FrostFest Brings Ontario Short Track Season To A Close

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The Stock Car Racing season in Ontario came to an exciting conclusion Saturday night as Flamboro Speedway held their annual Frostfest for Thunder Cars and Mini Stocks.  The weather was cool but it may have been better to call it Windfest as the wind was the problem more than the frost.

Thirty Three Mini Stocks and Twenty Six Thunder Cars were on hand for the excitement and to get that one last opportunity to race before the snow flies. Racing got under way with the Thunder Cars and the Cambridge Rigging #14 of J.R. Fitzpatrick was on the poll. Fitzpatrick won the 10 lap race quite handily and a surprise in the #46 was Bill Zardo Sr. who tore up tracks for years in the Late and Super Late Models over 30 years ago.  Bill won the Thunder Car Consi. race. In the second qualifier, Billy Zardo III, Shawn Chenoweth and Kevin Albers battled it out for 10 laps with Zardo taking the victory. The third heat would see the #83 of Scott Way from Varney Speedway taking the checkers.  In the Mini Stock class they also ran 3 heats and a consi.  The “Rabbit”, #37 Rob Hoskins won heat one, the 31X Dave Bailey took the second and #50 John Van Dyke took heat three.  The #71 of Russ Aicken plowed his way to the consi victory.

In the first feature race for the Mini Stocks, #37 of Rob Hoskins and 31X of Dave Bailey were on the poll. Hoskins pulled out to an early but on lap 5, steam was evident and retired to the pits. #50 of John Van Dyke took over as leader but the same bad luck that ended Hoskins run would take Van Dyke out of the race. #15 Matt Dean took over the lead but with about 10 laps to go seemed to lose power and #02X of Mike Taylor took the lead and held on to the end for the victory.  In the second feature, #76 Justin Ficker of Sunset Speedway and #69 of Brian Wilson were on the poll. Wilson, Russ Aicken and Dave Bailey all took turns early at the lead but by lap#76 Ficker took over and didn’t look back leading the last 24 laps for an impressive victory. Another surprise racer making an appearance in a mini stock for the first time in about 40 years was the Iron Man Gary Elliott who drove the #35 car. He ended the night 8th overall. This year he raced his latemodel, the hobby car, Dave Osborne’s thunder car and now a mini stock. He last raced a mini stock at Cayuga Speedway in the late 60′s and early 70′s. Gary just plain loves to race!

In the first of the Thunder Car, plenty of excitement was in store. J.R. Fitzpatrick and Billy Zardo III were on the poll. The bigger story was an incident coming out of turn 4 when one car got into the back of the #78 of Shawn Chenoweth slamming him into the #32 of Marvin Freiburger sending him spinning to the infield. Freiburger upset stopped his car at the start finish line got out and proceeded to have a heated discussion with starter Ding DeLeeuw. Apparently not getting the answer he wanted, Freiburger got back in his car and went looking for Chenoweth hitting in his car in turn one and then took another shot at him. Freiburger’s night was done and the tow truck put the car on the hook and took him out the back gate and left the car in the field outside the gates. The race victory ended up going to Fitzpatrick who led the whole way. Race #2 had #27 Kevin Albers and #35 of Ken Grubb on the poll. Albers led the first 10 laps but was over taken by the #78 of Chenoweth who held off the field for the last 20 laps for the victory. Chenoweth was putting the finishing touches on a great season that saw him take his Late Model to a Flamboro Late Model series champ, the Grisdale Triple Crown Champ, the Feature winner at Autumn Colors at Peterborough Speedway and most recently he won the overall title at the Oktoberfest Classic held at Flamboro a few weeks ago. In the final race of the season, Shawn Chenoweth and #10 Dennis Cybalski started at the front. Chenoweth led the first 10 laps but the four time consecutive Flamboro Speedway Thunder Car champion, the Rocket Randy Rusnell took the lead and waged a fierce battle with Chenoweth and Scott Way for the final 20 laps and managed to hold them off for a Cinderella type finish. Rusnell as hard as he tried was unable to take a Feature victory all season and finally did so on the last race of the year. What has become a tradition, Rusnell filled the air with smoke from his burnout on the front stretch and it ended with a loud pop of the tires before leaving the track.

And so came to the end of a great year of racing at Flamboro Speedway. It will be a little over 5 months and we’ll be back at it again. For overall champions and official results, please check the Flamboro Speedway website at

Flamboro Speedway Puts Wraps On 2010 Season

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By Randy Spencer – Flamboro Speedway put the wraps on a successful 2010 season Saturday night holding their 48th annual Awards banquet at the Royal Canadian Legion in Waterdown.  The evening was well attended with many sponsors, supporters, fans and of course drivers who made the season memorable for all.  After the great meal, Gerry and Josh Paxton shared the microphone for the evening and Larissa Spencer handed out the awards to the winners.

The first awards of the night were for Perfect Attendance. Eleven Mini Stock drivers were awarded and included, Dave Bailey, Mike Taylor, Russ Aicken, Matt Dean, Rich Schwartzenburg, Sheldon Bossom, Samantha Shaw, Mark Dennis, Ken Stenhouse, Lisa Deleeuw and Courtney Scott. Four Thunder Car drivers received the honor, Randy Rusnell, Brad Collison, Billy Zardo III and Linda Dean. Five Late Model drivers made every event and included, Shawn Chenoweth, Paul Howse, Jason Shaw, Brad Corcoran and Gary Elliott.

Rookie of the Year was up next and the winner was the #88 Spira Racing car driven by Mark Dennis. The Late Model rookie award went to the #05 of Brad Corcoran.
The Thunder Car award took on a little more meaning as Linda Dean presented the newly named rookie award in memory of Paul McIlroy who past away this summer in an auto accident. He was a friend to all and Brittanica Howell was the first winner of the award.

Most Improved Driver awards went to #81 Sam Shaw in the Mini Stock division. She made incredible strides in her sophomore season and had 2 race wins and finished 9th in points. Dennis Cybalski won the award in the Thunder Car division having a great year and actually was challenging for the points lead until some bad luck at season’s end got in his way.  Shawn Chenoweth raced last year in the Thunder Car division but the fact he won just about every big Late Model race in site this season made it hard to argue against this fiery competitor.

Best Effort award went to #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, who had a great season with 3 feature wins but some bad luck under the hood prevented a much better finish but the she sure kept it together for a strong season.  Linda Dean was very consistent all year finishing 6th in Thunder Car points and Chris Boschler had some hard luck in the Late Model but still finished strong with a great effort and not giving up.

The Best Appearing Car awards went to Sam Shaw in Mini Stocks, Brad Collison in Thunder Cars and the Ironman Gary Elliott in Late Models. It was a trying season for Gary who had some bad luck and a few big wrecks but managed to have the car looking like new every week.

Other awards included,
-Most Checkered Flags-Mini Stocks Brian Watson and Rob Hoskins tied with 13 victories each.
Thunder Cars Randy Rusnell with 8 wins and
Late Models Paul Howse and Shawn Chenoweth tied with 15 wins each.
-Most Sportsmanlike Drivers – Voted by secret ballot by drivers of Flamboro Speedway, Mini Stocks Mike Taylor, Thunder Cars Kevin Albers and Late Models to Gary Elliott.
-Mini Stock 2010 Championship to Dave Bailey, 2nd Russ Aicken,  3rd Mike Taylor,  4th Matt Dean and 5th Eric Yorke.
-Thunder Car 2010 Championship to Randy Rusnell, his 4th consecutive championship, 2nd Kevin Albers,  3rd Brad Collison,  4th Billy Zardo III and 5th Dennis Cybalski.
-Late Model 2010 Championship to Shawn Chenoweth, 2nd Paul Howse,  3rd Jason Shaw,  4th Gary Elliott and 5th Brad Corcoran.
-Bill Grisdale was on hand to award the trophies for the Grisdale Triple Crown Series for Late Models. This annual event is always very successful and well attended. The 2010 Champion was none other than Shawn Chenoweth, 2nd place went to Brad Corcoran,  3rd Chris Bochsler,  4th Todd Campbell and 5th place was Gary Elliott.
-Annual Flamboro Speedway Memorial Night Champions were, Late Model Jeff Stewart, Thunder Cars Kevin Albers and Mini Stocks Eric Yorke.
-President’s Award to Chris Brading of MacMaster Pontiac in Orangeville for their great ongoing support of racing at Flamboro Speedway.
-Frankie and Toni Ann Casale presented track owners, John and Frank Casale with an award for their hard work and dedication to making Flamboro Speedway successful.

Dave Franks, track photographer for 30 years at Flamboro was on hand and took lots of great photos, check them out at

See you in April 2011 for the 50th season of racing at Flamboro Speedway!!

Chenoweth Takes Oktoberfest Championship At Flamboro

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By Randy Spencer – Day Two of Oktoberfest got underway with a Thunder Car last chance race with the top 6 going onto the A Main feature. Things didn’t get going to well right off the start. The #53 of Mike Poulton Jr. got mixed up with #8 Steve Perry on the back stretch and the 8 sustained some heavy damage as it climbed the wall. #74 of Albert Bowman out for the last chance race took a hard hit, crushing the front end of his car and off on the hook he went. Several other cars were also involved and by the time the smoke had cleared the 12 car field was pretty much cut in half and the cars remaining were assured a trip to the feature, just placement was the only thing left to decide. Top 3 – #37X Jeff Bean, #71 Bobby Mercer, #5 Linda Dean.

The Late Models were up next and all 21 cars lined up on the front stretch for driver introductions. After the dice roll and inversion of 8, #36 Gary Elliott and #05 Brad Corcoran were on the pole. As in the first race, things started in a bad note and several cautions taking place before even one lap was in the books. The race finally got under way but on lap 3, #56 Jeff Stewart and #8 Paul Howse both were involved in separate spins and has to head to the back. Corcoran and #82 of Jason Shaw see-sawed with the lead, back and forth between the two for the first 35 laps. Paul Howse managed to make his way up from the back and took over the lead on lap 36 and held it to the end taking the first 50 lap feature event. Top 5 – #8 Paul Howse, #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #82 Jason Shaw, #36 Gary Elliott, #78 Mark Watson (Delaware Speedway).

The Limited Late Models took to the track for their 50 lap main event and the #28 Roy Wilkie and #47 of Stompin’ Tom Walters were on the pole. Wilkie, Walters and #8 of Jason Parker battled tooth and nail for 50 laps and Wilkie managed to lead from flag to flag and took the checkers. Top 3 – #28 Roy Wilkie, #8 Jason Parker,  #47 Tom Walters.  Twenty Two Thunder Cars took to the track for their 40 lap feature with the man many were there to see, the #14 of J.R. Fitzpatrick on the pole. Fitzpatrick led early and was building a pretty good lead and along with the #76 Shawn Arnott and #81 of Matt Mulholland led the pack for most of the race. #13 Brad Collison also was in the mix and led the second pack of cars the entire way. With only about 5 laps to go, Fitzpatrick started to slow a bit. “The carb picked up rpm on idle making the car push bad into the turn and loose off”, is how J.R. described what happened and the 76 of Arnott made the pass and held on for the win. Top 3- #76 Shawn Arnott, #14 J.R. Fitzpatrick, #13 Brad Collison.

The Mini Stock feature was a good race and pretty tame affair. #9 of Neil Hannah and the #88 of Mark Dennis were on the pole. Hannah visiting from Peterborough Speedway led flag to flag to take the feature win. Top 3 – #9 Neil Hannah, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #35 Tim Tolton. The Minis ran a B feature and the #13 of Mike Holmes held off #67 Dave Small for the victory.

The second Late Model feature started with a dice roll again and #8 Paul Howse once again rolled 8 and inverted the field. The #78 of Mark Watson who races at Delaware Speedway dominated early. A couple of cautions forced restarts and Paul Howse got a little sideways coming to the line and Watson kept the lead. The next caution didn’t turn out to well as Howse got loose again but this time he, along with Watson, Baker and Burbridge got tangled and all ended up into the wall and a lengthy delay followed to clean up the carnage. At that point some Flamboro regulars were out front for the remainder of the race with #56 Jeff Stewart, #82 of Jason Shaw and the track champion #89 Shawn Chenoweth battling up front for the remainder of the race. Stewart managed to hold the lead and took the checkered flag in the second 50 lap feature. Top 3 – #56 Jeff Stewart, #82 Jason Shaw, #89 Shawn Chenoweth.  Overall Oktoberfest Late Model Championship – #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #82 Jason Shaw, #3 ChrisBoschler, #56 Jeff Stewart, #75 T.J. Marshall. Chenoweth managed to accomplish his objective, win The Grisdale Triple Crown 3 race event at Flamboro, Flamboro Late Model Champion, Late Model victory in the feature at Autumn Colors at Peterborough Speedway and the Late Model Oktoberfest Champion.

And that was Oktoberfest 2010 at Flamboro Speedway. But that’s not all the racing for the season as Frostfest 150 will take place Saturday October 30th with Triple 30′s for Thunder Cars and Twin 30′s for the Mini Stocks. Also a King of the Hill Spectator Challenge, 40 car limit with $500 going to the winner. Gates open at 12pm and racing starts at 3pm. Check the Flamboro Speedway website for all the details,

Oktoberfest At Flamboro Finally Gets The Green

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Oktoberfest 2010 at Flamboro Speedway was two weeks late but well worth the wait. The weather was great and the pits were full with well over 100 cars in six divisions ready to qualify for Sunday’s feature races. A huge turn out of cars from other local tracks added to the excitement.

The Late Models got the afternoon underway with time trials and Flamboro track champion #89 Shawn Chenoweth set the pace with a fast lap of 15.66. Jason Shaw, Jeff Stewart and Mark Burbridge were right on his heals. The roll of the dice inverted the field by 8, so Chenoweth will start 8th in Sundays first 50 lap feature. The #75 of T.J. Marshall took the last chance race. The Limited Late Models ran 4 heats and four different cars came up winners. #28 Roy Wilkie (Sauble Speedway), #69 Al Inglis (Barrie Speedway), #81 Chris VanDusen (Varney Speedway) and #37 Rick Walt (Barrie Speedway) all took checkered flags. The F4 Performance 4 cylinder modifieds had there heat race and final feature of the season. The #63 of Mark Lucas held off the hard charging Silver Bullet of #43 John Verney to take the heat race. In the feature race, #8 Craig Shaver took the victory with Verney and Lucas close behind.

Forty Two Mini Stocks were competing for Thirty spots for Sundays feature and a few familiar faces were in the winner’s circle. #88 Mark Dennis, who is really coming along in his rookie season with Spira racing and #43 Sarah Miskiewicz continued her amazing season with another heat victory. Neil Hannah #9 who calls Peterborough Speedway home, took the other qualifying heat victory. An exciting consi race saw 17 cars take the green, with only six cars advancing to the big race. Top six, #38 Bill Pearsall, #31 Jack Horner, #01 Mark Dasilva, #89 Cory Horner, #84 Lisa DeLeeuw and #44 Dale Cooke.

The Thunder Cars ran 2 sets of qualifying heats with 40 cars in the pits. Winners were #73 Nick Troback (Flamboro), #36 Ken Grubb (Varney Speedway), #21 Matt Bentley (Sunset Speedway), #81 Matt Muholland (Varney Speedway), #32 Marvin Freiburger (Varney Speedway) and #76 Shawn Arnott (Varney Speedway). The Ontario Sportsman took the track for their 100 lap feature to wrap up their 2010 season. Just taking the green flag assured #40 of Jay Doerr of the championship. He finished the season with 4 feature wins. The #81 of  Shawn McGlynn was on the pole along with the #16 Kelly Balson and led the race from the start and was building a big lead until lap 16 when sparks started to fly and he retired to the infield. The #66 of Josh Wood was the new leader and led until lap 25 when the new OSS champion took the lead and held it for the majority of the race, leading lap 26-93. The eventual race winner #11 of Cole Weber took over the lead from Doerr and held the lead to take the win on lap 99 when the race was red flagged after the #86 of Kenny Forth took a hard shot from behind, climbed the front straight wall and ended upside down on the front straight with fuel pouring out. The race was stopped, Forth was removed ok and the race was called at that point with Cole Weber taking the checkered flag.

Champions Crowned At Flamboro Speedway

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By Randy Spencer – Lots of exciting racing on the final night of regular season racing at Flamboro Speedway Saturday night. Two familiar favorites were crowned again but the point races were tight like the actual races they ran all season long.

In the Mini Stock division, #31 of Dave Bailey went into the evening leading second place #51 of Eric Yorke by a mere 13 points. In the Thunder Car division, the Rocket #72 Randy Rusnell led second place driver #27 Kevin Albers by 19 points and both drivers showed early they weren’t going to go down with out a fight, each winning their heat race.

Ken Stenhouse #5 and Kyle Mackie #16 led the 23 mini stocks into battle and a couple of team mates tangled early as the #28 of Dale Shaw got high in turn 4 and made contact with the #88 of Mark Dennis sending the two spinning into the infield.. By lap 9, two time champion and current point leader Dave Bailey started his way to the front but not without a battle along the way from the #71 of Russ Aicken and #72 of Rich Schwartzenburg. Kyle Mackie led the race but by lap 16 some pressure from the #55 of Brian Watson and #43 Sarah Miskiewicz was too much for the rookie and that pressure seemed to much and the engine expired and dropped some fluid on the racing surface. Miskiewicz took the lead with Watson on her tail and the familiar orange and white #31 of Bailey in third. A battle for the last 8 laps between Watson and Bailey gave the 43 of Miskiewicz some room and she took the checkered flag for her third feature win of a very impressive rookie season. Dave Bailey was crowned Mini Stock Champion for the third time in four seasons.
Top 3 in the feature: #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #55 Brian Watson, #31 Dave Bailey.  Heat wins: #71 Russ Aicken, #88 Mark Dennis, #31 Dave Bailey.

The Thunder Car championship was pretty much in the bag for Rusnell after his heat victory, but the anticipation of something going wrong for Rusnell, still was on this writers mind. #41 of Gary Slama and #37 Jeff Bean were on the pole with the top 3 points cars, Rusnell , Albers and #13 of Brad Collison bringing up the rear.  A mid-race problem forced Rusnell to the pits to change a tire while Albers also was involved in an incident.  Once again Rusnell and Albers were at the back looking up at the rest of the pack. Through all the excitement to the rear of the field, #10 of Dennis Cybalski, who had heated battles with Rusnell all year long and was in the points race until just a few weeks ago, led from lap 2 until the 25th lap and took the checkers.  Despite finishing near the back of the field along with Albers, the Rocket was once again crowned Thunder Car Champion of Flamboro Speedway for a record fourth straight season. Talking to Rusnell and wife Joanne after the race, the smiles were from ear to ear and Joanne said, “Number one was great, Two was better, Three is for Dale Earnhardt, but the fourth was simply putting a smile on her face.” Not too many words, just a very happy race team!
Top 3 in the feature: #10 Dennis Cybalski, #3 Brad Collison, #73 Nick Troback.  Heat wins: #13 Brad Collison, #72 Randy Rusnell.

The Ontario Pro Challenge caped off their season in fine style. The #02 was all but assured of his fourth points title going into the finale. The feature got off to a slow start with the #22 of Jonathan Sloot and #71 of Dario Valente not answering the bell, making the track but not the green flag. On lap 1 the #16 and #88 tangled in turn 3 and 4 and two laps later the #21 of Danielle Wilson got out of shape bringing out yet another caution. By lap 11 Thomson had made his way to a familiar perch, top of the field and would hold off the pack for the feature victory and another points championship. Top 3 in the feature: #02 Dennis Thomson, #66 Josh Nicholson, #88 Tim Norris. Heat wins: #40 Owen Smith, #8 Dale Wilson, #71 Dario Valente.

The Winged Warriors of Speed, the Can Am TQ Midgets capped of the clubs 45th season in style with a some exciting racing. As always they put on a fast paced action packed show. With the #14 and #3 on the pole getting ready for the start, the cars moved into their customary four wide salute to the crowd and (Flamboro announcer Josh Paxton said, “Only the best go four abreast.” Still think thats cool every time I see it!) like little rockets, away they went and back into line for the start. Paul Smith #28 of Cambridge, experienced some engine troubles early and exited the track. #49 Daniel Bois took the lead from #3 Todd Creswell and Bois quickly built a nice lead on Cresswell and the #16 of Chris Holman who were in a heated battle for second. #74 Rob Neely took the lead briefly but the #82 of James Gray made the pass in turn 3 with Gray, Holman and Bois taking turns at the lead with Gray leading the remaining four laps for the feature victory. According to the Can Am Midgets website, “It was the first time in the 45 year history of the Can-Am Midget Racing Club that an ‘official’ Can-Am Championship was won. Neely, the Canadian driver, and Ken & Cindy Lorenz, the American owners won their first title. The last time an American car won the title was 1983.”
Top 3 in feature: #82 James Gray, #49 Daniel Bois, #16 Chris Holman.
Heat wins: #48 Darren McLennan, #16 Chris Holman, #82 James Gray.

So another exciting regular season comes to a close at Flamboro Speedway. Congratulations to all on a fine season including champions, Grisdale Triple Crown Late Model Series-#89 Shawn Chenoweth, Late Model Points Champion #89 Shawn Chenoweth, Thunder Car Points Champion #72 Randy Rusnell, Mini Stock Points Champion #31 Dave Bailey, Pro 4 Modified Points Champion #63 Mark Lucas.

Notes:  Dave Mast drove the #82 Mini Stock tonight, Billy Schwartenburg took the #86 of place of Dave Hagedorn who was away and Lindsay Van Wyngaarden got behind the wheel of the #92. Russ Aicken #71 took his heat and fourth in the feature to finish a successful season in third place in Mini Stocks, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz was second in her heat and took her third feature checkered flag to have a successful end to a great rookie season and the #81 of Sam Shaw finished her second season very strong with a second in her heat, eighth in the feature and a couple of heat race victories along the way.
The Iron Man, Gary Elliott piloted the #0 Thunder Car of Super Dave Osborne for the evening, and Brad Collison capped off another very successful year with a heat win and second place finish in the feature. The Ontario Pro Challenge sported a fine field of at least 9 rookies this year. Rob Howden of Cambridge in the #5, made his first appearance of the year. Howden who founded the Howden Media Group and founder of four very successful karting websites including is the son of Wayne Howden a very successful Late Model and Super Late Model driver at tracks around the province in the 70′s and 80′s including Flamboro.

And last but not least, this weekend the final race event of the season,  Oktoberfest Weekend Classic, 2 days of racing with 6 classes and over 200 laps of feature racing on the Sunday. Check the Flamboro Speedway website, for more information.

Howse Makes It A Clean Sweep In Flamboro Action

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By Randy Spencer – With a full night of racing ahead the racers and their crews couldn’t wait to get at it. Three hours before the races were to begin the lineup of trailers and haulers was long. Last Saturday’s rain shortened the night and added the features on to this weekend’s racing card. Lots of excitement, a couple new kings and a four for four night would be the result by the time the last checkered flag waved.

The first feature from last week would see the Mini Stock’s pickup where they left off at lap 9 with the Rabbit Rob Hoskins taking the green. The race was for second thru fourth and #71 Russ Aicken and #31 Dave Bailey were bumping and banging there way around the 1/3 mile oval. Hoskins held them off for his sixth feature win of the season. Top 3 in the feature: #37 Rob Hoskins, #66 Sheldon Bossom, #31 Dave Bailey.

The #05 of Brad Corcoran led the freight train of Late Models for the first 16 laps of the feature and the #08 of Paul Howse was knocking on his back door and managed to make it past and take the lead. #89 Shawn Chenoweth and #82 of Jason Shaw powered their way through as well and raced side by side for a few laps reminiscent of their battle a few weeks ago. Howse would take the win, but that would be just the start of his great night. Top 3 in the feature: #8 Paul Howse, #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #82 Jason Shaw.

The Thunder Car feature would have the #41 Gary Slama on the pole and  he led for the first few laps but it was the decision of the starter that Slama was blocking and not picking a lane and after a few warnings black flagged him and the lead was assumed by the #48 Z3 Billy Zardo who would relinquish it to #27 Kevin Albers on lap 6. Albers who is in a tight race at the top of the Thunder Car standings with three time champion Randy Rusnell, started to run away and by lap 16 had a half track lead on the rest of the field. The real battle for the last 10 laps was for second through seventh as Zardo battled hard to hold off the #72 of Rusnell, #13 Brad Collison, #31 Kevin Gallant, #73 Nick Troback and #8 of Steve Perry. With the victory, Albers would inch ever closer to Rusnell. Top 3 in the feature: #27 Kevin Albers, #48 Billy Zardo, #72 Randy Rusnell

The F4 feature got off to a disappointing start for the #3 of Mark Millard when the #66 and #99 went high in turn 2 and cut back down and bumped wheels with the #3 sending the car bouncing around and into and up on the wall ending his night. On the restart the #2 of Robert Mercer took the lead flag to flag for the feature victory. Top 3 in the feature: #2 Robert Mercer, #8 Craig Shaver, #63 Mark Lucas.

The Late Models took to the track to get this week’s race card under way and #8 Paul Howse picked up where he left off winning both of his qualifying races. After the heat races for all five divisions were completed and a short intermission, the feature races got under way. Twenty Eight cars took the green for the second 25 lap feature of the night. #16 Kyle Mackie and #01 of Mark Dasilva led the pack into battle. By lap 3 Dasilva along with #66 of Sheldon Bossom and #81 of Sam Shaw went three wide in turn three and Dasilva was squeezed out and Bossom took the lead followed by Shaw. By lap 12 a bit of deja vu as a light mist started to fall and a few cars were slipping and sliding. After a brief ten minute mist the race got back under way and Bossom and Shaw battled for top spot but a slow car that seemed to loose power in turn 4 on lap 23 held up the #37 of Hoskins and #81 of Shaw and two cars (#55 Brian Watson, #31 Dave Bailey) took advantage and managed to go low and take second and third place. Bossom held on for the exciting win. Top 4 in the feature: #66 Sheldon Bossom, #55 Brian Watson, #31 Dave Bailey, #81 Sam Shaw. Heat wins: #66 Sheldon Bossom, #37 Rob Hoskins, #31 Dave Bailey.

The Thunder Car feature was a pretty clean affair with some exciting timid racing near the front. The Rocket Randy Rusnell could smell his first feature victory of the season but some bad luck the past few weeks and some black flags mixed in, Rusnell seemed to hold back ever so slightly from the leader Nick Troback, not wanting to bump and grind the leader and have to be sent to the rear to have to battle his way up. Not helping Rusnell was his nemesis, #27 Kevin Albers quickly gaining on the top 2. With a few laps remaining Albers managed to catch the top 2 cars but the #73 of Troback was successful in holding off Rusnell and Albers for his third feature win of 2010. Top 3 in the feature: #73 Nick Troback, #72 Randy Rusnell, #27 Kevin Albers. Heat wins: #31 Kevin Gallant, #2 Rick Burbridge.

The Late Models took to the track and perhaps the cool damp weather once again kept the car counts low or possibly with a chance at a championship out of reach for most, a race car in one piece to compete at the Oktoberfest Classic in two weeks was likely the thought process in many drivers minds. Heading into the non point event, #89 of Shawn Chenoweth had dethroned Paul Howse as champion and was the new king of Late Model racing at Flamboro. Not to be out done however, Howse lead from flag to flag and hold off Chenoweth for the win and completed a perfect night winning all four races he raced. This will definitely set up a very exciting Oktoberfest classic event with the two top contenders, undoubtedly will battle bumper to bumper in the two 50 lap feature events. Top 3 in the feature: #8 Paul Howse, #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #44 Steve Laking. Heat wins: #8 Paul Howse (2), #05 Brad Corcoran, #82 Jason Shaw.

The F4 Modified feature was pretty much a one car race as the #8 of Craig Shaver ran away from the field and was close to lapping the last car as the checkers flew at lap 15. Top 3 in the feature: #8 Craig Shaver, #63 Mark Lucas, #9 Brian Nanticoke. Heat win: #8 Craig Shaver.

The Open Wheel Touring Club, that many call the Hobbies, the Canadian Vintage Modifieds, made their final appearance of the season running their End of Season Championship race. The #00 of Jason Bowden and #36 Gary Elliott led hobby cars to the green and things got hot pretty quick. #21 Chris Milwain tagged the #36 of Elliott and spun him and was sent to the back but took exception and Milwain ran Elliott again and was banished to the pits for the night.  No sooner was that taken care of the #57 of Steve Trendell led the pack into turn 3, the second place car got sideways and collected every car behind him forcing a lengthy delay. Trendell would build up a good lead with the #18 Jason Keen, #9 Steve Lyons and #00 Jason Bowden battling hard behind him. On lap 13 the #92 of Brian Atkinson broke and hit the wall between turn 1 and 2 dropping fluid on the track and unfortunately Trendell didn’t see it and slid into the back of the 92 sending the leader to the back. It was just what the #18 of Jason Keen needed and he led the remainder of the race and claimed his second feature victory and dethrone three time champion Phil Shaw.  The Iron Man of #36 Gary Elliott seemed to be losing steam as the race progressed. Perhaps the several hard hits in the Late Model over the past few weeks (his hardest hits in his 42 year career) or running double duty tonight in the Hobby and Late Model putting another 100 laps on an already beaten body slowed him. But Elliott would show why he is the Iron Man, finishing the race in third place.  Top 3 in the feature: #18 Jason Keen, #9 Steve Lyons, #36 Gary Elliott. Heat wins: #0 Phil Shaw, #9 Steve Lyons, #57 Steve Trendell.

Saturday, September 25th is the final race event of the season as the Thunder Cars and Mini Stocks are joined by the Ontario Pro Challenge and the Winged Warriors of Speed, the Can Am TQ Midgets. Pits Open at 4pm, Grandstand Opens 5pm and Racing Starts at 6:30pm.  Don’t miss the action as the Thunder Car and Mini Stock point chases are separated by mere points and it will come down to the final feature races to determine the champions!!
And don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Oktoberfest Weekend Classic, 2 days of racing with 6 classes and over 200 laps of feature racing on the Sunday. Check the Flamboro Speedway website, for more information.

Rain Wins Again At Flamboro Speedway

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By Randy Spencer – Rain unfortunately won out Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway, but not until after all the heat races were in the books. It was beginning to look like ladies night early as #81 of Sam. Shaw and #43 of Sarah Miskiewicz claimed victories in their 10 lap Mini Stock qualifiers. The Rabbit, #37 of Rob Hoskins continued his winning ways taking the other qualifier.

Saturday was to be the final race of the regular season for the Late Models and a lower than normal car count of just 11 cars made it out for the night. Top drivers continued their success as #8 Paul Howse took two heats with points leader #89 Shawn Chenoweth and the fiery #29 of Mike Bentley taking their heat races.  The F4 Modified club celebrated the evening giving away two bicycles to some lucky young fans and #43 would hold off #63 Mark Lucas and the #8 of Craig Shaver for the heat victory.

With a tight race in points in all classes made for an exciting Thunder Car action. #10 Dennis Cybalski who is in contention, lost a wheel in warm up and was done for the evening. Current and three time defending points champ Randy “The Rocket” Rusnell finished second in his heat and #27 Kevin Albers who is a close second, won his qualifying race. #13 Brad Collison who hosted over 200 people from his various sponsors including his main sponsor, London Recreational, finished fourth in his heat to keep pace in third position.

Intermission excitement with the final King of the Hill Spectator Challenge with several cars and a couple trucks out for the trophy. Three of the cars spun out with one lightly tapping the wall kept everyone on the edge of their seat and holding their breath!   The Mini Stock feature got under way but the rain which was forecast for a little later in the evening started and after only 9 laps, racing for the night was finished. The decision to run double features this coming Saturday for the Late Models, Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks and F4 Modifieds will take place. The second Late Model feature is a non points event and is open to any Late Model cars that want to prime for Oktoberfest. The divisions will have there normal heat races and features to. The Canadian Vintage Modified club will make their final appearance of the year running heats and one feature.

Pit gates open at 2pm, grandstands open at 4pm and the green flag drops at a special early start time of 5pm. The annual racing extravaganza takes place in two weeks with racing on Saturday and Sunday October 2nd and 3rd. With many of the other local tracks finished for the year, many new cars are making it out, not quite ready to pack the car away until next spring. It will be the final night of regular season racing for the Late Models and the champion will be crowned. Very tight races in the Thunder Car and Mini Stock divisions will provide some exciting edge of the seat excitement. Randy Rusnell is in first by 22 points over Kevin Albers and 42 points up on the Brad Collison.  The final week of racing, September 25th, proves to be exciting with the Can Am Midgets and Ontario Pro Challenge series appearing along with Thunder Cars and Mini Stocks.

Don’t miss any of the action with the thrills and spills of high speed racing action at Flamboro Speedway!!

Weather Can’t Stop Action From Staying Hot At Flamboro

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By Randy Spencer – What a way to end the summer! Lots of great racing action and one of the closest and most exciting finishes to a Late Model race I’ve seen in along time at Flamboro Speedway.

Feature racing got under way with the Mini Stocks and 31 cars took the green flag and the race turned into a caution fest. It didn’t take long for everything to come to an abrupt halt. On lap 2, #43, 01, 55 and 88 went four wide and the #88 car of Mark Dennis was on the outside and got side ways in turn 1 and the #82 of Billy Schwartenzburg had no where to go and hit the 88 hard. Points Leader Dave Bailey hit the 82 hard from behind and it tore the fuel cell off the 82 car and fuel spilled all over the track bringing out the red flag. Schwartzenburg was shaken up and will be sore for sure. The car however didn’t fair so well. When racing resumed, the #64 of Ron McFerran took the lead and was in command until lap 14 when the #43 of Sarah Miskiewicz took the lead. On lap 18 the #66 car of Sheldon Bossom spun in turn 4 and the race was called due to a time limit and the 43 car took the checkered flag for her second feature win of the season. Top 3 in the feature: #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #64 Ron McFerran, #71 Russ Aicken. Heat winners: #37 Rob Hoskins, #55 Brian Watson, #51 Eric Yorke

Thunder Cars were next up with the #71 of Bobby Mercer started on the pole. The race ran clean and the 71 of Mercer and #79 of John Harper started to run away from the field.  The #14 of J.R. Fitzpatrick was out to test is car for Oktoberfest and ran a strong race. He started at the back of the pack but by the middle of the race was challenging for a top 3 position but took a hit from the 71 of Mercer ending his race day. John Harper took the lead for a few laps but soon fell of the pace as #13 Brad Collison, #27 Kevin Albers and the #72 of Randy Rusnell all made a hard charge at the end with Collison holding the lead and taking his third feature win of the season. Top 3 in the feature: #13 Brad Collison, #27 Kevin Albers, #72 Randy Rusnell. Heat winners: #31 Kevin Gallant, #10 Dennis Cybalski

The F4 feature win went to the #63 of Mark Lucas who led the final 8 laps for the victory. Great job by the F4 Modified club giving away a great scooter. the little guy who won it looked so happy and excited. The look of amazement on his face was priceless!  Top 3 in the feature: #63 Mark Lucas, #3 Mark Millard, #43 John Verney. Heat winner #8 Craig Shaver

The Late Model feature turned out to be one of the most exciting races in a long time. The #29 of Mike Bentley was running away with the race leading the first 20 laps and the race was actually a little boring. That changed in a real hurry however when a caution tightened up the field and Bentley had to battle  and try to hold off the top 4 point cars of #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #8 Paul Howse, #82 Jason Shaw and #36 Gary Elliott. Bentley doing everything he could to hold the lead was doing his best to block Howse from passing but the #8 had enough and fought back with a bump and run and managed to get past the #29 but Bentley decided to retaliate and purposely spun Howse in turn 4. Bentley got the black flag from the starter and wasn’t too happy exiting the track. On the restart, the 89 of Chenoweth and 82 of Shaw put on a great show for the final 7 laps. Chenoweth seemed to be a little slower on older tires and gained a bit of advantage on the bottom groove but not to be out done, Shaw put on a clinic on how to race the outside line and the two raced virtually side by side and as they crossed the finish line Chenoweth out dueled Shaw by mere inches in one of the closest races in recent memory. After the race, Bentley, Howse and their crews got into a heated confrontation and for the second time in as many weeks things seemed to get out of hand in the pits.  Top 5 in the feature: #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #82 Jason Shaw, #36 Gary Elliott, #05 Brad Corcoran, #49 Mark Burbridge. Heat winners: #05 Brad Corcoran, #89 Shawn Chenoweth and #8 Paul Howse won twice.

Racing continues Saturday September 11th with Late Models, Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, F4 Modifieds and the King of the Hill Spectator Challenge.
Pits Open at 4pm, Grandstand Opens at 5pm and Racing Starts at 6:30pm.  If the past few weeks are any indication, the great racing will continue with only three weeks left to crown the season points champions! All three divisions are extremely close with the leaders holding a mere 15-30 point advantage on their next closest competitor. Don’t miss any of the action!