Reulens, McLellan And Hoskins Take Flamboro Wins

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By Randy Spencer / – It was the final night of the regular season at Flamboro Speedway and the Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stocks were on hand along with the Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds and Lucas Oil Can Am Midgets. Unlike last weeks final feature races for the Freedom Village Thunder Cars and Grisdale Late Models, Dave Bailey the current Mini Stock points leader and defending champion, just had to take the green to wrap up his fourth title in five years.

In qualifying, Ken Stenhouse and Brandon McFerran  were winners in the Mini Stock division, Mike Podd and Steve Trendell were victorious in the Canadian Vintage Modified heat races. Eric Van Wyngaarden won the Mini Stock consi race. Can Am Midget heat races were won by Darren McLennan and Rob Neely. Justin Fraser got his first checkered flag winning the ‘B’ Feature.

After the intermission, the Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stocks hit the track for their 25 lap feature. Before one lap was in the books, the #15 car of Matt Dean took a very hard hit coming out of turn 4 and was turned around and the back left side took the full force of the impact and the left rear tire came off the car. Dean who started the night second in points was taken off on the flatbed truck. On the restart, Dave Bailey was charging for the front quickly and by lap 7 the was on the bumper of leader Russ Aicken. The two battled hard for several laps until a caution came out on lap 13. On the restart, Aicken and Bailey would continue their battle but another car want to enter the dance. The Rabbit Rob Hoskins was on the bumper and at one point tried to go through the middle of the leaders but backed off. Hoskins seemed to fall off the pace but quickly caught up and got past Bailey and Aiken and took the checkered flag. Hoskins in an on track interview at the start finish line with Josh Paxton was pumped and extremely happy to take the win, called the Race of the year. Also interviewed on track was Dave Bailey who was unofficially crowned the Mini Stock champion. He was happy but really wanted the win in the feature he said.

The Can AM Midgets were next up and they did their salute to the fans lining up 4 abreast. Darren McLennan came into the race looking for his first Can Am Midget points championship. He led the second place car of Rob Neely by just 16 points. Right off the start the McLennan (#48) and Daniel Bois (#49)battled for the lead for the the majority of the race. A very exciting and clean race was nearing the end and with just three laps left McLennan and Bois were getting mixed up with lapped traffic and as the cars were heading down the back stretch McLellan passed Justin Fraser (#97) on the inside and Bois on the outside. Fraser and Bois got together and both cars lifted off the track and started to slide and roll down the track ending up in a pile in the corner with a fire in the 97 car. Emergency service personnel rushed to the scene and the fire was quickly extinguished. Both drivers were ok and racing resumed after a lengthy clean up. Darren McLennan was able to keep the lead on the restart and not only won the race but claimed his first Lucas Oil Can Am Midget title.

The final race on the night was the 30 lap feature for the Canadian Vintage Modifieds. Daryl Henwood and Patrick Reulens were on the poll to take the green on the last regular race of the 2011 race season. Lots of bumping and shoving but overall a really good race. Ron Easton retired to the infield with some technical difficulties ending his chance at taking the points title. Easton came into the night trailing defending champion and current point leader Jason Keen by 27 points.. With Henwood leading the race Patrick Reulens used some lapped traffic to make his move and got around Henwood and held the lead, and an exciting conclusion to the season. Jason Keen finished 7th and was unofficially crowned champion winning back to back titles in just his second full year with the Vintage Modifieds.

That capped off a tremendous season at Flamboro Speedway. After some trouble getting the season underway back in April, a lot of tremendous racing action through out the summer with some great memories made. The Grisdale races, the Canada Day Race of Champions with the Nascar stars, Spencer, Irvan and Scrader were just two of many highlights of the year. Congratulations to all the drivers on a great season, especially the season champions, Jason Shaw in Grisdale Late Models, David Elliott in the Grisdale Triple Crown series for Late Models, Brad Collison in the Freedom Village Thunder Cars, John Verney in the Pro 4 (F4) Modified division and Dave Bailey in the Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stocks. Make sure you plan to attend the annual Oktoberfest Classic with two days of great racing action. Saturday is qualifying for the Ontario Sportsmen, Late Models, Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, F4 Modifieds, Hurricane Midgets, Open Wheel Modifieds and Limited Late Models. Feature Racing for the F4 Modifieds, Hurricane Midgets and Open Wheel Modifieds and Main Event is the 100 Lap feature for the Ontario Sportsmen. Sunday’s action includes last chance qualifying for Late Models, Thunder Cars and Limited Late Models. Main Event Lineup includes, 50 laps for the Grisdale Late Models-Round One, 50 laps for the Limited Late Models, 40 laps for the Freedom Village Thunder Cars, 30 laps for the Ponderosa Resort Mini Stocks and 50 laps for the Grisdale Late Models-Round Two. Times for both days, Pit gates open at 10am, Grandstand opens at 12 noon and Racing starts at 3pm. See you at the races!!!

Results (scored finish, not official)

Mini Stock Heat #1: #5 Ken Stenhouse, #88 Mark Dennis, #01 Mark Da Silva, #77 James Idsardi, #81 Samantha Shaw, #51 Linda Dean, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #10 Courtney Scott, #94 Kurt Boutcher

Mini Stock Heat #2: #64 Brandon McFerran, #71 Russ Aicken, #37 Rob Hoskins, #15 Matt Dean, #13 Mike Holmes, #28 Dale Shaw, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #31 Dave Bailey, #22 Wade Watson, #44 Dale Cooke

Mini Stock Consi: #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #31 Dave Bailey, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #22 Wade Watson, #94 Kurt Boutcher, #19 Brittany Idsardi,
#44 Dale Cooke, #10 Courtney Scott, #84 Lisa Deleeuw

Mini Stock Feature: #37 Rob Hoskins, #31 Dave Bailey, #71 Russ Aicken, #01 Mark Da Silva, #64 Brandon McFerran, #13 Mike Holmes, #81 Samantha Shaw, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #28 Dale Shaw, #77 James Idsardi, #44 Dale Cooke, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #84 Lisa Deleeuw, #10 Courtney Scott, #51 Linda Dean, #94 Kurt Boutcher (DNF), #15 Matt Dean (DNF)

Canadian Vintage Modified Heat #1: #5 Mike Podd, #81 Jeff Shaw, #9 Steve Lyons, #36 Rick Schurr, #19 John Karley, #92 Brian Atkinson, #27 Kevin Jantzen, #29 Daryl Henwood (RD), #00 Ron Easton

Canadian Vintage Modifeid Heat #2: #57 Steve Trendell, #7 Michael Williams, #39 Shane Stickel, #2 Ben Charbonneau, #18 Jason Keen, #71 Corey Jones, #6 Phil Shaw, #47 Patrick Reulens, #99 Rick Jones

Canadian Vintage Modified Feature: #47 Patrick Reulens, #29 Daryl Henwood, #57 Steve Trendell, #7 Michael Williams, #39 Shane Stickel, #2 Ben Charbonneau, #18 Jason Keen, #9 Steve Lyons, #92 Brian Atkinson, #19 John Karley, #6 Adrian Donkers,#81 Jeff Shaw, #5 Ian McIntyre (DNF), #36 Rick Schuur, #99 Rick Jones, #27 Kevin Jantzen (DNF), #00 Ron Easton (DNF), #71 Corey Jones (DNF)

Canadian Vintage Modified Season End Points: 1. #18 Jason Keen 609 pts., 2. #7 Michael Williams 584 pts., 3. #39 Shane Stickel 577 pts., 4. #00 Ron Easton 568 pts., 5. #57 Steve Trendell 560 pts., 6. #2 Ben Charbonneau 545 pts., 7. #92 Brian Atkinson 544 pts., 8. #19 John Karley 535 pts., 9.. #81 Jeff Shaw 533 pts., 10. Adrian Donkers/Phil Shaw 512 pts., 11. #47 Patrick Reulens/Kyle Mackenzie 493 pts., 12. #5 Mike Podd/Ian McIntyre 464 pts., 13. #36 Gary Elliott/Rick Schurr/Rob Rowse 457 pts., 14. #27 Kevin Jantzen/Cassidy March 387 pts., 15. #95 SteveMarch 385 pts., 16. #71 Corey Jones 376 pts., 17. #2 Chris Milwain 346 pts., 18. #9 Steve Lyons 307 pts., 19. #99 Rick Jones 291 pts., 20. #29 Daryl Henwood 283 pts., 21. #50 Joe Atkinson 213 pts., 22. #14 Nic Wiersma 108 pts., 23. #75 Jim Sweers 89 pts., 24. #26 Willis Mahood 31 pts.

Can Am Midgets Heat#1: #48 Darren McLellan

Can Am Midgets Heat #2: #1 Rob Neely

Can Am Midgets B Feature: #97 Justin Fraser

Can AM Midgets Feature:  #48 Darren McLellan,  #3 Todd Cresswell,  #1 Rob Neely,  #24 Barry Dunn,  #39 Corey Moesker,  #93 Andy Mackereth,  #12 David Balych,  #22 Chris Bauman, #36 Mike Westwood,  #64 Dave Hickson,  #28 Paul Smith,  #69 Earl Caine,  #49 Daniel Bois,  #40 Mack DeMan,  #97 Justin Fraser,  #14 Rob DiVenzano,  #7 Jeff Blackburn,  #44 Tom Kyle,  #63 Carey Hickson, #01 Colin Turnbull (DNS), #16 Chris Holman (DNS), Dave McKnight (DNS)