points. Trendell would be the new leader by lap three. T.J. Marshall was just one point back of Trendell and the two were at each other for the lead. On lap ten through two they made contact and then once again heading into three and the end result, Trendell would hit the wall. Trendell exited the car and as Marshall made his way around, Trendell showed Marshall what he thought. Trendell was off on the hook and any chance he had at the title was now over. As the race continued, Marshall would lead the rest of the way and picked up the win. Jason Keen solidified his hold on the lead coming in second.
Late Models were up Mark Burbridge and Blair Wickett were pole. Wickett led lap one and he would battle Burbridge and Shawn Chenoweth early on. Wickett slowed back to fourth and on lap six Chad Corcoran was into Wickett in turn two and Wickett took a hard hit and his night was over. On the restart, points leader Chenoweth was the new leader and led the rest of the way to pick up the win.
After a brief intermission we got into round two of features. Leo Labarbera and Courtney Scot led the Pure Stocks to green. Scott led lap one and quickly was out to a big lead. As the race wore on, the  second place car of Eric Crow was closing the gap. Then the 90 car of Gary Slama was gaining as well. Slama got by Crow to take over second and was making the final lap interesting. As the cars approached the checkered flag, they were back and forth and to the eye it appeared that perhaps it was Slama but according to the transponder, Courtney Scott was first by .00039 of a second to take the checkers and finish second in points behind champion Doug Moir.
Next would be the Mini Stocks. Jonathan Ayrton and Kyle Istead were pole. Ayrton led lap one but Shawn Taylor who started sixth would be the new leader the second time past. Taylor got out to a big lead with a real battle for second through fourth between Matt Young, Russ Aicken and Erik Dalla Riva. Aicken would get past and was second but didn’t have enough to overtake Taylor. As the checkers flew it was Taylor followed by Aicken and Young. Congratulations to Russ Aicken on his third straight points title. He tied Mike Holmes in 2013 so three wins and a tie over four years for Russ.
The Super Stocks were next and taking the green flag pretty much took the title. Joe Trafford and Bobby Mercer were pole. Troback started fourth and led lap one. He continued to lead but Mercer did all he could to make a pass. He had a very fast car but Troback wouldn’t let him past and would lead flag to flag to take the win and the points title.
The Canadian Vintage Modifieds were up for their final race of the year. Joe Atkinson and Ian McIntyre were pole. Jason Keen was fourth and was the leader first time by. Keen would continue to lead and built a healthy one. T.J. Marshall was beginning to close in but didn’t have enough and it was Keen picking up the win and another championship.
The Pro Fours were next with Gillian Hils and Linc Erison out front. Hils led lap one but before long it was the familiar site of Brian Nanticoke leading followed by Dan. The two had a big lead and Brian held off Dan for the win.
 Final race of the night was for the Late Models. Billy Schwartzenberg and Kevin Albers led the field to green. Schwartzenberg led lap one. Shawn Chenoweth was the leader by lap five and he would make it a clean sweep on the night and picked up the checkers picking up yet another points title. Congratulations to all on a very exciting and successful 2017 race season.
Please join us this weekend, September 30th -October 1st for the annual Frostoberfest. Racing starts at 3pm both days, pits open at 9am, front gates at 12pm both days. Check the website,  for all the details, what is happening each day and what divisions are racing etc.
Thanks to Mike Kiers, for the great pictures!!!
Pure Stock Feature #1 : #23 Doug Moir, #6 Wayde Thorne, #90 Gary Slama, #18 Bob Hillar, #83 Eric Crow, #31 Keara Gallant, #16 Mark Thorne, #10 Courtney Scott, #42 Leo Labarbera, #72 Mark Dennis, #43 Clinton Nichols, #61 John Ditner, #7 Matt Fraser, #3 Rob Shaw (NF)
Pure Stock Feature #2 : #10 Courtney Scott, #90 Gary Slama, #83 Eric Crow, #18 Bob Hillar, #6 Wayde Thorne, #23 Doug Moir, #31 Keara Gallant, #16 Mark Thorne, #42 Leo Labarbera, #72 Mark Dennis, #61 John Ditner, #3 Rob Shaw, #7 Matt Fraser, #43 Clinton Nichols (NS)
Mini Stock Feature #1 : #71 Russ Aicken, #72 Rich Schwartzenberg, #7 Matt Young, #86 Erik Dalla Riva, #61 Allie Ditner, #76 Shawn Taylor, #45 Kaitlyn Wallace, #07 Michael Kenny, #77 Mike Hooper, #79 Kyle Istead, #29 Derek Jackson, #5 Jonathan Ayrton, #11 Jason Leblanc, #84 David Gallinger (NF), #42 Rick Robinson (NF)
Mini Stock Feature #2 : #76 Shawn Taylor, #71 Russ Aicken, #7 Matt Young, #86 Erik Dalla Riva, #5 Jonathan Ayrton, #61 Allie Ditner, #84 David Gallinger, #72 Rich Schwartzenberg, #79 Kyle Istead, #77 Mike Hooper, #45 Kaitlyn Wallace, #07 Michael Kenny, #11 Jason Leblanc, #29 Derek Jackson (NS), #42 Rick Robinson (NS)
Super Stock Feature #1 : #74 Jaeger McMaster, #31 Kevin Gallant, #55 Chris Howse, #73 Nick Troback, #13 Brad Collison, #7 Bobby Mercer, #70 Joe Trafford, #92 A.J. Miller, #73t Mike Troback, #03 Steve Ecker
Super Stock Feature #2 : #73 Nick Troback, #7 Bobby Mercer, #74 Jaeger McMaster, #31 Kevin Gallant, #13 Brad Collison, #55 Chris Howse, #70 Joe Trafford, #03 Steve Ecker, #92 A.J. Miller, #31k Brandon McFerran (NF), #73t Mike Troback (NF)
Pro Four Modified Feature #2 (Sept. 2nd) : #9 Brian Nanticoke, #15 Dan Nanticoke, #68 Aaron Turkey, #23 Linc Erison, #32 Gillian Hils, #63 Mark Lucas (NS), #91 Larry Westwood (NS), #36 Dave Hodgkinson (NS), #0 Shannon Morris (NS)
Pro Four Modified Feature #1 : #9 Brian Nanticoke, #15 Dan Nanticoke, #68 Aaron Turkey, #32 Gillian Hils, #93 Rodney Rutherford, #23 Linc Erison, #84 Vic Devries (NF), #91 Mike Westwood (NS)
Pro Four Modified Feature #2 : #9 Brian Nanticoke, #68 Aaron Turkey, #15 Dan Nanticoke, #23 Linc Erison, #93 Rodney Rutherford, #84 Vic Devries, #32 Gillian Hils, #91 Mike Westwood (NS)
Canadian Vintage Modified Feature #2 (Sept. 2nd) : #57 Steve Trendell, #15 T.J. Marshall, #92 Sean Gibson, #84 Jeremy Barton, #18 Jason Keen, #654 Max Wright, #5 Ian McIntyre, #80 Amanda Stoner, #88 Bill Stoner (NF), #03 Jake Gilbert (NS), #19 John Karley (NS)
Canadian Vintage Modified Feature #1 : #15 T.J. Marshall, #18 Jason Keen, #84 Jeremy Barton, #5 Ian McIntyre, #88 Bill Stoner, #92 Joe Atkinson, #80 Amanda Stoner, #57 Steve Trendell (NF), #654 Max Wright (NF), #33 Rodney Rutherford (NF)
Canadian Vintage Modified Feature #2 : #18 Jason Keen, #15 T.J. Marshall, #84 Jeremy Barton, #92 Joe Atkinson, #80 Amanda Stoner, #5 Ian McIntyre (NF), #88 Bill Stoner (NF), #57 Steve Trendell (NS), #654 Max Wright (NS), #33 Rodney Rutherford (NS)
Late Model Feature #1 : #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #02 Mark Burbridge, #27 Kevin Albers, #86 Billy Schwartzenberg, #36 Gary Elliott, #29 Steve Cashmore, #97 Blair Wickett (NF), #9 Jeff Ruddy (NF), #50 Chad Corcoran (NF)
Late Model Feature #2 : #89 Shaw Chenoweth, #86 Billy Schwartzenberg, #27 Kevin Albers, #02 Mark Burbridge, #29 Steve Cashmore, #36 Gary Elliott, #9 Jeff Ruddy, #50 Chad Corcoran (NF), #97 Blair Wickett (NS)