Flamboro Racing Fast And Furious Saturday Night

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By Randy Spencer – The Racing season at Flamboro Speedway is getting down to the final few weeks and the exciting action continued Saturday night. Lots of anticipation and excitement was in the air as the drivers took to the track shortly after 6:30 to get the program underway.

In Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stock qualifying heats, Glen Vandergeld continued his winning ways winning heat one. Russ Aicken, also a winner last week, was the winner of heat two. Dave Silverthorn Jr. and Shawn Arnott were victorious in Freedom Village Thunder Car heat races. Grisdale Late Model heat wins went to Steve Laking and Steve Smith. Shawn Chenoweth returned to the Late Model after a few weeks of racing the Thunder Car and a Super Late Model last weekend. And defending F4 champion Mark Lucas took the F4 heat. A consi. for the Mini Stocks was won by Matt Dean, who was finally able to get his familiar #15 Honda back into the Winner’s Circle.

Glen Vandergeld sat on the pole along side Mark DaSilva as feature racing got underway at 8pm. Vandergeld, who had won his last three heat races was hoping for his first feature victory but those hopes were quickly dashed as his car slowed coming out of turn four on lap 2 and his night was done. Mike Holmes who started 4th in the field of 24 cars took the lead. Holmes started to put some distance between himself and the rest of the pack. Exciting three wide action as the rest of the pack started to stack up. Lots of banging and bumping took place as the cars tried to work things out and by this time Holmes was out to an almost half track lead. Rob Hoskins, who had a DNS in the heat and consi race started at the back had managed to make his way through the field and moved into second place. Returning to action tonight was the familiar #43 car of Sarah Miskiewicz. She has been out of the car since early in the season after a hard hit with the turn three wall caused her some concussion like symptoms and she took some time off to make sure she was 100%. Defending champion and current point leader Dave Bailey slowed as the race went on and retired to the pits on lap 23. As the race neared conclusion, Holmes lead had shrunk as Hoskins was giving it all he had but it proved to be not enough as Mike Holmes took his first feature win of the year. He has been really coming on of late and started the night 7th in points. A fourth in his heat and the feature win should vault him higher in the points race.

Sixteen Freedom Village Thunder Cars hit the track for their feature and as in the other divisions, the top 5 cars were very close in points. Brad Collison was on top with 1429 points and the gap between the Ice Man and the fifth place car of Nick Troback was a mere 12 points. Jeff Bean and Bill Watson led the cars to the green flag and Bean shot out to a quick lead. Mark Burbridge and Nick Roth were bumper to bumper with the 37 of Bean. The caution came out as a half dozen cars mixed it up in turns 3 and 4 bringing out the caution. Nick Roth by this time had taken the lead from Bean and on the restart Roth had the inside line and took off. Bean was on the outside and was hung out to dry as several cars followed Roth under Bean and the 37 car fell back to sixth. The field started to break into separate packs. Roth led five cars in the first pack as they broke away. The next pack of seven cars raced door to door and stated to fall back from the leaders. Collison was in the front pack in third battling Roth and Dennis Cybalski to the end. Roth held on and took his first feature of the year. He had a slow start to the season but he said ever since the Canada Day Race of Champions, his fortunes took a turn for the good and he has been coming on ever since. Roth came into the night third in points and with a second in the heat and the feature win will be close to the top of the heap.

Racing was entertaining and relatively caution free for all divisions. The Late Models kept up the pattern although early on a lot of banging and several cars getting loose but they managed to keep it going straight. Brennan Didero, Steve Laking and Jason Lancaster were battling hard going three wide at one point early on. Lancaster later tagged the wall between 1 and 2 but was able to continue and finish the race as he and Didero are battling hard for the rookie of the year in Late Models. Jeff Stewart, who missed last week’s action, was back and took over the race lead on lap 2 and never looked back taking the checkered flag. The race went caution free.

The F4 modifieds hit the track for their feature, the last race of the night. It was also the last regular race on the schedule for the F4 club for this season. Mark Lucas won his heat and started on the pole. The green flag dropped and the defending champ took off like he was shot out of a cannon and built a big lead. Dave Hodgekinson, Brian Nanticoke and John Verney were hot on his heels but they couldn’t make up the insurmountable lead that Lucas had built. Verney was unable to repeat his successes of the past month and fell off the pace as the race neared completion. Lucas took the checkered flag to go along with his heat victory. John Verney was crowned the new points champion followed closely by Brian Nanticoke. Watch for the F4′s at Oktoberfest October 1st and 2nd.

A quick night of racing came to an end and we now enter the CHAMPIONSHIP CHASE NIGHT next Saturday night. It will be one of the most exciting night of the year by far with lots of racing action. Join us for the Grisdale Late Models, Freedom Village Thunder Cars, Ponderosa nature Resort Mini Stocks and a visit from the Ontario Pro Challenge as well as the final King of the Hill Challenge of the year with $500 to Win!  Grandstands open at 5pm and Racing starts at 6:30pm. Make plans to come out and see the champions crowned in the Thunder Car and Late Model divisions. There will be a new Thunder Car champion as the winner of the past four crowns, Randy Rusnell, has been racing at Sunset Speedway this summer. In two weeks time, the Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds wrap their season and are joined by the winged warriors of speed the Lucas Oil Can Am Midgets and the Mini Stock division will crown their champion as well. See you at the races!!

Results (scored finish, not official)

Mini Stock Heat #1:  #69 Glen Vandergeld (scored as #32), #5 Ken Stenhouse, #01 Mark DaSilva, #13 Mike Holmes, #72 Rich Schwartzenburg, #64 Brandon McFerran, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #84 Lisa Deleeuw, #10 Courtney Scoot, #77 James Idsardi, #21 Mark Dickson

Mini Stock Heat #2: #71 Russ Aicken, #22 Wade Watson, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #28 Dale Shaw, #31 Dave Bailey,
#86 Billy Schwartzenburg, #15 Matt Dean, #81 Samantha Shaw, #88 Mark Dennis, #73 Ron Larkin Jr., #4 Terry Mann, #37 Rob Hoskins (DNS)

Mini Stock Consi: #15 Matt Dean, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg, #81 Samantha Shaw, #77 James Idsardi, #88 Mark Dennis, #84 Lisa Deleeuw, #10 Courtney Scott, #4 Terry Mann, #73 Ron Larkin Jr., #19 Brittany Idsardi (DNF), #21 Mark Dickson (DNF), #37 Rob Hoskins (DNS)

Mini Stock Feature: #13 Mike Holmes, #37 Rob Hoskins, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #28 Dale Shaw, #64 Brandon McFerran, #15 Matt Dean, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #71 Russ Aicken, #01 Mark DaSilva, #81 Samantha Shaw, #22 Wade Watson, #72 Rich Schwartzenburg, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #77 James Idsardi, #84 Lisa Deleeuw, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #10 Courtney Scott, #4 Terry Mann, #31 Dave Bailey (DNF), #88 Mark Dennis, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg, #2 Mark Dickson (DNF), #69 Glen Vandergeld (DNF), #73 Ron Larkin Jr. (DNF)

Thunder Car Heat #1: #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr., #02 Mark Burbridge, #5 Linda Dean, #36 Bill Watson, #37 Jeff Bean, #6 Lloyd Bowman, #88 Scott Laporte (DNF), #71 Bobby Mercer (DNF)

Thunder Car Heat #2: #76 Shawn Arnott, #17 Nick Roth, #4 Gary Slama, #13 Brad Collison, #8 Steve Perry, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #73 Nick Troback (DNF), #27 Kevin Albers (DNF)

Thunder Car Feature: #17 Nick Roth, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #13 Brad Collison, #8 Steve Perry, #02 Mark Burbridge, #4 Gary Slama, #76 Shawn Arnott, #37 Jeff Bean, #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr., #5 Linda Dean, #71 Bobby Mercer, #88 Scott Laporte, #6 Lloyd Bowman, #36 Bill Watson (DNF), #73 Nick Troback (DNF), #27 Kevin Albers (DNF)

Late Model Heat #1: #27 Steve Smith, #33 Jason Lancaster, #56 Jeff Stewart, #24 Brennan Didero, #97 Jeff Cassidy, #77 Matt Balog, #22 Bill Lassaline, #00 Jim Gillis

Late Model Heat #2: #44 Steve Laking, #82 Jason Shaw, #8 Paul Howse, #37 David Elliott, #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #36 Gary Elliott, #05 Brad Corcoran, #79 Tim Gordon

Late Model Feature: #56 Jeff Stewart, #44 Steve Laking, #8 Paul Howse, #82 Jason Shaw, #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #05 Brad Corcoran, #37 David Elliott, #33 Jason Lancaster, #36 Gary Elliott, #27 Steve Smith, #22 Bill Lassaline, #97 Jeff Cassidy, #24 Brennan Didero, #77 Matt Balog, #00 Jim Gillis, #79 Tim Gordon

F4 Heat: #63 Mark Lucas, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #43 John Verney, #36 Dave Hodgekinson, #8 Craig Shaver, #37 Dan Nanticoke, #19 Dan Pettit

F4 Feature: #63 Mark Lucas, #36 Dave Hodgekinson, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #8 Craig Shaver, #43 John Verney, #19 Dan Petit, #7 Vic Devries, #37 Dan Nanticoke (DNS)