Flamboro Caps Off 50th Season At Awards Banquet

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By Randy Spencer – Flamboro Speedway put the wraps on a successful 2011 season Saturday night holding their 50th annual Awards banquet at the Royal Canadian Legion in Waterdown.  The evening was well attended with many sponsors, supporters, fans and of course drivers who made the season memorable for all.

After the great meal, Gerry and Josh Paxton shared the microphone for the evening and Diane Paxton was joined by other staff members in handing out the awards to the winners. This year was a special on as we celebrated the tracks 50th anniversary. Many great events like the Grisdale Triple Crown Series and an appearance by NASCAR stars Jimmy Spencer, Kenny Schrader and Ernie Irvan as well as many old friends and former racers that competed at the Canada Day Race of Champions. NASCAR Canadian Tire and an all Canadian NASCAR team competing in the Nationwide series, won the event.

David Elliott battled his nemesis Shawn Chenoweth right up the the last race to take the Grisdale Triple Crown championship. In mid August, we celebrated 50 years on Memorial Night with dozens of former racers and crew attending for a reunion. The first ever feature race winner Jack McCutcheon was won of the former drivers in attendance. It took several weeks to complete the second day of the annual Oktoberfest Classic but we got it in as well as another annual event, Frostfest brought together the best Ontario has to offer in the Mini Stock and Thunder Car ranks.

Perfect Attendance Awards

Mini Stocks (Total 12-up from 22 in 2010 and 9 in 2009)
#01 Mark DaSilva, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #13 Mike Holmes, #15 Matthew Dean, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #22 Wade Watson, #13 Dave Bailey, #64 Brandon McFerran,
#71 Russ Aicken, #81 Samantha Shaw, #84 Lisa DeLeeuw, #88 Mark Dennis

Thunder Cars (Total 11 up from 4 in 2010, down from 12 in 2009)
#02 Mark Burbridge, #5 Linda Dean, #6 Lloyd Bowman, #8 Steve Perry, #13 Brad Collison, #17 Nick Roth, #27 Kevin Albers, #36 Mike Van Slingerland, #37 Jeff Bean, #71 Bobby Mercer, #73 Nick Trobak

Late Models (Total 9 upf from 5 in 2010, up from 7 in 2009)
#00 Jim Gillis, #05 Brad Corcoran, #8 Paul Howse, #27 Steve Smith, #36 Gary Elliott, #44 Steve Laking, #77 Matt Balog, #82 Jason Shaw

Rookies of the Year

Mini Stocks #13 Mike Holmes
Thunder Cars #6 Lloyd Bowman
Late Model #24 Brennan Didero

Most Checkered Flags

Mini Stocks-Tie 11 #31 Dave Bailey (4 feature wins) #15 Matt Dean (2 feature wins)
Thunder Cars-6 Kevin Gallant (3 feature wins)
Late Models-8 Steve Laking (3 feature wins)

Most Improved Drivers

Mini Stocks #22 Wade Watson
Thunder Cars #8 Steve Perry
Late Models #44 Steve Laking

Best Effort Awards

Mini Stocks #15 Matthew Dean
Thunder Cars #37 Jeff Bean
Late Models #36 Gary Elliott

Best Appearing Car Awards

Mini Stocks #81 Samantha Shaw
Thunder Cars #5 Linda Dean
Late Models #24 Brennan Didero

Most Sportsmalike Drivers (as voted by drivers)

Mini Stocks #88 Mark Dennis
Thunder Cars #27 Kevin Albers
Late Models #24 Brennan Didero

Points Champions: Grisdale Triple Crown Series for Late Models

1. David Elliott #37 $2500
2. Shawn Chenoweth #89 $1500
3. Gary Elliott #36 $1000

Flamboro Speedway Memorial Night Champions

Mini Stocks #43 T.J. Woolsey
Thunder Cars #31 Kevin Gallant
Late Models #82 Jason Shaw

Flamboro Speedway Frost Fest Overall Winners

Mini Stocks #31 Dave Bailey
Thunder Cars #17 Nick Roth

Media Award

Race Time Radio

President’s Award

Mike Schmidt (London Recreational)
Flamboro Point Chase Championship Series

Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stocks

1     31     Dave Bailey             1949
2     13     Mike Holmes         1873
2     71     Russ Aicken             1873
4     15     Matthew Dean         1863
5     22     Wade Watson         1854
6     81     Samantha Shaw         1851
7     88     Mark Dennis         1839
8     64     Brandon McFerran         1837
9     5     Ken Stenhouse         1831
10     28     Dale Shaw             1816
11     92     Eric Van Wyngaarden     1761
12     32     Glen Vandergeld         1760
13     01     Mark DaSilva         1708
14     19     Brittney Idsardi         1648
15     10     Courtney Scott         1523
16     37     Rob Hoskins             1428
17     77     James Idsardi         1371
18     84     Lisa deLeeuw         1217
19     72     Rick Schwartzenburg     1003
20     86     Billy Schwartzenburg     884
21     41     Bruce Wheller         839
22     43     Sarah Miskiewicz         799
23     21     Mark Dickson         501
24     98     Kyle Kearnes         375
25     16     Kyle Mackie             261
26     94     Kurt Boutcher         250
27     4     Terry Mann             231
28     73     Dave Larkin             217
29     51     Linda Dean             178
30     8     Sean Kokoski         173
31     1     Brittani Myers         173
32     14     Kerry Smith             157
33     73     Ron Larkin Jr         154
34     91     Jeff Hill             149
35     43     TJ Woolsey             108
36     38     Bill Pearsall             97
37     94     Jamie Cox             91
38     36     Brian Watson         86
39     43     David Elliott         86
40     66     Sheldon Bossom         85
41     38     Rodney Rutherford     80
42     99     Rob Bajak             69
43     69     Stephen Jackson         68

Freedom Village Thunder Cars

1     13     Brad Collison         1631
2     8     Steve Perry             1627
3     27     Kevin Albers         1618
4     17     Nick Roth             1613
5     73     Nick Troback         1603
6     02     Mark Burbridge         1513
7     5     Linda Dean             1509
7     71     Bobby Mercer         1509
9     10     Dennis Cybalski         1502
10     37     Jeff Bean             1483
11     76     Shawn Arnott         1425
12     6     Lloyd Bowman         1406
13     4     Gary Slama             1401
14     88     Scott LaPorte         1246
15     2     Rick Burbridge         1221
16     31     Kevin Gallant         1011
17     70     Joe Trafford         841
18     36     Mike Van Slingerland     815
19     14     Rob Istead             728
20     36     Bill Watson             660
21     38     Bill Pearsall             648
22     19     Dave Silverthorn         584
23     22     Paul Huskins             565
24     87     Jeremy Bean         357
25     89     Bob Chenoweth         208
26     89     Shawn Chenoweth         202
27     43     Dave Habel             190
28     38     Brad Pearsall         169
29     4     Terry King             101
30     19     Dave Silverthorn Sr.     91
31     20     Wayne Phillips         88
32     05     Steve Brook            79

Grisdale Late Models

1     82     Jason Shaw              1361
2     8     Paul Howse               1349
2     37     David Elliott     1349
4     05     Brad Corcoran     1341
5     44     Steve Laking     1332
6     36     Gary Elliott               1312
7     27     Steve Smith      1262
8     00     Jim Gillis         1200
9     77     Matt Balog         1164
10     24     Brennan Didero     1150
11     33     Jason Lancaster     1139
12     22     Bill Lassaline     1072
13     56     Jeff Stewart     892
14     89     Shawn Chenoweth     825
15     3     Chris Bochsler     709
16     75     Jim Sweers         659
17     74     Albert Bowman     637
18     97     Jeff Cassidy     321
19     95     Kevin Benish         292
20     86     Kenny Forth         270
21     63     Jim Bowman         250
22     88     Scott Gibson     243
23     79     Tim Gordon         223
24     50     Dave Baker         189
25     08     Derek Martin     155
26     78     Mark Watson     98
27     49     Ted Horsfall     90
28     52     Scott Lyons        68

Mulholland, Roth & Bailey Headline Flamboro Frostfest

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By Randy Spencer / OntarioOval.com – Flamboro Speedway, is typically one of the first race tracks to open and the last one to close every year and 2011 was no exception. Perhaps one of the greatest seasons in memory with lots of great action including the Canada Day Race of Champions, the Grisdale Triple Crown Series, Oktoberfest and it culminated today with the London Recreational Thunder Car and Mini Stock Challenge. Dave Bailey, Matt Mulholland and Nick Roth were the big winners when all was said and done.

Getting the last month in has been a weather challenge. It took three weeks to get Oktoberfest in and after a postponement yesterday due to rain, the season ended today. The event was called Frostfest for good reason and today was rather cold although the sun was a welcome sight. Double qualifying for the Thunder Cars and Mini Stocks took place to set the field for the feature races later in the afternoon and into the evening. It was Flamboro Speedway against the World with two teams squaring off to crown the overall champion and the the winning team spliting an extra cash bonus amongst the top 5.

The first two qualifying heats for the Mini Stocks got the day off to an exciting start. Rob Hoskins was on the pole and led lap one but Flamboro Mini Stock Champion Dave Bailey, who started fourth in the field was up to first by lap two and took the checkered flag in heat one. The next heat was for the World team. Daryl Fice, was on the pole and looking to improve on his already very successful season. Fice was the Peterborough Speedway Mini Stock Points champion, he won the Feature at Autumn Colors and won the Ontario Open Mini Stock Pumpkin Smasher race two weeks ago at Delaware Speedway. He proved no match leading from start to finish and had a half track lead at the end.

Thunder Car qualifying hit the track with Kevin Albers taking the first heat, leading from start to finish. Steve Cashmore led start to finish in heat two but on lap five received a black flag for rough driving in the opinion of starter Ding Deleeuw. Cashmore didn’t fall to the rear so was disqualified a few laps later and the win went to Darrell Lake in the 14 car. Mini Stock second round qualifying was up and in a reverse order start with the high point cars having to try and make their way through the pack. Bruce Wheller led for the first 7 laps but Dave Bailey, who started 8th made his way to the front and with two laps to go managed to get by Wheller and won his second straight heat race. Rodney Rutherford led for 8 laps but Daryl Fice wasn’t going to be outdone by Bailey’s sweep of his two heats and passed Rutherford and took his second win of the night. The final two Thunder Car heat races were won by the two drivers who would had great afternoons overall as Nick Roth led from start to finish in heat three and Matt Mulholland took the lead on lap 2 and took the fourth and final qualifying race.

The first of two 25 lap Main events for the Mini Stocks were up but not before the top 2 racers from each team rolled the dice to pick if they started inside or out. Fice won and chose to start on the outside pole. The race proved to be very exciting as the two team captains battled tooth and nail for the entire race. Fice managed to hold off Bailey and led the first 22 laps but the veteran Bailey managed to get by Fice on lap 23 and took his third straight checkered flag. In one of the most exciting Mini Stock races of the year the two were bumper to bumper for the entire race and actually side by side for the final three laps with Bailey nosing out Fice for the victory.

The top 2 performers from the Thunder Car qualifiers and team captains were Flamboro Thunder Car Points Champion Brad Collison while Shawn Arnott was the captain of the World team. The dice were rolled and Collison won and picked the inside line. A couple of cautions managed to keep the field rather tightly packed. Shawn Chenoweth who was driving Mike Poulton’s number 53 car had a flat tire bringing out a caution on lap 9. Shawn McGlynn got mixed up with Dave Silverthorn Jr. and the result was McGlynn sitting in the infield with lots of steam and a puddle from a punctured rad. The final caution came out on lap 21 as Steve Perry and Dennis Cybalski got mixed up and the result was Perry receiving a black flag. On lap 25, leader Brad Collison gave up the lead that he had since the green flag dropped to the 81 car of Matt Mulholland. Collison was left out on the high side and fell back to fourth and Mulholland took the checkered flag after he built a half a straight away lead.

The second 25 lap feature for the Mini Stocks got under way and after a dice rll the inversion was 6. Sam Shaw and Sarah Miskiewicz led the field to the green. Miskiewicz led the first five laps and reliquished it to John Van Dyk on lap six. He led for two laps and Dave Bailey was the new lead a couple of laps later. As the pack entered turn one, lapped traffice proved to be costly as 4 of the top 5 cars got mixed up including Hoskins, Tim Tolton and Daryl Fice. Fice had to retire to the pits with his night and hopes at winning another big race, by the wayside. Miskiewicz bad luck continued a few laps later as she got tangled up with another car and took a hard hit heading the wrong way on the front stretch. Dave Bailey, who took the lead on lap 8 held off the charge and made it a clean sweep winning all four of his races on the day.

The final feature event of the year was up and after the dice roll a 4 car inversion was the result. They seemed to save the best for last as the Thunder Cars put on an amazing show. Brad Collison and Nick Roth waged a fierce battle running 2 wide for the first 11 laps and swapped the lead five times in the first 9 laps. When Roth got by Collison on lap 9 he battled hard with Shawn Chenoweth, Shawn Arnott and Matt Mulholland for the final 26 laps. Arnott received a black flag and fell back in the pack and Brad Collison moved into fourth. The checkered flag flew on lap 35 with Nick Roth the winner.

As results were tallied, it was pretty much no contest as Dave Bailey capped off a terrific season, winning all four races tonight and was named overall London Recreational Mini Stock Challenge champion. Scorers took sometime to figure out the results and it was determined a tie between Nick Roth and Matt Mulholland. Bailey, Roth and Mulholland all gathered for pictures along with the events sponsors, London Recreational, Ray’s Towing, Automotive Truck & Tire and Hoosier Canada.. So with that the 2011 season came to an official end. I hope everyone enjoyed the racing at Flamboro Speedway this year and I enjoyed bringing the stories and results to you. Just remember one thing…Flamboro Speedway practice day is only 168 days away!!!! Everyone have a safe and great off season and thanks again for your support. One final report from the annual awards banquet on November 19th will feature all the awards and highlights of the evening.

Results (scored finish, not official)

Mini Stock Heat #1: #3 Dave Bailey, #37 Rob Hoskins, #13 Mike Holmes, #71 Russ Aicken, #22 T.J. Woolsey, #64 Brandon McFerran, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #28 Dale Shaw, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #47 Bruce Wheller, #01 Mark Da Silva, #10 Courtney Scott

Mini Stock Heat #2: #44 Daryl Fice, #86 Steve Laking, #81 Samantha Shaw, #02 Mike Taylor, #3 Jack Horner, #35 Tim Tolton, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #14 Brian Wilson, #50 John Van Dyk, #8 Karl Sault, #34 Kevin Strutt, #69 Rob Twitchett, #12 Josh Shantz

Mini Stock Heat #3: #31 Dave Bailey, #47 Bruce Wheller, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #28 Dale Shaw, #71 Russ Aicken, #13 Mike Holmes, #37 Rob Hoskins, #64 Brandn Mcferran, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #01 Mark DaSilva, #22 T.J. Woolsey, #10 Courntey Scott

Mini Stock Heat #4: #44 Daryl Fice, #35 Tim Tolton, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #3 Jack Horner, #02 Mike Taylor, #81 Samantha Shaw, #14 Brian Wilson, #86 Steve Laking, #34 Kevin Strutt, #8 Karl Sault, #69 Rob Twitchett, #12 Josh Shantz, #50 John Van Dyk (DNS)

Mini Stock Feature #1: #31 Dave Bailey, #44 Daryl Fice, #37 Rob Hoskins, #35 Tim Tolton, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #81 Samantha Shaw, #86 Steve Laking, #47 Bruce Wheller, #28 Dale Shaw, #50 John Van Dyk, #02 Mike Taylor, #64 Brandon McFerran, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #14 Brian Wilson, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #01 Mark DaSilva, #22 T.J. Woolsey, #34 Kevin Strutt, #8 Karl Sault , #3 Jack Horner, #71 Russ Aicken, #10 Courtney Scott,
#13 Mike Holmes (DNF), #69 Rob Twitchett (DNF)

Mini Stock Feature #2: #31 Dave Bailey, #50 John Van Dyk, #28 Dale Shaw, #47 Bruce Wheller, #86 Steve Laking, #37 Rob Hoskins, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #64 Brandon McFerran, #02 Mike Taylor, #14 Brain Wilson, #22 T.J. Woolsey, #81 Samantha Shaw, #35 Tim Tolton, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #01 Mark DaSilva, #34 Kevin Strutt, #69 Rob Twitchett, #10 Courtney Scott, #12 Josh Shantz, #71 Russ Aicken (DNF), #3 Jack Horner (DNF), #43 Sarah Miskiewicz (DNF), #8 Karl Sault (DNF), #44 Daryl Fice (DNF)

Thunder Car Heat #1: #27 Kevin Albers, #13 Brad Collison, #8 Steve Perry, #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr., #10 Dennis Cybalski, #17 Nick Roth, #37 Jeff Bean, #71 Bobby Mercer, #87 Jeremy Bean, #5 Linda Dean, #31 Kevin Gallant (DNF)

Thunder Car Heat #2: #14 Darrell Lake, #36 Ken Grubb, #76 Shawn Arnott, #53 Shawn Chenoweth, #81 Matt Mulholland, #83 Scott Way, #1 Dan Wright, #67 Shawn Hewitt, #28 Cole Weber, #88 Lee Winger, #38 Shawn McGlynn (DNF), #29 Steve Cashmore (DQ), #77 Brett Rodwell (DNS)

Thunder Car Heat #3: #17 Nick Roth, #13 Brad Collison, #8 Steve Perry, #27 Kevin Albers, #31 Kevin Gallant, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #71 Bobby Mercer, #37 Jeff Bean, #87 Jeremy Bean, #5 Linda Dean, #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr.

Thunder Car Heat #4: #81 Matt Mulholland, #53 Shawn Chenoweth, #76 Shawn Arnott, #1 Dan Wright, #83 Scott Way, #14 Darrell Lake, #36 Ken Grubb, #29 Steve Cashmore, #28 Cole Weber, #67 Shawn Hewitt, #88 Lee Winger, #38 Shawn McGlynn (DNF), #77 Brett Rodwell (DNS)

Thunder Car Feature #1: #81 Matt Mulholland, #76 Shawn Arnott, #17 Nick Roth, #13 Brad Collison, #25 Kevin Albers, #14 Darrell Lake, #36 Ken Grubb, #53 Shawn Chenoweth, #31 Kevin Gallant, #29 Steve Cashmore, #1 Dan Wright, #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr., #28 Cole Weber, #67 Shawn Hewitt, #8 Steve Perry, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #71 Bobby Mercer, #37 Jeff Bean, #88 Lee Winger, #5 Linda Dean, #83 Scott Way (DNF), #87 Jeremy Bean (DNF), #38 Shawn McGlynn (DNF), #77 Brett Rodwell (DNS)

Thunder Car Feature #2: #17 Nick Roth, #53 Shawn Chenoweth, #81 Matt Mulholland, #13 Brad Collison, #27 Kevin Albers, #31 Kevin Gallant, #14 Darrell Lake, #29 Steve Cashmore, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr., #76 Shawn Arnott, #67 Shawn Wright, #28 Cole Weber, #71 Bobby Mercer, #37 Jeff Bean, #1 Dan Wright, #88 Lee Winger, #5 Linda Dean, #36 Ken Grubb, #38 Shawn McGlynn (DNF), #87 Jeremy Bean (DNF), #83 Scott Way (DNF),  #77 Brett Rodwell (DNS)
Overall Mini Stock Standings: #31 Dave Bailey, #37 Rob Hoskins, #86 Steve Laking, #47 Bruce Wheller, #28 Dale Shaw, #50 John Van Dyk, #35 Tim Tolton #81 Samantha Shaw, #02 Mike Taylor, #64 Brandon McFerran, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #14 Darrell Lake, #44 Daryl Fice, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #22 T.J. Woolsey, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #01 Mark DaSilva, #34 Kevin Strutt, #10 Courtney Scott, #3 Jack Horner, #71 Russ Aicken, #69 Rob Twitchett, #8 Karl Sault, #12 Josh Shantz, #13 Mike Holmes

Overall Thunder Car Standings: #81 Matt Mulholland & #17 Nick Roith (TIED), #13 Brad Collison, #27 Kevin Albers, #53 Shawn Chenoweth, #14 Darrell Lake, #76 Shawn Arnott, #31 Kevin Gallant, #29 Steve Cashmore, #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr., #10 Dennis Cybalski, #8 Steve Perry, #36 Ken Grubb, #28 Cole Weber, #67 Shawn Hewitt, #1 Dan Wright, #71 Bobby Mercer, #37 Jeff Bean, #88 Lee Winger, #5 Linda Dean, #87 Jeremy Bean, #38 Shawn McGlynn, #83 Scott Way, #77 Brett Rodwell

Elliott Caps Off Memorable Season At Flamboro In Style

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By Randy Spencer / OntarioOval.com – It was three weeks in the making but the Oktoberfest Classic 2011 was finally completed at Flamboro Speedway. It was definitely one of the craziest Classics in recent memory with many referring to it as Wrecktoberfest. So many race cars were heavily damaged and a lot of carnage. It was a special night as well as racers, track staff and fans remembered Abel Castelein who passed away earlier in the week. Last chance races for the Mini Stocks, Thunder Cars and Late Models were on tap as well as Twin 50 lap features for the Late Models, 50 laps for Limited Late Models, 40 laps for Thunder Cars and 30 laps for the Mini Stocks.

Racing got under way just after 3pm with an 8 lap Mini Stock consi. The winner was Darryl Fice (#44). Fice, a visiting car from Peterborough Speedway has had a very rewarding year finishing first in Mini Stock Points at Peterborough as well as winning the feature at the Autumn Colors Classic and taking the Pumpkin Smasher Ontario Open Mini Stock race at Delaware Speedway last weekend. The Late Model consi was next and Steve Laking took the checkers while the Thunder Car last chance  race win went to Darrell Lake who was driving J.R. Fitzpatrick’s 2011 Camaro. Lake, nicknamed “Hollywood” races weekly at Delaware Speedway in a ’79 Nova in the Dynamic Fluids Super Stocks division.

Feature racing got under just before 4 pm and the final checkered flag didn’t fly until almost six hours later. The Crown King of Speed, Jason Shaw (#82), the 2011 Grisdale Late Model Points champion was on the pole with the “Shadow” Brad Corcoran (#05) along side. The green flag dropped to start the first 50 lap feature, little did we know it would take almost an hour and a half to complete, 23 cars would start and just 10 made it through the carnage by race end. The first caution came down on lap 6 when Matt Balog (#77) and Brent Wheller (#61) got tangled in turn 3. The second caution flew at lap 11 as J.R. Fitzpatrick (#84) got into the back of the “Iron Man” Gary Elliott (#36) in turn 2. A few cars got collected in that one including Elliott, Brad Corcoran and Flamboro Late Model rookie of the year Brennan Didero (#24) all having some extensive damage to their cars. Fitzpatrick later spoke and apologized to Elliott for getting into him. Racing continued with some exciting action at the front as Jason Shaw and Paul Howse (#8) waged an intense battle for several laps. Howse climbed the wall down the back stretch and as he continued tire smoke was heavy. He continued but by lap 43 the tire exploded going down the front straight and the car looked like it was shot out of a cannon or on ice and at full speed spun and went straight into the wall driver side first. Emergency crews rushed to the scene and Howse was removed and looked very shaken. He was taken to Hamilton Genereal Hospital and it was reported later in the evening he had a torn ACL. It could have been worse, it was a very hard and violent hit. Racing continued and on the restart several cars got tangled just before the start finish line with Bill Lassaline (#22) hitting the wall hard causing some extensive damage. Jason Shaw who had led the first 43 laps had to pit with a flat tire. On the ensuing restart, David Elliott (#37) and Fitzpatrick were ready for a exciting race to the finish. Coming out of turn 4 Eliott got a little high and this left the door open for Fitzpatrick to take the lead. The next lap saw the red flag come out as Mark Watson (#78) and Steve Laking (#44) got mixed up and Laking climbed the wall and rode it into turn 2 taking out the Flamboro Speedway Winner’s Circle sign. Both cars suffered extensive damage in that one. A five lap shootout to the finish saw J.R. Fitzpatrick hold off the hard charging David Elliott and Jason Shaw for the first 50 lap feature win.

The Limited Late Models hit the track for their 50 lap feature event. A familiar face was back at the track. “Stompin” Tom Walters didn’t make it out to qualifying October 1st. His car was heavily damaged in a late season crash at Sunset Speedway. Similar to the Late Model feature, several cautions early on. Shawn McGlynn (#28) retired to the pits with what looked like a broken rear end to his car. Mike Bentley who jumped to the Limited Late Model division at Sunset after many years at Flamboro took the lead from the green and built a big lead. The real battle was for second through fourth. Jason Tremble (#34), Kyle Donaldson (#53) and Tom Walters (#47) were battling bumper to bumper and exchanging some paint. A caution brought the pack back to even but on the restart Bentley once again shot out to a big lead and took the checkered flag leading all 50 laps.

The largest field of Thunder Cars all year took to the track for their 40 lap main event. Twenty four cars took the green and the pattern from the past two features trickled over and cautions in the first two laps made it seem like we were in for another long race…and we were. By lap 5 the cars were lined up like a freight train all around the 1/3 mile oval. Dennis Cybalski (#10) and Matt Bentley (#21) were battling up front and banging off each other. Bentley got into the back of Cybalski sending him spinning to the infield. The starter gave Bentley the black flag and Cybalski was unable to continue. The “Rocket” Randy Rusnell assumed the lead and Kevin Albers (#27) was on his outside. Shawn Arnott (#76) got tangled and Rusnell lost the lead. A few laps later Bill Watson (#36) got together with Scott Way (#83) and Watson made a right turn into the wall as they entered turn one. Watson hit the wall and slid back out into traffic hitting Lloyd Bowman (#6). On lap 13, another wreck between turns one and two as Gary Slama (#4), Bobby Mercer (#71), Steve Perry (#8) and Matt Clarke (#85) got together. At the half way point Albers was in the lead with 2011 Freedom Village Thunder Car champion Brad Collison (#13) and Nick Troback (#73) on his tail. Steve Perry and Scott LaPorte (#88) mixed it up in turn one bringing out yet another caution. On the restart, Albers and Troback put some daylight between themselves and the next two cars, Collison and Rusnell. A change in the lead happened on lap 29 as the two front runners, Albers and Troback tangled. Shawn Arnott and Ken Donaldson Jr. (#03) were playing tag and coming out of turn two Matt Bentley took full advantage and shot by on the inside. Donaldson and Arnott continued their battles and Donaldson got a black flag for roughing in the opinion of starter Ding Deleeuw. The “Rocket” Randy Rusnell assumed the lead and held it for a victory in his return to Flamboro after racing the year at Sunset. Rusnell, who was coming off four straight Flamboro Thunder Car points championships jumped from the car and with checkered flag in hand climbed the fence and saluted the crowd. He announced in Victory lane to Flamboro announcer Josh Paxton, that although his plans for 2012 were still uncertain one thing for sure it wouldn’t be in the current car. From what I understand the car is or will be sold to another current Thunder Car driver for next season.

The Mini Stocks lined up on the front stretch for their 28 lap feature and a short ceremony to remember Abel Castelien with a moment of silence. The race was changed to 28 laps instead of 30 in Abel’s honor. Lots of heavy hearts in the field as cars sported stickers remembering their fallen friend. Good friend Dave Bailey (#31) who let Castelein drive his backup car at Ohsweken Speedway this season was in the field as well as Abel’s step son Kyle Beaty who had his dad’s  #31x car out for the race. The cars took a few cruise laps leaving open the pole position for Castelin. Ironically Dale Shaw sat on the pole and he is #28. Cars took position and the largest field of Mini Stocks in a long while at Flamboro took the green and Shaw took the lead early. The trend continued as several cautions flew early. Rob Hoskins (#37) got high in turn 3/4 as did Dave Bailey and on lap two the tight pack got mixed up and Wade Watson (#22) went around into the front stretch wall. Another caution flew and once again on the restart before another lap was in the books, the caution flew again. Bill Pearsall (#33), Rob Bajek (#99) and Matt Dean (#15) got together in turn 3 with Dean receiving the most damage and was removed on the flat bad trailer. All the while Dale Shaw kept putting more distance between himself and the rest of the field. Lapped traffic started to become a problem for Russ Aicken (#71) and Mike Holmes (#13), who were second and third. It allowed Shaw to maintain  his lead and the other cars would pose no major threat to Shaw who took the checkered flag for another feature victory.

The final race of the night was the second 50 lap feature for the Late Model division. Jamie Cox (#2) and Jason Lancaster (#33) were up front. Lancaster took the early lead but David Elliott (#37) got by Lancaster and inherited the lead. Six laps in Bill Hollis (#93) and Harry Topp (#39) got together and Topp fell back to the rear after getting the black flag. A couple more cautions with Jason Lancaster (#33) and J.R. Fitzpatrick (#84) banging fenders and as a result Fitzpatrick came to rest facing the wrong way in turn 2. The car was removed on the hook and racing continued. Half way through Trevor Monaghan (#74) and Steve Laking (#44) mixed it up bringing out the yellow flag. David Elliott continued to lead holding off several attempts by Mark Watson (#78) to get by. With less than ten laps remaining a caution tightened the field again. As the cars raced out of turn four to take the green Elliott got a little loose and Watson hit the line first but Elliott regained the lead as they came around on lap 42. Next time by Gary Elliott (#36) spun coming out of turn four and was clipped. Elliott went to the pits for some repairs but returned to take the green. With four laps to go coming across the start finish line Bill Hollis (#93) got high and Brandon White (#96) rode the wall and was at a 90 degree angle with the under carriage of the car clearly visible from the grandstand side. White was removed through the passenger side window and showed his displeasure to Hollis. It looked as though if Hollis would have continued on the 96 car would have end up with four wheels to the sky. The red flag came out and Ray’s Towing and other on track staff worked for a long period to safely get White’s carback on four wheels with out damaging the car’s under carraige and to save it from rolling over. The car was successfully removed from the track and the race got back under way. Emotions continued to boil over as Monaghan (#74) and Lancaster (#33) traded paint again. The checkered flag flew and the winner was none other than this year’s Grisdale Triple Crown champion David Elliott. Elliott led the final 48 laps for the victory and was also crowned Late Model Oktoberfest champion, a fine way to cap off a very frustrating year for David as well as dad Gary. Monaghan and Lancaster continued their on track fued during the cool down lap and apparently into the pits afterwards. Congratulations David!

With that the unofficial end to the 2011 season at Flamboro Speedway had come. Next week is the last event of the year, the Frost Fest races on Saturday, October 29th featuring the London Recreational Thunder Car Challenge. Twin 35 lap features for the Thunder cars and Twin 25 lap features for the Mini Stocks. Gates open at 12 noon and racing gets underway at 3pm. In the event of bad weather, racing will take place the next day, same times. Lots of extra cash prizes as it’s Flamboro Thunder Cars vs. the “World”. Check out full details at http://www.flamborospeedway.ca   See you at the races!!

Results (scored finish, not official)

Mini Stock Consi: #44 Darryl Fice, #33 Bill Pearsall, #30 Kyle Beaty, #18 Courtney Scott, #99 Rob Bejak, #2 Johnny Myers (DNF)

Mini Stock Feature: #28 Dale Shaw, #71 Russ Aicken, #13 Mike Holmes, #02 Mike Taylor, #64 Brandon McFerran, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg, #50 John Van Dyke, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #31 Dave Bailey, #81 Samantha Shaw, #01 Mark Da Silva, #88 Mark Dennis, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #20 Ryan Edwards, #44 Darryl Fice (DNF), #35 Tim Tolton (DNF), #22 Wade Watson, #10 Jeremy Hughes, #77 James Idsardi, #37 Rob Hoskins, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #2 Johnny Myers, #30 Kyle Beaty,
#19 Brittany Idsardi, #84 Lisa Deleeuw, #18 Courtney Scott, #3 Jack Horner (DNF), #33 Bill Pearsall (DNF), #15 Matt Dean (DNF), #99 Rob Bejak (DNF), #73 Dave Larkin (DNF), #47 Brent Wheller (RD)

Thunder Car Consi: #14 Darrell Lake, #37 Jeff Bean, #44 Jeff Showler, #29 Steve Cashmore, #36 Bill Watson, #6 Lloyd Bowman, #38 Ken Grubb (DNF), #19 Dave Silverthorn Sr. (DNF), #80 Wilfred Marlowe (DNF), #22 Paul Huskins (DNF), #11 Dusty Richardson (DNF), #87 Jeremy Bean (DNF), #2 Rick Burbridge (DNF), #39 Marvin Freiburger (DNS)

Thunder Car Feature: #72 Randy Rusnell, #76 Shawn Arnott, #14 Darrell Lake, #27 Kevin Albers, #44 Jeff Showler, #83 Scott Way, #4 Gary Slama, #02 Mark Burbridge, #31 Kevin Gallant, #13 Brad Collison, #17 Nick Roth, #8 Steve Perry, #37 Jeff Bean, #85 Matt Clarke, #73 Nick Troback, #5 Linda Dean, #36 Bill Watson, #6 Lloyd Bowman, #29 Steve Cashmore (DNF), #88 Scott LaPorte, #71 Bobby Mercer, #10 Dennis Cybalski (DNF), #03 Ken Donaldson Jr. (DQ), #21 Matt Bentley (DQ)

Limited Late Model Feature: #51 Mike Bentley, #8 Jason Parker, #34 Jason Tremble, #53 Kyle Donaldson, #47 Tom Walters, #37 Luke Grenier, #77 Tim Gordon, #09 Kent Nuhn, #85 Jeff Lotspeich (DNF), #28 Shawn McGlynn, #35 Andy Kamarath (DNS)

Late Model Consi: #44 Steve Laking, #96Brandon White, #5 Jay Christie, #74 Trevor Monaghan, #22 Bill Lassaline, #78 Mark Watson, #39 Harry Topp, #77 Matt Balog, #00 Jim Gillis, #61 Brent Wheller, #93 Bill Hollis, #63 Jim Bowman (DNS), #50 Dave Baker (DNS)

Late Model Feature #1: #84 J.R. Fitzpatrick, #37 David Elliott, #82 Jason Shaw, #33 Jason Lancaster, #2 Jamie Cox, #78 Mark Watson, #27 Steve Smith, #39 Harry Topp, #96 Brandon White, #93 Bill Hollis, #5 Jay Christie (DNF), #77 Matt Balog, #22 Bill Lassaline (DNF), #74 Trevor Monaghan (DNF), #61 Brent Wheller, #8 Paul Howse (DNF), #00 Jim Gillis (DNF), #97 Jeff Cassidy (DNF), #56 Jeff Stewart (DNF), #36 Gary Elliott (DNF), #05 Brad Corcoran (DNF), #24 Brennan Didero (DNF), #44 Steve Laking (DQ)

Late Model Feature #2: #37 David Elliott, #78 Mark Watson, #2 Jamie Cox, #82 Jason Shaw, #36 Gary Elliott, #61 Brent Wheller, #77 Matt Balog, #96 Brandon White (DNF), #93 Bill Hollis (DNF), #44 Steve Laking (DNF), #27 Steve Smith (DNF), #84 J.R. Fitzpatrick (DNF), #5 Jay Christie (DNF), #00 Jim Gillis (DNF), #39 Harry Topp (DNF), #56 Jeff Stewart (DNF), #24 Brennan Didero (DNF), #33 Jason Lancaster (DQ), #74 Trevor Monaghan (DQ), #22 Bill Lassaline (DNS), #8 Paul Howse (DNS), #97 Jeff Cassidy (DNS), #05 Brad Corcoran (DNS)

McLean, Neely, McGlynn & Nanticoke Take Oktoberfest Wins

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By Randy Spencer / OntarioOval.com – The drivers were ready and the pits were packed as Flamboro Speedway looked to close out the season with their annual Oktoberfest Classic Weekend. Almost 130 cars were registered for the first day of racing. Eight divisions in total were on hand for qualifying and feature racing. Fall was definitely in the air but the clouds cleared to a bright and beautiful, although cool and windy first of October.

Late Models got the show under way with their first round of qualifying. Jason Shaw who was recently crowned King of Late Model Racing at Flamboro took the first heat. Brad Corcoran took the checkered flag in heat number two. The Limited Late Models were next up with Andy Kamarath from Sauble Speedway winning the heat. The 8 cylinder Open Wheel Modified heat win was taken by Gary MacLean.  The F4 heat victory went to Dave Hodgekinson. Three Mini Stock heats were next with Wade Watson getting his first victory of the year, Bruce Wheeler from Sunset Speedway and Dale Shaw all taking a trip to the winner’s circle. Thunder Car heat wins went to Bobby Mercer, Dennis Cybalski and Matt Bentley from Sunset. The Hurricane Midgets closed out first round qualifying with wins going to Brian MacDonald and Can Am Midget driver Rob Neely. The Ontario Sportsman held time trials next and the top 5 gathered at the base of the grandstands to draw for position for their feature race later in the evening.

Second round qualifying was under way and Jason Shaw proved to be the hot shoe winning one heat and Jeff Stewart taking the next heat. Former Flamboro Late Model driver Mike Bentley took the second Limited Late Model heat, while the “Spiderman” John Harper took the second Open Wheel Modified heat.The second round qualifiers for the Hurricane Midgets went to Rob Neely, his second in as many tries, and Adam Tyo taking the second heat. Brian Nanticoke was victorious in the F4 Modified heat and Mark Dennis winning the Mini Stock consi. The story in that race was the return of Sarah Miskiewicz who blew her engine earlier and the crew loaded up the car and headed back to the shop and changed the motor and made it back for the consi., finishing sixth.

Four features were up to end off the racing card with Adam Carrothers and Shawn Gardner leading the first 4 laps but a familiar face took the lead on lap 5 and never looked back as Rob Neely capped off his day going a perfect three for three. The F4 Modified feature was won by Brian Nanticoke taking the lead on lap two and he would run away with it winning the 15 lap feature race. The 25 lap Open Wheel Modified feature was won handily by Gary MacLean, who had won the heat race earlier. The 100 lap feature for the Ontario Sportsman series was the final race of the night. Dan Prudhomme and Matt Robblee were on the pole. Kelly Balson who was in the points championship fight but didn’t register a lap and was out of the points hunt early. Dan Prudhomme led the first 9 laps while Shawn McGlynn dominated the race and led from lap 14 up until lap 100.

That was the end of racing for the evening and we’ll be back it again tomorrow with Last Chance Qualifying for: Late Models, Thunder Cars and Limited Late Models. Main Event Lineup, 50 laps for the Grisdale Late Models, Round One, 50 laps for the Limited Late Models, 40 laps for the Freedom Village Thunder Cars, 30 laps for the Ponderosa Resort Mini Stocks and 50 laps for the Grisdale Late Models, Round Two. Weather permitting, grandstands open at 12 and racing gets under way at 3pm. See you at the races!!

Top Three Results (scored finish, not official)

Late Model Heat #1: #82 Jason Shaw, #37 David Elliott, #2 Jamie Cox.

Late Model Heat #2- #05 Brad Corcoran, #24 Brennan Didero, #36 Gary Elliott

Late Model Heat #3- #82 Jason Shaw, #37 David Elliott, #84 J.R. Fitzpatrick

Late Model Heat #4: #56 Jeff Stewart, #8 Paul Howse, #36 Gary Elliott

Limited Late Model Heat #1: #35 Andy Kamarath, #43 Jason Tremble, #53 Kyle Donaldson

Limited Late Model Heat #2: #51 Mike Bentley, #53 Kyle Donalson, #8 Jason Parker

Open Wheel Modified Heat #1: #8 Gary MacLean, #7 Brent MacLean, #4 Brian MacLean

Open Wheel Modified Heat #2: #79 John Harper, #8 Gary MacLean, #4 Brian MacLean

Open Wheel Modified Feature: #8 Gary MacLean, #7 Brent MacLean, #4 Brian MacLean, #96 Monty Kelly, #19 Paul Draganac, #63 James Burrows,
#11 Dave Osborne, #79 John Harper (DNF)

F4 Modifed Heat #1: #36 Dave Hodgkinson, #91 Robert Mercer, #37 Dan Nanticoke

F4 Modified Heat #2: #9 Brian Nanticoke, #36 Dave Hodgkinson, #63 Mark Lucas

F4 Feature: #9 Brian Nanticoke, #36 Dave Hodgekinson, #91 Robert Mercer, #7 Vic Devries, #19 Dan Petit, #37 Dan Nanticoke, #63 Mark Lucas (DNF), #62 Steve Shaw Jr. (DNF), #43 John Verney (DNF), #26 Randy McKinley (DNF)

Mini Stock Heat #1: #22 Wade Watson, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg, #20 Ryan Edwards

Mini Stock Heat #2: #28 Dale Shaw, #13 Mike Holmes, #71 Russ Aicken

Mini Stock Heat #3: #47 Bruce Wheller, #31 Dave Bailey, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden

Mini Stock Consi: #88 Mark Dennis, #64 Brandon McFerran, #50 John Van Dyke

Thunder Car Heat #1: #71 Bobby Mercer, #73 Nick Troback, #4 Gary Slama

Thunder Car Heat #2: #10 Dennis Cybalski, #27 Kevin Albers, #03 Ken Donaldson Jr.

Thunder Car Heat #3: #21 Matt Bentley, #8 Steve Perry, #31 Kevin Gallant

Hurricane Midget Heat #1: #5 Rob Neely, #48 Brian Woodland, #84 Richard Woodland

Hurricane Midget Heat #2: #42 Brian MacDonald, #10 A.J. Emms, #9 Shawn Gardner

Hurricane Midget Heat #3: #5 Rob Neely, #48 Brian Woodland, #62 Rob McCall

Hurricane Midget Heat #4: #99 Adam Tyo, #8 Mike Kohout, #21 Larry Westwood

Hurricane Midget Feature: #5 Rob Neely, #9 Shawn Gardner, #13 Nathan Meneely, #84 Richard Woodland, #18 Paul Draganac, #93 Connor Carrothers, #90 , #62 Steven Shaw Jr., #68 Adam Carrothers, #42 Brian MacDonald, #47 Trevor Small, #36 , #11 Dave Osborne, #58 Larry Maclintok, #3 Lorne Vandusen, #21 Larry Westwood, #99 Adam Tyo, #48 Brian Woodland (DNF), #43 Randy Huisser (DNF), #01 Mark Whittam (DNF), #10 A.J. Emms (DNF), #24 Ryan Brown (DNF), #8 AJ Emms (DNF), #51 (DNF)

Ontario Sportsman Feature: #81 Shawn McGlynn, #40 Jay Doerr, #96 Dan Prudhomme, #51 Matt Robblee, #66 Josh Wood, #7 Derek Clark, #93 Jason Meyer, #48     Doug Cathcart, #43 Bob Merrifield, #88 Rob Anderton, #12 Mark Patrick, #69 Kris Root, #10 Kelly Balson, #99 Tim Burke, #11 .

Reulens, McLellan And Hoskins Take Flamboro Wins

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By Randy Spencer / OntarioOval.com – It was the final night of the regular season at Flamboro Speedway and the Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stocks were on hand along with the Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds and Lucas Oil Can Am Midgets. Unlike last weeks final feature races for the Freedom Village Thunder Cars and Grisdale Late Models, Dave Bailey the current Mini Stock points leader and defending champion, just had to take the green to wrap up his fourth title in five years.

In qualifying, Ken Stenhouse and Brandon McFerran  were winners in the Mini Stock division, Mike Podd and Steve Trendell were victorious in the Canadian Vintage Modified heat races. Eric Van Wyngaarden won the Mini Stock consi race. Can Am Midget heat races were won by Darren McLennan and Rob Neely. Justin Fraser got his first checkered flag winning the ‘B’ Feature.

After the intermission, the Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stocks hit the track for their 25 lap feature. Before one lap was in the books, the #15 car of Matt Dean took a very hard hit coming out of turn 4 and was turned around and the back left side took the full force of the impact and the left rear tire came off the car. Dean who started the night second in points was taken off on the flatbed truck. On the restart, Dave Bailey was charging for the front quickly and by lap 7 the was on the bumper of leader Russ Aicken. The two battled hard for several laps until a caution came out on lap 13. On the restart, Aicken and Bailey would continue their battle but another car want to enter the dance. The Rabbit Rob Hoskins was on the bumper and at one point tried to go through the middle of the leaders but backed off. Hoskins seemed to fall off the pace but quickly caught up and got past Bailey and Aiken and took the checkered flag. Hoskins in an on track interview at the start finish line with Josh Paxton was pumped and extremely happy to take the win, called the Race of the year. Also interviewed on track was Dave Bailey who was unofficially crowned the Mini Stock champion. He was happy but really wanted the win in the feature he said.

The Can AM Midgets were next up and they did their salute to the fans lining up 4 abreast. Darren McLennan came into the race looking for his first Can Am Midget points championship. He led the second place car of Rob Neely by just 16 points. Right off the start the McLennan (#48) and Daniel Bois (#49)battled for the lead for the the majority of the race. A very exciting and clean race was nearing the end and with just three laps left McLennan and Bois were getting mixed up with lapped traffic and as the cars were heading down the back stretch McLellan passed Justin Fraser (#97) on the inside and Bois on the outside. Fraser and Bois got together and both cars lifted off the track and started to slide and roll down the track ending up in a pile in the corner with a fire in the 97 car. Emergency service personnel rushed to the scene and the fire was quickly extinguished. Both drivers were ok and racing resumed after a lengthy clean up. Darren McLennan was able to keep the lead on the restart and not only won the race but claimed his first Lucas Oil Can Am Midget title.

The final race on the night was the 30 lap feature for the Canadian Vintage Modifieds. Daryl Henwood and Patrick Reulens were on the poll to take the green on the last regular race of the 2011 race season. Lots of bumping and shoving but overall a really good race. Ron Easton retired to the infield with some technical difficulties ending his chance at taking the points title. Easton came into the night trailing defending champion and current point leader Jason Keen by 27 points.. With Henwood leading the race Patrick Reulens used some lapped traffic to make his move and got around Henwood and held the lead, and an exciting conclusion to the season. Jason Keen finished 7th and was unofficially crowned champion winning back to back titles in just his second full year with the Vintage Modifieds.

That capped off a tremendous season at Flamboro Speedway. After some trouble getting the season underway back in April, a lot of tremendous racing action through out the summer with some great memories made. The Grisdale races, the Canada Day Race of Champions with the Nascar stars, Spencer, Irvan and Scrader were just two of many highlights of the year. Congratulations to all the drivers on a great season, especially the season champions, Jason Shaw in Grisdale Late Models, David Elliott in the Grisdale Triple Crown series for Late Models, Brad Collison in the Freedom Village Thunder Cars, John Verney in the Pro 4 (F4) Modified division and Dave Bailey in the Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stocks. Make sure you plan to attend the annual Oktoberfest Classic with two days of great racing action. Saturday is qualifying for the Ontario Sportsmen, Late Models, Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, F4 Modifieds, Hurricane Midgets, Open Wheel Modifieds and Limited Late Models. Feature Racing for the F4 Modifieds, Hurricane Midgets and Open Wheel Modifieds and Main Event is the 100 Lap feature for the Ontario Sportsmen. Sunday’s action includes last chance qualifying for Late Models, Thunder Cars and Limited Late Models. Main Event Lineup includes, 50 laps for the Grisdale Late Models-Round One, 50 laps for the Limited Late Models, 40 laps for the Freedom Village Thunder Cars, 30 laps for the Ponderosa Resort Mini Stocks and 50 laps for the Grisdale Late Models-Round Two. Times for both days, Pit gates open at 10am, Grandstand opens at 12 noon and Racing starts at 3pm. See you at the races!!!

Results (scored finish, not official)

Mini Stock Heat #1: #5 Ken Stenhouse, #88 Mark Dennis, #01 Mark Da Silva, #77 James Idsardi, #81 Samantha Shaw, #51 Linda Dean, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #10 Courtney Scott, #94 Kurt Boutcher

Mini Stock Heat #2: #64 Brandon McFerran, #71 Russ Aicken, #37 Rob Hoskins, #15 Matt Dean, #13 Mike Holmes, #28 Dale Shaw, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #31 Dave Bailey, #22 Wade Watson, #44 Dale Cooke

Mini Stock Consi: #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #31 Dave Bailey, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #22 Wade Watson, #94 Kurt Boutcher, #19 Brittany Idsardi,
#44 Dale Cooke, #10 Courtney Scott, #84 Lisa Deleeuw

Mini Stock Feature: #37 Rob Hoskins, #31 Dave Bailey, #71 Russ Aicken, #01 Mark Da Silva, #64 Brandon McFerran, #13 Mike Holmes, #81 Samantha Shaw, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #28 Dale Shaw, #77 James Idsardi, #44 Dale Cooke, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #84 Lisa Deleeuw, #10 Courtney Scott, #51 Linda Dean, #94 Kurt Boutcher (DNF), #15 Matt Dean (DNF)

Canadian Vintage Modified Heat #1: #5 Mike Podd, #81 Jeff Shaw, #9 Steve Lyons, #36 Rick Schurr, #19 John Karley, #92 Brian Atkinson, #27 Kevin Jantzen, #29 Daryl Henwood (RD), #00 Ron Easton

Canadian Vintage Modifeid Heat #2: #57 Steve Trendell, #7 Michael Williams, #39 Shane Stickel, #2 Ben Charbonneau, #18 Jason Keen, #71 Corey Jones, #6 Phil Shaw, #47 Patrick Reulens, #99 Rick Jones

Canadian Vintage Modified Feature: #47 Patrick Reulens, #29 Daryl Henwood, #57 Steve Trendell, #7 Michael Williams, #39 Shane Stickel, #2 Ben Charbonneau, #18 Jason Keen, #9 Steve Lyons, #92 Brian Atkinson, #19 John Karley, #6 Adrian Donkers,#81 Jeff Shaw, #5 Ian McIntyre (DNF), #36 Rick Schuur, #99 Rick Jones, #27 Kevin Jantzen (DNF), #00 Ron Easton (DNF), #71 Corey Jones (DNF)

Canadian Vintage Modified Season End Points: 1. #18 Jason Keen 609 pts., 2. #7 Michael Williams 584 pts., 3. #39 Shane Stickel 577 pts., 4. #00 Ron Easton 568 pts., 5. #57 Steve Trendell 560 pts., 6. #2 Ben Charbonneau 545 pts., 7. #92 Brian Atkinson 544 pts., 8. #19 John Karley 535 pts., 9.. #81 Jeff Shaw 533 pts., 10. Adrian Donkers/Phil Shaw 512 pts., 11. #47 Patrick Reulens/Kyle Mackenzie 493 pts., 12. #5 Mike Podd/Ian McIntyre 464 pts., 13. #36 Gary Elliott/Rick Schurr/Rob Rowse 457 pts., 14. #27 Kevin Jantzen/Cassidy March 387 pts., 15. #95 SteveMarch 385 pts., 16. #71 Corey Jones 376 pts., 17. #2 Chris Milwain 346 pts., 18. #9 Steve Lyons 307 pts., 19. #99 Rick Jones 291 pts., 20. #29 Daryl Henwood 283 pts., 21. #50 Joe Atkinson 213 pts., 22. #14 Nic Wiersma 108 pts., 23. #75 Jim Sweers 89 pts., 24. #26 Willis Mahood 31 pts.

Can Am Midgets Heat#1: #48 Darren McLellan

Can Am Midgets Heat #2: #1 Rob Neely

Can Am Midgets B Feature: #97 Justin Fraser

Can AM Midgets Feature:  #48 Darren McLellan,  #3 Todd Cresswell,  #1 Rob Neely,  #24 Barry Dunn,  #39 Corey Moesker,  #93 Andy Mackereth,  #12 David Balych,  #22 Chris Bauman, #36 Mike Westwood,  #64 Dave Hickson,  #28 Paul Smith,  #69 Earl Caine,  #49 Daniel Bois,  #40 Mack DeMan,  #97 Justin Fraser,  #14 Rob DiVenzano,  #7 Jeff Blackburn,  #44 Tom Kyle,  #63 Carey Hickson, #01 Colin Turnbull (DNS), #16 Chris Holman (DNS), Dave McKnight (DNS)

Wilson Wins First While Two Flamboro Champs Crowned

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By Randy Spencer – It was Championship night at Flamboro Speedway Saturday and there was a lot on the line as the Freedom Village Thunder Cars and Grisdale Late Models were looking to crown new champions on the final regular night of the season. Two time champion Jason Shaw was in first by 11 points in the Late Model points chase while Brad Collison, 2004 Flamboro champion, led Nick Roth by 6 points in the Thunder Car points chase. The Ontario Pro Challenge paid their final visit to Flamboro running their next to last race of the season.

Heat races were up first and in Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stock action the #5 of Ken Stenhouse and #15 Matt Dean were victorious. Freedom Village Thunder Car heat victories went to #38 Bill Pearsall and #31 Kevin Gallant. The Grisdale Late Models heat wins went to #89 Shawn Chenoweth and #77 Matt Balog. #48 Jason Davidson and #71 Dario Valente took the checkers in Ontario Pro Challenge qualifying while #28 Dale Shaw won the last chance race for the Mini Stocks. A interesting note…Mini Stock driver Billy Schwartzenburg blew his engine in practice.. The car was towed to the pits and the Spira Race team went to work immediately. The engine from the car of Billy’s brother #72 Rich Schwartzenburg was taken out and put into the #86 car and he made it for the consi and finished third. Kudos to the team on removing engines from both cars and re-installing the one in the 86 car in a short time.

The Mini Stock feature was first up and like the Pro Challenge cars, this is their next to last race. Rodney Rutherford, the 2011 Oshweken Speedway Bombers champion had his dirt car out to run it on the 1/3 mile asphalt oval. Current and defending three time points champion Dave Bailey has the championship all but locked up as he has an 85 point lead on the second place car of Russ Aicken. The race is for second through sixth as those cars are separated by just 9 points. The green flag dropped on the field of 22 and some bumping and shoving and three wide action took place right off the start. On lap one, Rob Hoskins had to drop to the grass to avoid contact with a few cars and slid through the grass and wasn’t able to get it stopped and slid back on the track in turn 3 and unfortunately taking out the #81 of Samantha Shaw. On the restart, #01 Mark DaSilva took the lead and started to put a little distance on the second pack until a caution came out on lap 12 tightening the field. Dave Bailey lined up along side of DaSilva and the two drag raced side by side down the front and back stretch for several laps. On lap 19, a simple spin by the #0 car of Brittany Myers turned bad as three cars came out of turn 4 and the #71 of Russ Aicken had no wear to go and hit the 0 car quite hard. On the last lap, #15 Matt Dean and #31 Dave Bailey were right on DaSilva’s bumper but the two got hooked together coming out of turn 4 but avoided a major crash. DaSilva managed to hold off Van Wyngaarden and Hoskins to win his first ever feature race.

Scott Laporte and Bill Pearsall led the Thunder Cars to the green in the final regular season feature. Exciting three wide action through turns 3 and 4 as Albers, Cybalski and Perry got together and the end result was the #10 car of Cybalski cutting down a tire and sliding into the turn one wall. A few more incidents as the cars battled hard as every spot gained could be crucial in the final finish. Nick Roth and Dave Silverthorn got mixed up and the 17 of Roth took the car to the pits and although he returned was given the mechanical flag and he had to retire to the pits for the night. In another incident a few cars got tied up going down the back stretch resulting in the points leader, #13 Brad Collison making a right turn and making hard contact with the wall and took it to the pits to be checked out but London Recreational sponsored car made it back for the restart to keep his title hopes alive. Another car in the hunt, the Ray’s Towing sponsored car of Nick Troback got tied up with a lapped car and it resulted with the 73 car falling from second to thirteenth. In the final laps, Steve Perry was hot on the trail of the leader Kevin Gallant but the “Flying Farmer” from Freelton was able to hold him off and took the feature victory. After racing for five years with out a feature victory, Gallant has really come on this year and took his third feature win of the year. Unofficially Brad Collison is the 2011 Freedom Village Thunder Car champion. Congratulations to the entire London Recreational team led by Mike Schmidt for their great season!!!

The Grisdale Late Models roared onto the track for their final feature event of the 2011 season. Matt Balog, who had won his heat race earlier in the evening, was on the pole.  The green flag dropped and plenty of movement earlier made for some fast paced and exciting action up front. Rookie Brennan Didero took the lead early and led a pack of 7 very experienced drivers in a nose to tail battle for the first half of the race. Three cars in the back of the pack got mixed up in turn one bringing out the caution however, just prior to that, #89 Shawn Chenoweth assumed the lead from Didero. On the re-start Chenoweth was lined up beside Paul Howse.  They were beating and banging down the back stretch and heading out of four the two cars came together and as a result, Howse got loose but managed to keep the car under control and in the lead. The next time around the 89 car was shown the black flag by starter Ding DeLeeuw and was sent to the back for rough driving. This put points leader Jason Shaw on the tail of Howse now and that’s the way they battled to the end with Howse picking up the victory. As Howse picked up the checkered flag and was taking a victory lap the 89 car made contact with the 8 car and in turn penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct for actions post-race. Jason Shaw finished second and is the unnofficial 2011 Late Model Champion. This is Jason’s third title, winning previously in 2007 and 2008. Congratulations to the entire Shaw Motorsports team for a great season!!!

The final race of the evening was the 20 lap feature for the Ontario Pro Challenge. #88 Tim Norris was odds on favorite to win as he has taken the previous two feature events here at his “home track.” Jason Davidson started up front and led early but #3 Dale Wilson made a great move in turn three and got by Davidson. Wilson started to put some distance between him and the rest of the field. With a few laps to go, out of nowhere came the 88 car of Norris. He was quickly gaining, but the checkered flag flew on Dale Wilson giving him his first feature victory and with no better time to do it as several friends, family and sponsors in attendance.

That brought to close another exciting action packed night of racing. Two “new” champions were crowned and lots of bumping, banging and exciting racing action at the 1/3 mile oval. Next week is the last regular night of racing at the track and it’s another open wheel extravaganza as the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets and Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds join the Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stocks for the mini’s championship night. Grandstand opens at 5pm and racing gets underway at 6:30pm. In two weeks time is the annual Oktoberfest Classic with two days of great racing action. Saturday is qualifying for the Ontario Sportsmen, Late Models, Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, F4 Modifieds, Hurricane Midgets, Open Wheel Modifieds and Limited Late Models. Feature Racing for the F4 Modifieds, Hurricane Midgets and Open Wheel Modifieds and Main Event is the 100 Lap feature for the Ontario Sportsmen. Sunday’s action includes last chance qualifying for Late Models, Thunder Cars and Limited Late Models. Main Event Lineup includes, 50 laps for the Grisdale Late Models-Round One, 50 laps for the Limited Late Models, 40 laps for the Freedom Village Thunder Cars, 30 laps for the Ponderosa Resort Mini Stocks and 50 laps for the Grisdale Late Models-Round Two. Times for both days, Pit gates open at 10am, Grandstand opens at 12 noon and Racing starts at 3pm. See you at the races!!!

Results (scored finish, not official)

Mini Stock Heat #1:  #5 Ken Stenhouse, #01 Mark DaSilva, #22 Wade Watson, #64 Brandon McFerran, #69 Glen Vandergeld, #77 James Idsardi, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #10 Courtney Scott, #84 Lisa DeLeeuw, #0 Brittany Myers, #72 Rich Schwartzenburg (DNS)

Mini Stock Heat #2: #15 Matt Dean, #13 Mike Holmes, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #71 Russ Aicken, #37 Rob Hoskins, #31 Dave Bailey, #28 Dale Shaw, #81 Samantha Shaw, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #73 Dave Larkin, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg (DNS)

Mini Stock Consi: #28 Dale Shaw, #31 Dave Bailey, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg, #81 Samantha Shaw, #88 Mark Dennis, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #10 Courtney Scott, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #84 Lisa DeLeeuw, #0 Brittany Idsardi, #73 Dave Larkin (DNS), #72 Rich Schwartzenburg (DNS)

Mini Stock Feature: #01 Mark DaSilva, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #37 Rob Hoskins, #28 Dale Shaw, #15 Matt Dean, #13 Mike Holmes, #22 Wade Watson, #64 Brandon McFerran, #88 Mark Dennis, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz,  #71 Russ Aicken, #31 Dave Bailey, #10 Courtney Scott, #84 Lisa DeLeeuw, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #77 James Idsardi, #0 Brittany Idsardi (DNF), #69 Glen Vandergeld (DNF), #81 Samantha Shaw (DNF), #38 Rodney Rutherford (DNF), #73 Dave Larkin (DNS)

Thunder Car Heat #1: #38 Bill Pearsall, #88 Scott Laporte, #37 Jeff Bean, #5 Linda Dean, #36 Bill Watson, #71 Bobby Mercer, #02 Mark Burbridge, #2 Rick Burbridge, #6 Lloyd Bowman, #22 Paul Huskins

Thunder Car Heat #2: #31 Kevin Gallant, #27 Kevin Albers, #73 Nick Troback, #8 Steve Perry, #4 Gary Slama, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #13 Brad Collison, #17 Nick Roth, #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr., #87 Jeremy Bean (DNS)

Thunder Car Feature: #31 Kevin Gallant, #8 Steve Perry, #37 Jeff Bean, #27 Kevin Albers, #02 Mark Burbridge, #38 Bill Pearsall, #2 Rick Burbridge, #13 Brad Collison, #4 Gary Slama, #36 Bill Watson, #71 Bobby Mercer, #5 Linda Dean, #73 Nick Troback, #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr., #88 Scott Laporte, #6 Lloyd Bowman, #87 Jeremy Bean, #22 Paul Huskins (DNF), #17 Nick Roth (DNF), #10 Dennis Cybalski (DNF)

Late Model Heat #1: #77 Matt Balog, #24 Brennan Didero, #27 Steve Smith, #00 Jim Gillis, #50 Dave Baker, #22 Bill Lassaline, #33 Jason Lancaster, #63 Jim Bowman (DNF)

Late Model Heat #2: #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #36 Gary Elliott, #05 Brad Corcoran, #37 David Elliott, #8 Paul Howse, #82 Jason Shaw, #44 Steve Laking, #08 Derek Martin

Late Model Feature: #8 Paul Howse, #82 Jason Shaw, #24 Brennan Didero, #44 Steve Laking, #37 David Elliott, #05 Brad Corcoran, #36 Gary Elliott, #33 Jason Lancaster, #89 Shawn Chenoweth (DQ), #22 Bill Lassaline, #50 Dave Baker, #77 Matt Balog, #00 Jim Gillis, #27 Steve Smith (DNF), #08 Derek Martin (DNF), #63 Jim Bowman (DNS)

Ontario Pro Challenge Heat #1: #48 Jason Davidson, #14 Tim Shanahan, #3 Dale Wilson,#22 Jonathan Sloot, #40 Owen Smith, #20 Mike Taylor, #16 Rick Seeley, #00 Ken Lilycrop

Ontario Pro Challenge Heat #2: #71 Dario Valente, #66 Josh Nicholson, #88 Tim Norris, #02 Dennis Thomson, #99 Ken Nicholson, #38 Kyle Batty, #37 Larry Majuery

Ontario Pro Challenge Feature: #3 Dale Wilson, #88 Tim Norris, #99 Ken Nicholson, #02 Dennis Thomson, #66 Josh Nicholson,  #40 Rick Seeley, #38 Kyle Batty, #20 Mike Taylor, #71 Dario Valente, #14 Tim Shanahan, #22 Jonathan Sloot, #16 Rick Seeley, #37 Larry Majuery, #00 Ken Lilycrop,  #48 Jason Davidson (DNF)

Flamboro Racing Fast And Furious Saturday Night

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By Randy Spencer – The Racing season at Flamboro Speedway is getting down to the final few weeks and the exciting action continued Saturday night. Lots of anticipation and excitement was in the air as the drivers took to the track shortly after 6:30 to get the program underway.

In Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stock qualifying heats, Glen Vandergeld continued his winning ways winning heat one. Russ Aicken, also a winner last week, was the winner of heat two. Dave Silverthorn Jr. and Shawn Arnott were victorious in Freedom Village Thunder Car heat races. Grisdale Late Model heat wins went to Steve Laking and Steve Smith. Shawn Chenoweth returned to the Late Model after a few weeks of racing the Thunder Car and a Super Late Model last weekend. And defending F4 champion Mark Lucas took the F4 heat. A consi. for the Mini Stocks was won by Matt Dean, who was finally able to get his familiar #15 Honda back into the Winner’s Circle.

Glen Vandergeld sat on the pole along side Mark DaSilva as feature racing got underway at 8pm. Vandergeld, who had won his last three heat races was hoping for his first feature victory but those hopes were quickly dashed as his car slowed coming out of turn four on lap 2 and his night was done. Mike Holmes who started 4th in the field of 24 cars took the lead. Holmes started to put some distance between himself and the rest of the pack. Exciting three wide action as the rest of the pack started to stack up. Lots of banging and bumping took place as the cars tried to work things out and by this time Holmes was out to an almost half track lead. Rob Hoskins, who had a DNS in the heat and consi race started at the back had managed to make his way through the field and moved into second place. Returning to action tonight was the familiar #43 car of Sarah Miskiewicz. She has been out of the car since early in the season after a hard hit with the turn three wall caused her some concussion like symptoms and she took some time off to make sure she was 100%. Defending champion and current point leader Dave Bailey slowed as the race went on and retired to the pits on lap 23. As the race neared conclusion, Holmes lead had shrunk as Hoskins was giving it all he had but it proved to be not enough as Mike Holmes took his first feature win of the year. He has been really coming on of late and started the night 7th in points. A fourth in his heat and the feature win should vault him higher in the points race.

Sixteen Freedom Village Thunder Cars hit the track for their feature and as in the other divisions, the top 5 cars were very close in points. Brad Collison was on top with 1429 points and the gap between the Ice Man and the fifth place car of Nick Troback was a mere 12 points. Jeff Bean and Bill Watson led the cars to the green flag and Bean shot out to a quick lead. Mark Burbridge and Nick Roth were bumper to bumper with the 37 of Bean. The caution came out as a half dozen cars mixed it up in turns 3 and 4 bringing out the caution. Nick Roth by this time had taken the lead from Bean and on the restart Roth had the inside line and took off. Bean was on the outside and was hung out to dry as several cars followed Roth under Bean and the 37 car fell back to sixth. The field started to break into separate packs. Roth led five cars in the first pack as they broke away. The next pack of seven cars raced door to door and stated to fall back from the leaders. Collison was in the front pack in third battling Roth and Dennis Cybalski to the end. Roth held on and took his first feature of the year. He had a slow start to the season but he said ever since the Canada Day Race of Champions, his fortunes took a turn for the good and he has been coming on ever since. Roth came into the night third in points and with a second in the heat and the feature win will be close to the top of the heap.

Racing was entertaining and relatively caution free for all divisions. The Late Models kept up the pattern although early on a lot of banging and several cars getting loose but they managed to keep it going straight. Brennan Didero, Steve Laking and Jason Lancaster were battling hard going three wide at one point early on. Lancaster later tagged the wall between 1 and 2 but was able to continue and finish the race as he and Didero are battling hard for the rookie of the year in Late Models. Jeff Stewart, who missed last week’s action, was back and took over the race lead on lap 2 and never looked back taking the checkered flag. The race went caution free.

The F4 modifieds hit the track for their feature, the last race of the night. It was also the last regular race on the schedule for the F4 club for this season. Mark Lucas won his heat and started on the pole. The green flag dropped and the defending champ took off like he was shot out of a cannon and built a big lead. Dave Hodgekinson, Brian Nanticoke and John Verney were hot on his heels but they couldn’t make up the insurmountable lead that Lucas had built. Verney was unable to repeat his successes of the past month and fell off the pace as the race neared completion. Lucas took the checkered flag to go along with his heat victory. John Verney was crowned the new points champion followed closely by Brian Nanticoke. Watch for the F4′s at Oktoberfest October 1st and 2nd.

A quick night of racing came to an end and we now enter the CHAMPIONSHIP CHASE NIGHT next Saturday night. It will be one of the most exciting night of the year by far with lots of racing action. Join us for the Grisdale Late Models, Freedom Village Thunder Cars, Ponderosa nature Resort Mini Stocks and a visit from the Ontario Pro Challenge as well as the final King of the Hill Challenge of the year with $500 to Win!  Grandstands open at 5pm and Racing starts at 6:30pm. Make plans to come out and see the champions crowned in the Thunder Car and Late Model divisions. There will be a new Thunder Car champion as the winner of the past four crowns, Randy Rusnell, has been racing at Sunset Speedway this summer. In two weeks time, the Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds wrap their season and are joined by the winged warriors of speed the Lucas Oil Can Am Midgets and the Mini Stock division will crown their champion as well. See you at the races!!

Results (scored finish, not official)

Mini Stock Heat #1:  #69 Glen Vandergeld (scored as #32), #5 Ken Stenhouse, #01 Mark DaSilva, #13 Mike Holmes, #72 Rich Schwartzenburg, #64 Brandon McFerran, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #84 Lisa Deleeuw, #10 Courtney Scoot, #77 James Idsardi, #21 Mark Dickson

Mini Stock Heat #2: #71 Russ Aicken, #22 Wade Watson, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #28 Dale Shaw, #31 Dave Bailey,
#86 Billy Schwartzenburg, #15 Matt Dean, #81 Samantha Shaw, #88 Mark Dennis, #73 Ron Larkin Jr., #4 Terry Mann, #37 Rob Hoskins (DNS)

Mini Stock Consi: #15 Matt Dean, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg, #81 Samantha Shaw, #77 James Idsardi, #88 Mark Dennis, #84 Lisa Deleeuw, #10 Courtney Scott, #4 Terry Mann, #73 Ron Larkin Jr., #19 Brittany Idsardi (DNF), #21 Mark Dickson (DNF), #37 Rob Hoskins (DNS)

Mini Stock Feature: #13 Mike Holmes, #37 Rob Hoskins, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #28 Dale Shaw, #64 Brandon McFerran, #15 Matt Dean, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #71 Russ Aicken, #01 Mark DaSilva, #81 Samantha Shaw, #22 Wade Watson, #72 Rich Schwartzenburg, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #77 James Idsardi, #84 Lisa Deleeuw, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #10 Courtney Scott, #4 Terry Mann, #31 Dave Bailey (DNF), #88 Mark Dennis, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg, #2 Mark Dickson (DNF), #69 Glen Vandergeld (DNF), #73 Ron Larkin Jr. (DNF)

Thunder Car Heat #1: #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr., #02 Mark Burbridge, #5 Linda Dean, #36 Bill Watson, #37 Jeff Bean, #6 Lloyd Bowman, #88 Scott Laporte (DNF), #71 Bobby Mercer (DNF)

Thunder Car Heat #2: #76 Shawn Arnott, #17 Nick Roth, #4 Gary Slama, #13 Brad Collison, #8 Steve Perry, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #73 Nick Troback (DNF), #27 Kevin Albers (DNF)

Thunder Car Feature: #17 Nick Roth, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #13 Brad Collison, #8 Steve Perry, #02 Mark Burbridge, #4 Gary Slama, #76 Shawn Arnott, #37 Jeff Bean, #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr., #5 Linda Dean, #71 Bobby Mercer, #88 Scott Laporte, #6 Lloyd Bowman, #36 Bill Watson (DNF), #73 Nick Troback (DNF), #27 Kevin Albers (DNF)

Late Model Heat #1: #27 Steve Smith, #33 Jason Lancaster, #56 Jeff Stewart, #24 Brennan Didero, #97 Jeff Cassidy, #77 Matt Balog, #22 Bill Lassaline, #00 Jim Gillis

Late Model Heat #2: #44 Steve Laking, #82 Jason Shaw, #8 Paul Howse, #37 David Elliott, #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #36 Gary Elliott, #05 Brad Corcoran, #79 Tim Gordon

Late Model Feature: #56 Jeff Stewart, #44 Steve Laking, #8 Paul Howse, #82 Jason Shaw, #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #05 Brad Corcoran, #37 David Elliott, #33 Jason Lancaster, #36 Gary Elliott, #27 Steve Smith, #22 Bill Lassaline, #97 Jeff Cassidy, #24 Brennan Didero, #77 Matt Balog, #00 Jim Gillis, #79 Tim Gordon

F4 Heat: #63 Mark Lucas, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #43 John Verney, #36 Dave Hodgekinson, #8 Craig Shaver, #37 Dan Nanticoke, #19 Dan Pettit

F4 Feature: #63 Mark Lucas, #36 Dave Hodgekinson, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #8 Craig Shaver, #43 John Verney, #19 Dan Petit, #7 Vic Devries, #37 Dan Nanticoke (DNS)

Action Continues To Heat Up At Flamboro Speedway

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By Randy Spencer / OntarioOval.com – It was Meet the Drivers night at Flamboro Speedway last night and it was a hot and steamy night of racing on the last long weekend of the summer. Another heated night of racing took place as the drivers battle hard for points with just a few nights of regular racing left in the season.

Two weeks ago, rain postponed the F4 feature so that race was first up on the night. The “Silver Bullet” #43 John Verney has been red hot of late after collecting the bounty on Stan Pokupec who won 7 consecutive races. Verney came into this evening winning 5 out of the last 6 events. Brian Nanticoke built a good lead and led most of the race but the veteran Verney eventually caught Nanticoke and took the feature victory.

Regular racing got under way with 26 Mini Stocks ready for battle. #69 Glen Vandergeld has had the hot shoe of late and took his second consecutive heat win in as many weeks. Russ Aiken, who has had some tough luck of late took heat number 2 and Dave Bailey continued his consistent racing and padded his points lead, taking the third heat. #81 Sam Shaw came up victorious in the consi. In Thunder Car action, Bobby Mercer and Kevin Gallant took the checkers, Steve Smith and Steve Laking were Late Model heat winners and John Verney picked up yet another win in the F4 heat.

A huge throng of fans gathered on the front stretch for an extended intermission for autograph night. Mini Stocks would stay on the track and get right into the feature event. Courtney Scott and Glen Vandergeld led the cars to the green and with just one lap in the books the #66 Sheldon Bossom got high in turn one and made contact with the wall and Eric Van Wyngaarden also brought out a caution getting side ways  in turn 4 after the restart. Glen Vandergeld, Brandon McFerran and Dale Shaw battled hard early and the “Rabbit” Rob Hoskins was gaining steam. #64 McFerran and #28 of Shaw got mixed up and neither car backed off and the result was the 28 car sliding to the infield around the half way mark. As racing continued, defending champion Dave Bailey caught Hoskins and they broke away from the pack and battled bumper to bumper to the end. Hoskins took his first feature victory since the middle of July after once again having engine troubles in August, but got the orange VW Rabitt was back to the front and into Victory lane once again.

Many call this time of the year as “Silly Season” and the Thunder Cars are in a tight points battle. The top 5 cars are separated by just 14 points. The green flag dropped on the 25 lap feature but before they got one lap in, six cars got mixed up in turns 3 and 4. On the restart, another caution would fly as 3 or 4 cars got together and the result was #73 Nick Troback tagging the wall. He had to head for the pits but made it back on to track but was down several laps. Troback came into the night tied with Brad Collison  with 1330 points so the 73 managed to finish the race. Kevin Gallant, who took the feature win on Memorial Night two weeks ago, took the lead early and led the field the entire way for another feature victory.

Steve Smith and Bill Lassaline were on the pole as the Late Model feature got underway and a bad looking wreck on the front straight on lap 1 as Gary Elliott got hit from the rear, causing him to get loose and the car sustained some heavy damage. The #74 of Al Bowman couldn’t get the car stopped in time and got underneath the #77 of Matt Balog. Unfortunately for Elliott he couldn’t continue.  He started the night just 30 points behind point leader Jason Shaw. Elliott is looking to win his first Late Model title. Another caution came out as Bill Lassaline and Steve Smith entered turn one. Appeared something broke on the rear of Lassaline’s car and Smith had no where to go. He to sustained heavy damage and left for the pits for repairs. Racing resumed and a few laps later, Brad Corcoran had a tire got down. Corcoran was running the inside and the flat caused his car to veer to the right and he got into the 37 of David Elliott. Jason Lancaster also appeared to have tire problems and he had to retire to the pits. When racing resumed, just a handful of cars remained and Jason Shaw was the new leader, he wouldn’t faulter leading to the end to take his second consecutive checkered flag padding his lead a top the Grisdale Late Model points. Shaw began the evening  just three points up on the second place car of David Elliott. Just 32 points seperate the top 6 cars.

The last race of the night was the feature for the F4 modifieds. Craig Shaver and Mark Millard got together early bringing out a caution but the remainder of the race was clean and the “Silver Bullet” John Verney shot out to the front sweeping the competition aside and made it 3 for 3 on the night. Verney padded his lead a bit and he now leads the second place car of Brian Nanticoke by 46 points in the F4 standings.

Although skies were threatening all afternoon and evening we got the full racing schedule in. Many teams will have a lot of work ahead of them this week. I heard someone say that tonight was a night of attrition. That definitely was the case. The next few weeks promise to be even more exciting as the Grisdale Late Models and Freedom Village Thunder Cars have just two regular race nights left and it appears both points races will go down to the wire. The Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stock’s have three regular races left. Their points chase is a little wider with 100 points separating first from seventh but with three races to go that will likely change quite a bit. Next week is FOOD BANK DRIVE Night, bring a canned good or other non-perishable item for donation and support our local community. Also, catch Late Model driver Gary Elliott and the Quaker State #36 team before racing at The Royal Coachman in downtown Waterdown, where they will also be accepting food drive donations from 11:30am – 2:30pm. Grandstand open at 5pm with the Late Models, Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks and F4 Modifieds providing some very exciting grass roots racing action. Green flag flies at 6:30pm. See you at the races!!

Results (scored finish, not official)

F4 Feature (from August 20th): #43 John Verney, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #3 Mark Millard, #8 Craig Shaver, #36 Dave Hodgekinson, #63 Mark Lucas,
#37 Dan Nanticoke, #19 Dan Petit, #91 Robert Mercer (DNS)

Mini Stock Heat #1:  #69 Glen Vandergeld (scored as #32), #13 Mike Holmes, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #22 Wade Watson, #01 Mark DaSilva, #10 Courtney Scott, #77 James Idsardi, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #84 Lisa Deleeuw

Mini Stock Heat #2: #71 Russ Aicken, #37 Rob Hoskins, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #28 Dale Shaw, #64 Brandon McFerran, #88 Mark Dennis,
#81 Samantha Shaw, #72 Rich Schwartzenburg, #51 Matt Dean

Mini Stock Heat #3: #31 Dave Bailey, #43 David Elliott, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg, #66 Sheldom Bossom, #73 Ron Larkin Jr., #94 Jamie Cox, #99 Rob Bejak, #4 Terry Mann (DNS)

Mini Stock Consi: #81 Samantha Shaw, #72 Rich Schwartzenburg, #77 James Idsardi, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #51 Matt Dean, #84 Lisa Deleeuw,
#99 Rob Bejak, #4 Terry Mann (DNS)

Mini Stock Feature: #37 Rob Hoskins, #31 Dave Bailey, #69 Glen Vandergeld, #71 Russ Aicken, #22 Wade Watson, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden,
#5  Ken Stenhouse, #77 James Idsardi, #81 Samantha Shaw, #13 Mike Holmes, #64 Brandon McFerran, #28 Dale Shaw, #01 Mark DaSilva, #72 Rich Schwartzenburg, #94 Jamie Cox, #51 Matt Dean, #10 Courtney Scott, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #88 Mark Dennis, #84 Lisa Deleeuw, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg (DNF), #73 Ron Larkin Jr. (DNF), #66 Sheldon Bossom, #43 David Elliott (DNF),  #99 Rob Bejak (DNS), #4 Terry Mann (DNS)

Thunder Car Heat #1:  #71 Bobby Mercer, #02 Mark Burbridge, #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr., #37 Jeff Bean, #5 Linda Dean, #6 Lloyd Bowman, #36 Mike Van Slingerland, #2 Rick Burbridge, #88 Scott Laporte

Thunder Car Heat #2: #31 Kevin Gallant, #8 Steve Perry, #4 Gary Slama,#17 Nick Roth, 327 Kevin Albers, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #73 Nick Troback, #13 Brad Collison, #76 Shawn Arnott

Thunder Car Feature: #31 Kevin Gallant, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #27 Kevin Albers, #4 Gary Slama, #13 Brad Collison, #17 Nick Roth, #02 Mark Burbridge, #8 Steve Perry, #2 Rick Burbridge, #37 Jeff Bean, #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr., #36 Mike Van Slingerland, #5 Linda Dean, #88 Scott Laporte, #6 Lloyd Bowman, #71 Bobby Mercer, #76 Shawn Arnott, #73 Nick Troback

Late Model Heat #1: #27 Steve Smith, #24 Brennan Didero, #33 Jason Lancaster, #00 Jim Gillis, #77 Matt Balog

Late Model Heat #2: #44 Steve Laking, #36 Gary Elliott, #05 Brad Corcoran, #8 Paul Howse, #82 Jason Shaw, #37 David Elliott, #74 Al Bowman

Late Model Feature: #82 Jason Shaw, #44 Steve Laking, #37 David Elliott, #24 Brennan Didero, #22 Bill Lassaline, #77 Matt Balog, #00 Jim Gillis,
#27 Steve Smith, #33 Jason Lancaster (DNF), #05 Brad Corcoran, #8 Paul Howse (DNF), #74 Al Bowman (DNF), #36 Gary Elliott (DNF)

F4 Heat: #43 John Verney, #36 Dave Hodgekinson, #3 Mark Millard, #8 Craig Shaver, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #63 Mark Lucas, #37 Dan Nanticoke, #19 Dan Pettit, #91 Robert Mercer (DNS)

F4 Feature: #43 John Verney, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #8 Craig Shaver, #37 Dan Nanticoke, #19 Dan Petit, #3 Mark Millard (DNF), #36 Dave Hodgekinson (DNS), #63 Mark Lucas (DNS), #91  Robert Mercer (DNS)