’18 Ministock Rules



NOTE: The interpretation of the rules will be solely up to the judgment of the officials in charge and the officials’ decisions will be final. Any part of car not specifically covered must remain as it came off the regular production line. Stock parts are those found in model/year OEM parts book as used by the general public. If it is not in the rules, then you better check with the officials before you make any changes. Any participant who refuses to allow tech officials to inspect their car will be subject to the following:

Any competitor who fails to tear down a car for inspection when requested to do so by an official will be disqualified from the event, lose all points and prize money from that event. Any participant found to be illegal and disqualified from an event will not receive points or prize money for that event. If found illegal on a double features night, the car will be declared, illegal for both races and will not receive points or prize money for either race.

2nd infraction for the loss of points and prize money from an event, you will be disqualified from the event, lose all points and prize money from that event, and total loss of all accumulated points to date.

Flamboro Speedway reserves the right to confiscate any illegal components at any time. Flamboro Speedway reserves the right to alter or amend these rules at any time in the interests of safety, cost control or fair competition. The safety of each racecar and all equipment is the complete responsibility of the driver/owner, and the driver/owner acknowledges this responsibility by participating in any racing activity at Flamboro Speedway. Upon entering the pit area, all cars will be subject to a safety inspection by Pit Stewards.

Open to 4 cyl. cars with no larger than 2500 CC. engines. Cars may be front or rear wheel drive. No mid or rear engine cars. All turbo options must be changed or car will be disallowed. Must have stock wheelbase as factory listed for that year/model. Race cars must be complete and presentable in appearance at the beginning of each race.

Body must be stock appearing. All chrome mouldings, ornaments, door handles, glass or plastic components must be removed except grille and windshield. Gutting of inner panels, roof, hood, trunk lid and hatch allowed.
*No fibreglass body panels.
*Stock appearing fibreglass hood or aluminum hood allowed.
*Maximum 5″ spoilers allowed. Lexan or stock only.
*Body can be changed to any year, same make and model.
*Door skins, fenders, trunk lid or quarter panels can be replaced with body steel or aluminum, they must be stock appearing. Race cars participating in racing events must be presentable in appearance at all times. Cars that are considered improperly prepared may be rejected by the Technical Committee at any event. Race cars must be complete at the beginning of each event. Any cars considered unsafe to driver, competitors, staff, of fans will be rejected and not allowed on the track. Car may not be shortened or lengthened in any way.

Doors must be welded or bolted securely.
*Doors can be replaced with stock thickness steel or aluminum welded or bolted or large head pop rivets. Doors must not be cut down.

Bumpers are required and must be present and secure at the start of each heat or feature. Bumpers must be mounted in stock position/height. Safety chains recommended. Homemade bumpers are subject to approval and must be covered with a stock type bumper cover. No sharp edges on bumpers. Ends must be turned in. If stock cover is removed, sharp edges must be removed or covered.

Any 12 volt battery. Must be anchored securely and in a spill-proof container.

Stock four wheel hydraulic brakes in good working condition are compulsory and are subject to test and inspection. Pedal must be in original position. Four wheel disc brakes allowed if stock for that make, model and year. Any brake rotor allowed.

One factory stock carburetor or twin carburetor setup for that make, model and year. Stock carburetor can be replaced with Holley 350 cfm part #s 0-7448 or 0-80787-1. Any 1″ spacer or any 1″ adapter allowed. Choke can be removed. Jets can be changed or drilled bigger. Throttle must have two return springs. Intake manifold can be cut out 3/4″ below spacer or cut out to match butterflys of Holley 350 cfm. carburetor.
* 500 cfm 4412 carburetor allowed with 50 lbs. added to minimum weight.
Cars originally equipped with fuel injection may opt to use an intake manifold and carburetor set-up from older model. Any type air filter maximum 3 1/4″ in height, maximum 14″ in diameter. Air breather lid must be metal, and can be trimmed to the outside diameter of the filter. Air breather top or bottom can be trimmed, metal lid and base only. Air boxes allowed and can pull air from opening at back of hood. Air must be pulled through filter.
* 50 lbs. Weight break for carburetor cars.

Stock fuel injection only. Aftermarket air tube and cone filters allowed. Cars originally equipped with fuel injection may opt to use an intake manifold and carburetor set-up from older model. *Fuel injection manifold can be used, Intake manifold can be cut out 3/4″ below spacer or cut out to match butterflys of Holley 350 or 500 cfm carburetor.

Stock ECM only no modifying or reprogramming. ECM can be claimed by the track for $100. If ECM is modified, reprogrammed or claim refused car/driver will be disqualified and loss of all points to date and driver will be suspended for one year. ECM can be exchanged by official at any time.

Stock only with no modifying of parts. Sway bars must be from the stock make, however can be from any model. Springs may be altered, spring rubbers, clamps, adjustable spacers, spacers between coils, racing or lowering springs are permitted. One stock bump stop permitted. No racing or adjustable struts, shocks or after market bump stops. Replacement shock or strut list price cannot exceed dealer list price. Stock rubber or replacement polyurethane bushings only. No nylon, steel, or brass bushings. Adjustable sway bar links are allowed. Stock type sway bar mounts must be maintained and resemble original. Body and frame must maintain a minimum 5″ ride height with driver in car. Wheelbase must be within ½” from side to side.
*Excessive rear tow in or out will not be allowed. ½” maximum.
*Camber on rear wheels must be no more than factory specifications checked at factory height.
Front upper strut mount holes may be elongated to achieve camber. Camber kits allowed. Other methods must be safe and approved by the Race Director.

Must have steel 360 degree retaining hoops’ 1/4″ X 2″ positioned at the front and rear of the driveshaft within 6″ of each U-joint (rear wheel drive only). No chain hoops. Drive shaft must be painted white.

Must be stock 4 cylinder. No porting or polishing of heads. No larger than 2.5L (2500 CC). Must be original engine size for that year, make and model. 8 and 12 valve cylinder head can be milled to maximum 200 psi per cylinder. 201-210 psi add 100 lbs to min weight. 16 valve head can be milled .020″, 200 psi maximum. 201-210 psi add 100 lbs to min weight. No rotary engines. 16 valve camshafts must be stock lift and duration. 8 and 12 valve camshaft with stock lift any duration camshaft, heavier valve springs, adjustable cam sprockets or offset keyways allowed.
8 valve camshaft any lift/duration, any lifters, any rocker arms will be allowed with 100 lbs added to minimum weight. Cam tower reinforcing allowed. Forged pistons allowed no ultra light weight pistons. Maximum .040″ cylinder overbore. No grinding on rods or rod caps. No rotary, no Honda Vtec engines. Engines must be for North American market. Off shore options might be allowed but must be approved in writing.

Stock distributor or stock ignition allowed. Distributor bolting mount can be modified to adjust timing. Cars converted to carburetor can use distributor from carburetor engine. Stock coils only. Cars do not require alternator. Ignition switch must be painted red.

Must exit under and behind driver or outside of sheet metal or out right side door below a raised floor. The right side floor pan may be raised up to 10″ to allow installation of exhaust. Stock exhaust manifolds only or street type header allowed. 12 and 16 valve cars must add 50 lbs added to minimum weight if stock or street type header is used. Maximum 2 1/2″ OD pipe. Single exhaust only. Any muffler allowed no larger than 2 1/2″ inlet or outlet.

Cars must have an approved fire extinguisher mounted in an approved mounting bracket and within driver’s reach with seat belts fastened. Fire extinguisher must have gauge and if the extinguisher is older than 3 years, it must have a recharge slip dated within 2 years. Fire suit mandatory. Stock hood and trunk latches must be removed and replaced with quick entry hold-downs.

Original front firewall must be maintained. All holes must be covered with minimum 22 ga. sheet metal either welded or rivetted in place. No sheet metal screws allowed. The right side floor pan may be raised up to 10″ to allow installation of exhaust. If car has rear firewall trunk floor can be removed.

On uni-body cars, front and rear frame sections must be joined with a minimum 1 3/4″ x .095″ round or square tubing under driver mandatory. X-frame supports allowed.

Cars may use street legal unleaded pump gas with no additives or you may use racing fuel with no additives.

Cars equipped with a carburetor and mechanical fuel pump, neoprene or steel fuel line must be securely fastened under the floor. On cars with electric fuel pump, the fuel line must be steel or high pressure neoprene, in good condition and must run inside a protected area or inside a steel conduit. The fuel line on the pressure side of the fuel pump must be high pressure neoprene or steel. No copper lines. No plastic or glass fuel filters. Cars with an electric fuel pump must have a kill switch marked in red, which shuts off power to the fuel pump and a relay switch which shuts off power to the fuel pump on low oil pressure or loss of ignition.

Racing fuel cell mandatory. 5 gallon cell recommended. Must be securely mounted in trunk compartment between the frame rails and no lower than 8″. Hatch-back models require a latching, accessible compartment/firewall to be constructed of a minimum 22 ga. steel to house fuel cell. Trunk floor must remain in car. Fuel must not leak from tank if car is over turned. Gas caps must seal. Drag racing type gas cap recommended. Rollover valve or PCV valve is mandatory. If fuel cell is below trunk floor or trunk floor is removed you must have a minimum 1 3/4″ x .095″ bar to protect the fuel cell.

All flammable material must be removed except stock dash (dash optional). Racing seat must be used and must be securely mounted. Seat must be positioned completely to the left of the centre of the car. Aluminum racing seats are mandatory. A solid head rest is mandatory and is subject to test.

Two mirrors only. Maximum 16 1/2″ x 3″ flat or convex one piece only in centre of windshield. One maximum 3″ side mirror mounted minimum 2″ from outside of door panel.

One way radio mandatory. 454 uhf. Radio must only be for track staff to communicate to driver no spotters allowed. Track may allow two way communication (spotter) for novice driver. Must be approved by official.

Must be in stock location and include an overflow container mounted ahead of the firewall. Any automotive or aluminum rad. Stock fan or any electric fan permitted. No metal flex fans. No anti-freeze allowed.

Welded stock rear ends allowed. Must be in stock location and mounting. No limited slip or posi. differentials. Any gear ratio allowed.

Full roll cage with a minimum three door bars on the drivers side and two door bars on the passengers side is mandatory.
A minimum of two uprights are required between each door bar. Main cage must be constructed of minimum 1 3/4″ OD.095″ wall tubing. Door bars and door bar uprights must be a minimum of 1 1/2″ OD .095″ wall tubing. If inner panel is removed on driver’s side then a min. of four door bars, extending into the door, must be used. Uni-body cars must have a bar running horizontally between the uprights at floor level. Front hoop allowed. Rear hoop mandatory. Minimum 3″ clearance recommended between driver’s helmet and overhead roll bars. All bars in the driver’s area must be properly padded with an energy absorbing, flame resistant material. All welds must be electric or Mig. welded. All 90 degree main cage joints must have minimum .125″ thick gussets. If door bars are less than 1 3/4″OD tubing, then all door bars joints require gussets. No pipe fittings allowed. No heating of tubes to form bends. Scrub rails are not counted as door bars. If scrub rails are used, they must be securely mounted and have no sharp or protruding edges. Mount must be within 6″ of front and rear of scrub rail. Carriage bolts only on scrub rails and scrub rails can protrude 1″ out of body.

Helmet -Snell 2010 SA or higher standards mandatory.
*Fire resistant driving suit and gloves mandatory.
Neck collar or head restraint recommended.
5 point racing seat belts with a minimum 3″ lap belt and minimum 2″ shoulder harness, properly affixed to the roll cage or chassis with minimum 1/2″ grade 8 bolts double nutted.
Seat belts, no expiry date on the harness but they must be in good condition.
Seat belts 3″ harness must be securely fastened to cage or frame members.
Consult belt manufacturer for proper installation.
Window net with quick release mandatory.
Aluminum racing seat mandatory securely mounted to cage or frame members.
Fire extinguisher dated no later than January 1 of the current year, must be secure.

* American Racer 7″ tires 705 compound only
DOT approved radial tires with 235R maximum. 60,65, 70, 75 or 80 series tires only. No recaps. No light truck, ice or snow, specialty or racing tires allowed. Passenger car tires only. No soft compound tires. Speed rating limited to S, T, U or H. Tread wear rating may not be less than 200. Anything less will NOT be allowed.
*50 lbs weight break per tire for tire 400 treadware or higher.
195/50/15 and 205/50/15 tires will be allowed with 75 lbs. weight penalty, tread wear rating may not be less than 200, any speed rating. All tires are subject to approval by Official in charge. Tire tread cutting or shaving is allowed. All names, numbers and markings must not be removed. If so, tire will be illegal. 13″, 14″,15″ and 16″ tires may be mixed. No tire softener allowed.

Bell housing must have a minimum 3/16″ plate to protect the driver from clutch or flywheel failure. Automatic or manual transmission any gear ratios allowed. Transmission must bolt in stock mounts. Automatics must have stock torque converter. Manual must be complete with all gears, with stock clutch, pressure plate and flywheel. No lightening of parts allowed. Flywheel can be lightened or steel aftermarket 15 lbs. or more if engine is 8 valve. 12 valve engine 50 lbs will be added to minimum weight for lightened or steel aftermarket flywheel 15 lbs. or more . 16 valve cars will only be allowed stock flywheel (no lightweight flywheels from vtec models). No transmission coolers in driver’s compartment. Automatics will get a 200lb. weight break.

Mandatory transponder mounted 90″ or more from the front leading edge of the bumper. Westhold transponders available for rent or purchase for $250. Track phone number 905 659-3042

*Right front rim must be reinforced or racing wheel. Maximum width of 7″ from bead to bead. No aluminum, mag or homemade wheels allowed. Wheel from any make and model that safely fit may be used. . Racing wheels will be allowed.
*Any back spacing or offset allowed. Wheel offset won’t allow tire to protrude past scrub rails on either side.
*1″ lug nuts mandatory.
No wheel weights allowed. No wheel spacers allowed.

Trimming of fenders will be allowed if it is neat and there are no sharp edges. Excessive trimming is not allowed.

All windows must be removed except full front windshield. Windshield must be safety glass or Lexan. If Lexan is used, two safety bars must be installed. Driver’s window net with quick release is compulsory and must release from the top at the front of the car. Rear side windows may be filled with Lexan including the rear window if located ahead of the firewall.

Maximum 54% left side weight for cars with 4 wheel independent suspension, maximum 56% for all others.
* For every 50 lbs over the minimum weight car can be 1% more left side.
No topping up of fuel after race, prior to weighing. All ballast weights must be painted white, securely bolted with minimum two ½” bolts and washers and the assigned car number must be clearly marked on the weight. Rear weight percentage must not exceed 48%. Weight shall be no less than 10 pounds per piece.
8 Valve cars 1 lb. per cc.
12 Valve cars 1.06 lbs. per cc.
1850 lbs. minimum weight plus any handicap, minus weight break. 8 and 12 valve single cam.

16 Valve single cam cars. 1.13 lbs. per cc.
2050 lbs. minimum weight plus any handicap, minus weight break. 16 valve single cam 1500 cc. or less.

2200 lbs. minimum weight plus any handicap, minus weight break. 16 valve single cam 1501 cc. to 1700 cc.

2300 lbs. minimum weight plus any handicap, minus weight break. 16 valve single cam 1701cc. to 1900 cc

2350 lbs. minimum weight plus any handicap, minus weight break. 16 valve single cam 1901cc. or more.

16 Valve DOHC cars 1.16 lbs. per cc.

2050 lbs. minimum weight plus any handicap, minus weight break. 16 valve DOHC 1400 cc. or less.

2200 lbs. minimum weight plus any handicap, minus weight break. 16 valve DOHC 1401 cc. to 1500 cc.

2300 lbs. minimum weight plus any handicap, minus weight break. 16 valve DOHC 1501cc. to 1700 cc.

2350 lbs. minimum weight plus any handicap, minus weight break. 16 valve DOHC 1701cc. to 1900 cc.

2400 lbs. minimum weight plus any handicap, minus weight break. 16 valve DOHC 1901 cc. or more.

Weight breaks and weight handicaps.

– 200 lbs. for auto transmission

*-50 lbs weight break per tire for tire 400 treadware or higher

*-50 lbs.or carbureted engines

+ 75 lbs. for 50 series tires

*+ 50 lbs. 500cfm Holley 4412 Carburetor

+ 50 lbs. for header 12 and 16 valve engines

+ 100 lbs. 201-210 psi cylinder compression

+ 50 lbs. for 15 lb. flywheel 12 valve engines only. 16 valve engines not allowed this option.

If your car does not meet the rules 100% adjustments can be made to allow differences with penalties. Must be approved buy tech director.


Rule Book Disclaimer

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing evens and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events and by participating in these events all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.

No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participant, spectator or official. The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviations from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.

Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.

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