Paul Howse Strikes Gold At Flamboro Speedway

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By Eric Uprichard for –  Monday night Flamboro Speedway played host to their first annual Gold Rush 100. The excitement of the event charmed NASCAR star Kenny Wallace back for his second Ontario short track visit in as many weeks. Also in attendance were Twenty-nine of the best Late Models from around the province in hopes of striking gold and taking home the $10,000 pay cheque. That’s right; $10,000 to win… one stipulation though, you had to come from the very back of the field to earn your $5000 bonus!

Time Trials got the evening started. With more cars in the pits than spots in the race, it was important to stay in the top sixteen with time trials and lock yourself into the field. Marc Jacobs from Delaware Speedway surprised everyone and put the no. 81 on pole for the main event. Jason Shaw, Kenny Wallace ( Driving the no. 39 of Shane Gowan ), Paul Howse and Brennan Didero would round out the top five qualifying positions. The remaining cars had to fight in the ‘B’ Main for the last ten spots. It was an exciting finish as Gary Elliott from Sunset Speedway took the final transfer position after being spun out early in the race.

The field was set for the 100 lap Gold Rush,  and the anticipation was buzzing around who would accept the challenge and take their Late Model to the rear of the twenty-six car field and fight to the front for the $5000 bonus. Many drivers said they would accept, but Jason Shaw was the top qualifier to accept and move to the back. Steve Laking, originally starting 6th, made some great moves early on and led a majority of the first half of the race. He looked like the car to beat but had an issue eventually bringing out a caution. This would turn the lead over to veteran Paul Howse for his turn in the top spot. However, all eyes were on the no. 82 of Jason Shaw after cutting through almost the entire field. The closing laps would stay green and set up a very exciting finish. The two past Flamboro champions sifted through traffic in an awesome dash to the checkers. Howse hung on for the victory with Jason Shaw right behind him at the line. Kenny Wallace, Scott Lyons and Jamie Cox would round out the top five on the evening.

UNOFFICIAL Results (scored finish, not official)

Late Model Consi: #43 Jay Doerr, #9 Jeff Ruddy, #33 Jeff Lancaster, #98 Bill Hollis, #09 Kent Nuhn, #1 Jaxson Jacobs, #61 Brent Wheller, #77 Matt Balog, #5 Jay Cristie, #36 Gary Elliott, #71 Tim Gordon, #58 Paul Dudnick

Late Model 100 lap feature: #8 Paul Howse, #82 Jason Shaw, #39 Kenny Wallace, #52 Scott Lyons, #72 Jamie Cox, #31 Mark Watson, #37 David Elliott, #43 Jay Doerr, #67 Gord Bennett, #1 Jaxson Jacobs, #22 Bill Lassaline, #44 Steve Laking, #09 Kent Nuhn, #61 Brent Wheller, #83 Dale Shaw, #36 Gary Elliott, #33 Jeff Lancaster, #49 Ted Horsfall, #81 Marc Jacobs, #9 Jeff Ruddy (DNF), #24 Brennan Didero (DNF), #77 Matt Balog (DNF), #98 Bill Hollis (DNF), #56 Jeff Stewart (DNF), #7 Trevor Monaghan (DNF), #5 Jay Christie (DNF)