Weather Can’t Stop Action From Staying Hot At Flamboro

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By Randy Spencer – What a way to end the summer! Lots of great racing action and one of the closest and most exciting finishes to a Late Model race I’ve seen in along time at Flamboro Speedway.

Feature racing got under way with the Mini Stocks and 31 cars took the green flag and the race turned into a caution fest. It didn’t take long for everything to come to an abrupt halt. On lap 2, #43, 01, 55 and 88 went four wide and the #88 car of Mark Dennis was on the outside and got side ways in turn 1 and the #82 of Billy Schwartenzburg had no where to go and hit the 88 hard. Points Leader Dave Bailey hit the 82 hard from behind and it tore the fuel cell off the 82 car and fuel spilled all over the track bringing out the red flag. Schwartzenburg was shaken up and will be sore for sure. The car however didn’t fair so well. When racing resumed, the #64 of Ron McFerran took the lead and was in command until lap 14 when the #43 of Sarah Miskiewicz took the lead. On lap 18 the #66 car of Sheldon Bossom spun in turn 4 and the race was called due to a time limit and the 43 car took the checkered flag for her second feature win of the season. Top 3 in the feature: #43 Sarah Miskiewicz, #64 Ron McFerran, #71 Russ Aicken. Heat winners: #37 Rob Hoskins, #55 Brian Watson, #51 Eric Yorke

Thunder Cars were next up with the #71 of Bobby Mercer started on the pole. The race ran clean and the 71 of Mercer and #79 of John Harper started to run away from the field.  The #14 of J.R. Fitzpatrick was out to test is car for Oktoberfest and ran a strong race. He started at the back of the pack but by the middle of the race was challenging for a top 3 position but took a hit from the 71 of Mercer ending his race day. John Harper took the lead for a few laps but soon fell of the pace as #13 Brad Collison, #27 Kevin Albers and the #72 of Randy Rusnell all made a hard charge at the end with Collison holding the lead and taking his third feature win of the season. Top 3 in the feature: #13 Brad Collison, #27 Kevin Albers, #72 Randy Rusnell. Heat winners: #31 Kevin Gallant, #10 Dennis Cybalski

The F4 feature win went to the #63 of Mark Lucas who led the final 8 laps for the victory. Great job by the F4 Modified club giving away a great scooter. the little guy who won it looked so happy and excited. The look of amazement on his face was priceless!  Top 3 in the feature: #63 Mark Lucas, #3 Mark Millard, #43 John Verney. Heat winner #8 Craig Shaver

The Late Model feature turned out to be one of the most exciting races in a long time. The #29 of Mike Bentley was running away with the race leading the first 20 laps and the race was actually a little boring. That changed in a real hurry however when a caution tightened up the field and Bentley had to battle  and try to hold off the top 4 point cars of #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #8 Paul Howse, #82 Jason Shaw and #36 Gary Elliott. Bentley doing everything he could to hold the lead was doing his best to block Howse from passing but the #8 had enough and fought back with a bump and run and managed to get past the #29 but Bentley decided to retaliate and purposely spun Howse in turn 4. Bentley got the black flag from the starter and wasn’t too happy exiting the track. On the restart, the 89 of Chenoweth and 82 of Shaw put on a great show for the final 7 laps. Chenoweth seemed to be a little slower on older tires and gained a bit of advantage on the bottom groove but not to be out done, Shaw put on a clinic on how to race the outside line and the two raced virtually side by side and as they crossed the finish line Chenoweth out dueled Shaw by mere inches in one of the closest races in recent memory. After the race, Bentley, Howse and their crews got into a heated confrontation and for the second time in as many weeks things seemed to get out of hand in the pits.  Top 5 in the feature: #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #82 Jason Shaw, #36 Gary Elliott, #05 Brad Corcoran, #49 Mark Burbridge. Heat winners: #05 Brad Corcoran, #89 Shawn Chenoweth and #8 Paul Howse won twice.

Racing continues Saturday September 11th with Late Models, Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, F4 Modifieds and the King of the Hill Spectator Challenge.
Pits Open at 4pm, Grandstand Opens at 5pm and Racing Starts at 6:30pm.  If the past few weeks are any indication, the great racing will continue with only three weeks left to crown the season points champions! All three divisions are extremely close with the leaders holding a mere 15-30 point advantage on their next closest competitor. Don’t miss any of the action!