Action Continues To Heat Up At Flamboro Speedway

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By Randy Spencer / – It was Meet the Drivers night at Flamboro Speedway last night and it was a hot and steamy night of racing on the last long weekend of the summer. Another heated night of racing took place as the drivers battle hard for points with just a few nights of regular racing left in the season.

Two weeks ago, rain postponed the F4 feature so that race was first up on the night. The “Silver Bullet” #43 John Verney has been red hot of late after collecting the bounty on Stan Pokupec who won 7 consecutive races. Verney came into this evening winning 5 out of the last 6 events. Brian Nanticoke built a good lead and led most of the race but the veteran Verney eventually caught Nanticoke and took the feature victory.

Regular racing got under way with 26 Mini Stocks ready for battle. #69 Glen Vandergeld has had the hot shoe of late and took his second consecutive heat win in as many weeks. Russ Aiken, who has had some tough luck of late took heat number 2 and Dave Bailey continued his consistent racing and padded his points lead, taking the third heat. #81 Sam Shaw came up victorious in the consi. In Thunder Car action, Bobby Mercer and Kevin Gallant took the checkers, Steve Smith and Steve Laking were Late Model heat winners and John Verney picked up yet another win in the F4 heat.

A huge throng of fans gathered on the front stretch for an extended intermission for autograph night. Mini Stocks would stay on the track and get right into the feature event. Courtney Scott and Glen Vandergeld led the cars to the green and with just one lap in the books the #66 Sheldon Bossom got high in turn one and made contact with the wall and Eric Van Wyngaarden also brought out a caution getting side ways  in turn 4 after the restart. Glen Vandergeld, Brandon McFerran and Dale Shaw battled hard early and the “Rabbit” Rob Hoskins was gaining steam. #64 McFerran and #28 of Shaw got mixed up and neither car backed off and the result was the 28 car sliding to the infield around the half way mark. As racing continued, defending champion Dave Bailey caught Hoskins and they broke away from the pack and battled bumper to bumper to the end. Hoskins took his first feature victory since the middle of July after once again having engine troubles in August, but got the orange VW Rabitt was back to the front and into Victory lane once again.

Many call this time of the year as “Silly Season” and the Thunder Cars are in a tight points battle. The top 5 cars are separated by just 14 points. The green flag dropped on the 25 lap feature but before they got one lap in, six cars got mixed up in turns 3 and 4. On the restart, another caution would fly as 3 or 4 cars got together and the result was #73 Nick Troback tagging the wall. He had to head for the pits but made it back on to track but was down several laps. Troback came into the night tied with Brad Collison  with 1330 points so the 73 managed to finish the race. Kevin Gallant, who took the feature win on Memorial Night two weeks ago, took the lead early and led the field the entire way for another feature victory.

Steve Smith and Bill Lassaline were on the pole as the Late Model feature got underway and a bad looking wreck on the front straight on lap 1 as Gary Elliott got hit from the rear, causing him to get loose and the car sustained some heavy damage. The #74 of Al Bowman couldn’t get the car stopped in time and got underneath the #77 of Matt Balog. Unfortunately for Elliott he couldn’t continue.  He started the night just 30 points behind point leader Jason Shaw. Elliott is looking to win his first Late Model title. Another caution came out as Bill Lassaline and Steve Smith entered turn one. Appeared something broke on the rear of Lassaline’s car and Smith had no where to go. He to sustained heavy damage and left for the pits for repairs. Racing resumed and a few laps later, Brad Corcoran had a tire got down. Corcoran was running the inside and the flat caused his car to veer to the right and he got into the 37 of David Elliott. Jason Lancaster also appeared to have tire problems and he had to retire to the pits. When racing resumed, just a handful of cars remained and Jason Shaw was the new leader, he wouldn’t faulter leading to the end to take his second consecutive checkered flag padding his lead a top the Grisdale Late Model points. Shaw began the evening  just three points up on the second place car of David Elliott. Just 32 points seperate the top 6 cars.

The last race of the night was the feature for the F4 modifieds. Craig Shaver and Mark Millard got together early bringing out a caution but the remainder of the race was clean and the “Silver Bullet” John Verney shot out to the front sweeping the competition aside and made it 3 for 3 on the night. Verney padded his lead a bit and he now leads the second place car of Brian Nanticoke by 46 points in the F4 standings.

Although skies were threatening all afternoon and evening we got the full racing schedule in. Many teams will have a lot of work ahead of them this week. I heard someone say that tonight was a night of attrition. That definitely was the case. The next few weeks promise to be even more exciting as the Grisdale Late Models and Freedom Village Thunder Cars have just two regular race nights left and it appears both points races will go down to the wire. The Ponderosa Nature Resort Mini Stock’s have three regular races left. Their points chase is a little wider with 100 points separating first from seventh but with three races to go that will likely change quite a bit. Next week is FOOD BANK DRIVE Night, bring a canned good or other non-perishable item for donation and support our local community. Also, catch Late Model driver Gary Elliott and the Quaker State #36 team before racing at The Royal Coachman in downtown Waterdown, where they will also be accepting food drive donations from 11:30am – 2:30pm. Grandstand open at 5pm with the Late Models, Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks and F4 Modifieds providing some very exciting grass roots racing action. Green flag flies at 6:30pm. See you at the races!!

Results (scored finish, not official)

F4 Feature (from August 20th): #43 John Verney, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #3 Mark Millard, #8 Craig Shaver, #36 Dave Hodgekinson, #63 Mark Lucas,
#37 Dan Nanticoke, #19 Dan Petit, #91 Robert Mercer (DNS)

Mini Stock Heat #1:  #69 Glen Vandergeld (scored as #32), #13 Mike Holmes, #5 Ken Stenhouse, #22 Wade Watson, #01 Mark DaSilva, #10 Courtney Scott, #77 James Idsardi, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #84 Lisa Deleeuw

Mini Stock Heat #2: #71 Russ Aicken, #37 Rob Hoskins, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden, #28 Dale Shaw, #64 Brandon McFerran, #88 Mark Dennis,
#81 Samantha Shaw, #72 Rich Schwartzenburg, #51 Matt Dean

Mini Stock Heat #3: #31 Dave Bailey, #43 David Elliott, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg, #66 Sheldom Bossom, #73 Ron Larkin Jr., #94 Jamie Cox, #99 Rob Bejak, #4 Terry Mann (DNS)

Mini Stock Consi: #81 Samantha Shaw, #72 Rich Schwartzenburg, #77 James Idsardi, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #51 Matt Dean, #84 Lisa Deleeuw,
#99 Rob Bejak, #4 Terry Mann (DNS)

Mini Stock Feature: #37 Rob Hoskins, #31 Dave Bailey, #69 Glen Vandergeld, #71 Russ Aicken, #22 Wade Watson, #92 Eric Van Wyngaarden,
#5  Ken Stenhouse, #77 James Idsardi, #81 Samantha Shaw, #13 Mike Holmes, #64 Brandon McFerran, #28 Dale Shaw, #01 Mark DaSilva, #72 Rich Schwartzenburg, #94 Jamie Cox, #51 Matt Dean, #10 Courtney Scott, #19 Brittany Idsardi, #88 Mark Dennis, #84 Lisa Deleeuw, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg (DNF), #73 Ron Larkin Jr. (DNF), #66 Sheldon Bossom, #43 David Elliott (DNF),  #99 Rob Bejak (DNS), #4 Terry Mann (DNS)

Thunder Car Heat #1:  #71 Bobby Mercer, #02 Mark Burbridge, #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr., #37 Jeff Bean, #5 Linda Dean, #6 Lloyd Bowman, #36 Mike Van Slingerland, #2 Rick Burbridge, #88 Scott Laporte

Thunder Car Heat #2: #31 Kevin Gallant, #8 Steve Perry, #4 Gary Slama,#17 Nick Roth, 327 Kevin Albers, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #73 Nick Troback, #13 Brad Collison, #76 Shawn Arnott

Thunder Car Feature: #31 Kevin Gallant, #10 Dennis Cybalski, #27 Kevin Albers, #4 Gary Slama, #13 Brad Collison, #17 Nick Roth, #02 Mark Burbridge, #8 Steve Perry, #2 Rick Burbridge, #37 Jeff Bean, #19 Dave Silverthorn Jr., #36 Mike Van Slingerland, #5 Linda Dean, #88 Scott Laporte, #6 Lloyd Bowman, #71 Bobby Mercer, #76 Shawn Arnott, #73 Nick Troback

Late Model Heat #1: #27 Steve Smith, #24 Brennan Didero, #33 Jason Lancaster, #00 Jim Gillis, #77 Matt Balog

Late Model Heat #2: #44 Steve Laking, #36 Gary Elliott, #05 Brad Corcoran, #8 Paul Howse, #82 Jason Shaw, #37 David Elliott, #74 Al Bowman

Late Model Feature: #82 Jason Shaw, #44 Steve Laking, #37 David Elliott, #24 Brennan Didero, #22 Bill Lassaline, #77 Matt Balog, #00 Jim Gillis,
#27 Steve Smith, #33 Jason Lancaster (DNF), #05 Brad Corcoran, #8 Paul Howse (DNF), #74 Al Bowman (DNF), #36 Gary Elliott (DNF)

F4 Heat: #43 John Verney, #36 Dave Hodgekinson, #3 Mark Millard, #8 Craig Shaver, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #63 Mark Lucas, #37 Dan Nanticoke, #19 Dan Pettit, #91 Robert Mercer (DNS)

F4 Feature: #43 John Verney, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #8 Craig Shaver, #37 Dan Nanticoke, #19 Dan Petit, #3 Mark Millard (DNF), #36 Dave Hodgekinson (DNS), #63 Mark Lucas (DNS), #91  Robert Mercer (DNS)