Chenoweth Takes Oktoberfest Championship At Flamboro

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By Randy Spencer – Day Two of Oktoberfest got underway with a Thunder Car last chance race with the top 6 going onto the A Main feature. Things didn’t get going to well right off the start. The #53 of Mike Poulton Jr. got mixed up with #8 Steve Perry on the back stretch and the 8 sustained some heavy damage as it climbed the wall. #74 of Albert Bowman out for the last chance race took a hard hit, crushing the front end of his car and off on the hook he went. Several other cars were also involved and by the time the smoke had cleared the 12 car field was pretty much cut in half and the cars remaining were assured a trip to the feature, just placement was the only thing left to decide. Top 3 – #37X Jeff Bean, #71 Bobby Mercer, #5 Linda Dean.

The Late Models were up next and all 21 cars lined up on the front stretch for driver introductions. After the dice roll and inversion of 8, #36 Gary Elliott and #05 Brad Corcoran were on the pole. As in the first race, things started in a bad note and several cautions taking place before even one lap was in the books. The race finally got under way but on lap 3, #56 Jeff Stewart and #8 Paul Howse both were involved in separate spins and has to head to the back. Corcoran and #82 of Jason Shaw see-sawed with the lead, back and forth between the two for the first 35 laps. Paul Howse managed to make his way up from the back and took over the lead on lap 36 and held it to the end taking the first 50 lap feature event. Top 5 – #8 Paul Howse, #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #82 Jason Shaw, #36 Gary Elliott, #78 Mark Watson (Delaware Speedway).

The Limited Late Models took to the track for their 50 lap main event and the #28 Roy Wilkie and #47 of Stompin’ Tom Walters were on the pole. Wilkie, Walters and #8 of Jason Parker battled tooth and nail for 50 laps and Wilkie managed to lead from flag to flag and took the checkers. Top 3 – #28 Roy Wilkie, #8 Jason Parker,  #47 Tom Walters.  Twenty Two Thunder Cars took to the track for their 40 lap feature with the man many were there to see, the #14 of J.R. Fitzpatrick on the pole. Fitzpatrick led early and was building a pretty good lead and along with the #76 Shawn Arnott and #81 of Matt Mulholland led the pack for most of the race. #13 Brad Collison also was in the mix and led the second pack of cars the entire way. With only about 5 laps to go, Fitzpatrick started to slow a bit. “The carb picked up rpm on idle making the car push bad into the turn and loose off”, is how J.R. described what happened and the 76 of Arnott made the pass and held on for the win. Top 3- #76 Shawn Arnott, #14 J.R. Fitzpatrick, #13 Brad Collison.

The Mini Stock feature was a good race and pretty tame affair. #9 of Neil Hannah and the #88 of Mark Dennis were on the pole. Hannah visiting from Peterborough Speedway led flag to flag to take the feature win. Top 3 – #9 Neil Hannah, #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #35 Tim Tolton. The Minis ran a B feature and the #13 of Mike Holmes held off #67 Dave Small for the victory.

The second Late Model feature started with a dice roll again and #8 Paul Howse once again rolled 8 and inverted the field. The #78 of Mark Watson who races at Delaware Speedway dominated early. A couple of cautions forced restarts and Paul Howse got a little sideways coming to the line and Watson kept the lead. The next caution didn’t turn out to well as Howse got loose again but this time he, along with Watson, Baker and Burbridge got tangled and all ended up into the wall and a lengthy delay followed to clean up the carnage. At that point some Flamboro regulars were out front for the remainder of the race with #56 Jeff Stewart, #82 of Jason Shaw and the track champion #89 Shawn Chenoweth battling up front for the remainder of the race. Stewart managed to hold the lead and took the checkered flag in the second 50 lap feature. Top 3 – #56 Jeff Stewart, #82 Jason Shaw, #89 Shawn Chenoweth.  Overall Oktoberfest Late Model Championship – #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #82 Jason Shaw, #3 ChrisBoschler, #56 Jeff Stewart, #75 T.J. Marshall. Chenoweth managed to accomplish his objective, win The Grisdale Triple Crown 3 race event at Flamboro, Flamboro Late Model Champion, Late Model victory in the feature at Autumn Colors at Peterborough Speedway and the Late Model Oktoberfest Champion.

And that was Oktoberfest 2010 at Flamboro Speedway. But that’s not all the racing for the season as Frostfest 150 will take place Saturday October 30th with Triple 30′s for Thunder Cars and Twin 30′s for the Mini Stocks. Also a King of the Hill Spectator Challenge, 40 car limit with $500 going to the winner. Gates open at 12pm and racing starts at 3pm. Check the Flamboro Speedway website for all the details,