Howse Makes It A Clean Sweep In Flamboro Action

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By Randy Spencer – With a full night of racing ahead the racers and their crews couldn’t wait to get at it. Three hours before the races were to begin the lineup of trailers and haulers was long. Last Saturday’s rain shortened the night and added the features on to this weekend’s racing card. Lots of excitement, a couple new kings and a four for four night would be the result by the time the last checkered flag waved.

The first feature from last week would see the Mini Stock’s pickup where they left off at lap 9 with the Rabbit Rob Hoskins taking the green. The race was for second thru fourth and #71 Russ Aicken and #31 Dave Bailey were bumping and banging there way around the 1/3 mile oval. Hoskins held them off for his sixth feature win of the season. Top 3 in the feature: #37 Rob Hoskins, #66 Sheldon Bossom, #31 Dave Bailey.

The #05 of Brad Corcoran led the freight train of Late Models for the first 16 laps of the feature and the #08 of Paul Howse was knocking on his back door and managed to make it past and take the lead. #89 Shawn Chenoweth and #82 of Jason Shaw powered their way through as well and raced side by side for a few laps reminiscent of their battle a few weeks ago. Howse would take the win, but that would be just the start of his great night. Top 3 in the feature: #8 Paul Howse, #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #82 Jason Shaw.

The Thunder Car feature would have the #41 Gary Slama on the pole and  he led for the first few laps but it was the decision of the starter that Slama was blocking and not picking a lane and after a few warnings black flagged him and the lead was assumed by the #48 Z3 Billy Zardo who would relinquish it to #27 Kevin Albers on lap 6. Albers who is in a tight race at the top of the Thunder Car standings with three time champion Randy Rusnell, started to run away and by lap 16 had a half track lead on the rest of the field. The real battle for the last 10 laps was for second through seventh as Zardo battled hard to hold off the #72 of Rusnell, #13 Brad Collison, #31 Kevin Gallant, #73 Nick Troback and #8 of Steve Perry. With the victory, Albers would inch ever closer to Rusnell. Top 3 in the feature: #27 Kevin Albers, #48 Billy Zardo, #72 Randy Rusnell

The F4 feature got off to a disappointing start for the #3 of Mark Millard when the #66 and #99 went high in turn 2 and cut back down and bumped wheels with the #3 sending the car bouncing around and into and up on the wall ending his night. On the restart the #2 of Robert Mercer took the lead flag to flag for the feature victory. Top 3 in the feature: #2 Robert Mercer, #8 Craig Shaver, #63 Mark Lucas.

The Late Models took to the track to get this week’s race card under way and #8 Paul Howse picked up where he left off winning both of his qualifying races. After the heat races for all five divisions were completed and a short intermission, the feature races got under way. Twenty Eight cars took the green for the second 25 lap feature of the night. #16 Kyle Mackie and #01 of Mark Dasilva led the pack into battle. By lap 3 Dasilva along with #66 of Sheldon Bossom and #81 of Sam Shaw went three wide in turn three and Dasilva was squeezed out and Bossom took the lead followed by Shaw. By lap 12 a bit of deja vu as a light mist started to fall and a few cars were slipping and sliding. After a brief ten minute mist the race got back under way and Bossom and Shaw battled for top spot but a slow car that seemed to loose power in turn 4 on lap 23 held up the #37 of Hoskins and #81 of Shaw and two cars (#55 Brian Watson, #31 Dave Bailey) took advantage and managed to go low and take second and third place. Bossom held on for the exciting win. Top 4 in the feature: #66 Sheldon Bossom, #55 Brian Watson, #31 Dave Bailey, #81 Sam Shaw. Heat wins: #66 Sheldon Bossom, #37 Rob Hoskins, #31 Dave Bailey.

The Thunder Car feature was a pretty clean affair with some exciting timid racing near the front. The Rocket Randy Rusnell could smell his first feature victory of the season but some bad luck the past few weeks and some black flags mixed in, Rusnell seemed to hold back ever so slightly from the leader Nick Troback, not wanting to bump and grind the leader and have to be sent to the rear to have to battle his way up. Not helping Rusnell was his nemesis, #27 Kevin Albers quickly gaining on the top 2. With a few laps remaining Albers managed to catch the top 2 cars but the #73 of Troback was successful in holding off Rusnell and Albers for his third feature win of 2010. Top 3 in the feature: #73 Nick Troback, #72 Randy Rusnell, #27 Kevin Albers. Heat wins: #31 Kevin Gallant, #2 Rick Burbridge.

The Late Models took to the track and perhaps the cool damp weather once again kept the car counts low or possibly with a chance at a championship out of reach for most, a race car in one piece to compete at the Oktoberfest Classic in two weeks was likely the thought process in many drivers minds. Heading into the non point event, #89 of Shawn Chenoweth had dethroned Paul Howse as champion and was the new king of Late Model racing at Flamboro. Not to be out done however, Howse lead from flag to flag and hold off Chenoweth for the win and completed a perfect night winning all four races he raced. This will definitely set up a very exciting Oktoberfest classic event with the two top contenders, undoubtedly will battle bumper to bumper in the two 50 lap feature events. Top 3 in the feature: #8 Paul Howse, #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #44 Steve Laking. Heat wins: #8 Paul Howse (2), #05 Brad Corcoran, #82 Jason Shaw.

The F4 Modified feature was pretty much a one car race as the #8 of Craig Shaver ran away from the field and was close to lapping the last car as the checkers flew at lap 15. Top 3 in the feature: #8 Craig Shaver, #63 Mark Lucas, #9 Brian Nanticoke. Heat win: #8 Craig Shaver.

The Open Wheel Touring Club, that many call the Hobbies, the Canadian Vintage Modifieds, made their final appearance of the season running their End of Season Championship race. The #00 of Jason Bowden and #36 Gary Elliott led hobby cars to the green and things got hot pretty quick. #21 Chris Milwain tagged the #36 of Elliott and spun him and was sent to the back but took exception and Milwain ran Elliott again and was banished to the pits for the night.  No sooner was that taken care of the #57 of Steve Trendell led the pack into turn 3, the second place car got sideways and collected every car behind him forcing a lengthy delay. Trendell would build up a good lead with the #18 Jason Keen, #9 Steve Lyons and #00 Jason Bowden battling hard behind him. On lap 13 the #92 of Brian Atkinson broke and hit the wall between turn 1 and 2 dropping fluid on the track and unfortunately Trendell didn’t see it and slid into the back of the 92 sending the leader to the back. It was just what the #18 of Jason Keen needed and he led the remainder of the race and claimed his second feature victory and dethrone three time champion Phil Shaw.  The Iron Man of #36 Gary Elliott seemed to be losing steam as the race progressed. Perhaps the several hard hits in the Late Model over the past few weeks (his hardest hits in his 42 year career) or running double duty tonight in the Hobby and Late Model putting another 100 laps on an already beaten body slowed him. But Elliott would show why he is the Iron Man, finishing the race in third place.  Top 3 in the feature: #18 Jason Keen, #9 Steve Lyons, #36 Gary Elliott. Heat wins: #0 Phil Shaw, #9 Steve Lyons, #57 Steve Trendell.

Saturday, September 25th is the final race event of the season as the Thunder Cars and Mini Stocks are joined by the Ontario Pro Challenge and the Winged Warriors of Speed, the Can Am TQ Midgets. Pits Open at 4pm, Grandstand Opens 5pm and Racing Starts at 6:30pm.  Don’t miss the action as the Thunder Car and Mini Stock point chases are separated by mere points and it will come down to the final feature races to determine the champions!!
And don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Oktoberfest Weekend Classic, 2 days of racing with 6 classes and over 200 laps of feature racing on the Sunday. Check the Flamboro Speedway website, for more information.