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General Rules
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2018 Official Rule Book



Flamboro Speedway urges you to carefully study these rules and become familiar with all aspects of Flamboro Racing. By YOUR participation in race events at Flamboro, competitors will be deemed to have agreed to comply with these rules.

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the conditions of all events, and the participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.


They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of these specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF THE SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is FINAL.


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  1. A) No stopping or parking on the public road (Conc. 5). Participants must enter the speedway property and line up one behind the other – 2 or 3 abreast as needed.

(Leaving the entrance and on-property road-ways free and clear.)

  1. B) Every one must vacate the Speedway property by 12:30 a.m. with the exception of those owners whose cars are under protest or undergoing technical inspection.
  2. C) NO overnight camping allowed on Speedway property.



  1. Before entering the pit area, all passengers, crews and family must exit the vehicles and use the “pedestrian” walk-through gate.
  2. All drivers and crew members entering the pit area must sign a release form (waiver sheet) in person. Anyone caught forging a name on any release form will be ejected from the facility and may be subject to criminal charges.
  3. Each driver must complete the required registration form and driver license, and pay the assigned registration (license) fee in-full before being allowed to compete at Flamboro Speedway. Drivers who wish to race in more than one division will require a membership/license for each division. Drivers under 18 years of age must present a notarized release in writing from his/her legal guardian or parents prior to competing or being allowed onto the racing surface.
  4. No drinking of any alcoholic beverages or use of drugs is allowed in the pit area prior to or during racing events. The Race Event is not considered complete until the final checkered flag of the final race has been shown. Any person with signs of alcohol or drugs about him/her will be removed from the pit area and may receive a further suspension of a minimum one-race meet.
  5. No radios or electronic means of communications, other than the track-mandated one-way radio system, will be allowed in pit area or race cars, Late Model division excluded. Each driver on the speedway, including Late Model, is required to have a receiver capable of monitoring “speedway control” at 451.7125uhf (channel 138 on the Race-ceiver). This frequency will be used to communicate race information to the drivers on the speedway. Failure to follow directions on the one-way radio will result in penalties. It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure his/her one-way radio receiver is working properly.

For the Late Model Division, Flamboro Speedway recognizes the use of spotters to communicate to a driver via a personal two-way radio however, the driver must respond to any instruction from the Flamboro Speedway one-way radio within a singe lap in order to avoid penalty.   All two-way radio frequencies MUST be registered with the speedway. Spotters may, at the track’s discretion, be required to stand/sit in a prescribed area during competition by the Late Model division.

  1. Upon entering the pit area, all cars will be subject to a safety inspection by Pit Stewards. A bright coloured sticker will be placed on the windshield to signify car may proceed on to track for warm-ups. No car is allowed on the track until the driver has signed in with the handicapper in the Pit Tower. The Driver who signs in a car must race same all night, unless an exception is granted by the race director and reported to the handicapper.
  2. Whenever possible, warm-up laps will be allowed before race time but are not guaranteed. No cars will be allowed on the track unless management gives approval.
  3. Ambulance and Fire truck must be in position prior to any car entering the speedway. Under no circumstances will a car be allowed practice laps once the race program has begun, except at the discretion of the Race Director for safety reasons.
  4. It is mandatory that all DRIVERS attend any drivers meeting called at a race event. At this time there will be no running of engines (generators or car engines) in order that everyone can hear the information and instructions. Drivers who miss the meeting will start scratch in their first heat.
  5. Any driver, car owner, crew member or anyone engaging in abusive, threatening and/or fighting behaviour on the track, in the pit area or pit tower shall be subject to suspension. Penalty will be loss of all points and money accumulated for the race meet, and/or further suspension at the discretion of the race director and speedway management. Past precedent has been First offence punishable by DQ for the night and a two-week suspension; Second offence punishable by suspension for one calendar year of the car and the driver, separately or together. Further punishments may be levied as deemed necessary by the Race Director. ANY RACE MEET SUSPENSIONS ISSUED WILL BE SERVED VIA COMPLETED EVENTS ONLY. Rained-out events will NOT be considered as having served the suspension.
  6. Anyone who, by word or deed, disrupts, impedes, jeopardizes or in any manner hinders the smooth and orderly presentation of the racing program, or anyone who commits, or causes to be committed any action detrimental to the racing program at the Speedway, shall be held responsible for their actions and will be held personally responsible for any losses incurred by the Speedway. Penalty could include a lifetime suspension to the offender(s). Any driver who intentionally delays the race program on the speedway by forcing or awaiting a caution flag unnecessarily will be penalized up to and including disqualification from that race event.
  7. No individuals or representatives or any group will be recognized in any discussion or dispute unless he/she is a registered driver and has submitted appropriate protest forms.
  8. No participant or crewmember is allowed on the track at any time, either prior to or during the race meet, unless an official in charge gives permission. Penalty will be disqualification for the balance of the race meet to driver of car involved, plus any further penalties deemed appropriate by the Race Director.
  9. It is MANDATORY that all drivers helmets will be D.O.T. approved and meet Snell 2000 or newer standards, and that drivers wear driving suits of fire resistant material that effectively covers the body from neck to ankles and wrists. It is also recommended that drivers wear complete, full coverage fire-resistant underwear, socks, shoes, laces and gloves.
  10. The head or arm of any driver shall not extend outside the door of a closed body race car while driven in any event or on track. At no time will more than one person occupy a race car.



(a) Any driver who willfully disobeys a flag, light signal or direct instruction via the one-way radio system will be subject to any penalty deemed appropriate by the starter and/or the race director.

(b) On all original starts and re-starts, cars are to line up 2 abreast. No passing allowed before the start/finish line on original starts. On restarts passing is allowed once the green flag/light is shown. Cars are to maintain a pace equal to that set by the official pace vehicle, and must maintain that minimum pace once the pace vehicle moves to leave the track. Pole sitter must NOT reduce the pace heading to the green flag or he/she will face a penalty. Pole sitter must create a safe start environment for all competitors, and should not be accelerating to racing speed prior to the line on the wall on the front straightaway. Cars moving out of line or jumping before the green will be penalized positions accordingly. Once cars have taken the side-by-side positions, should a car fall out of the line-up for any reason, the line from which that car went out shall move up to fill the gap. There will be no overall shuffling to adjust the field.

(c) Any driver who gets out of his/her car after the start of a race will automatically assume scratch position. Any driver stopping on the track, other than to consult with the starter at the starter’s instruction, will assume scratch position.

If a driver is the cause of two caution flags for actions on the race track, he/she will be black-flagged and sent off the race track. This will include losing control of your race car on your own, and/or making contact with another car.

(d) No repairs of any nature and no re-fuelling will be permitted on the track at any time. Penalty will be disqualification from race. A car may pull to the infield and driver ONLY may make minor repairs (e.g.) Pulling out fender, and assume scratch position on return.

(e) Once a yellow flag is shown, all cars must remain in single file within a reasonable distance of each other. Lead car is responsible for maintaining the proper speed (as indicated by starter or pace car.) Lucky Dog procedure to be applied. First car one lap down will gain lap back and join field at rear.

(f) In the event of an accident in the last lap that constitutes a yellow or red flag, the race will be called complete, with the cars involved in the accident being placed at the back.

(g) In all finishes, cars will be paid or awarded points according to most laps travelled in the least amount of time, regardless of whether the car is still running or not. Any penalties issued after the race will be in the form of points and/or money “fined” from the scored finish position.

(h) In the event a race must be stopped due to a serious problem, it can be called complete any time after the halfway mark. On all restarts, the line-up will be taken from the last completed lap with accident cars assuming scratch position. A lap is considered complete when the lead car crosses the start/finish line. Cars that have not crossed the start-finish at the time of the flag will be scored according to their position in the last completed lap.

(i) Cars considered to be involved in an accident are: cars physically involved, spinning out, going backwards or drastically off the track at, or during the time of the yellow or red flag being shown (except when track is completely blocked). Decisions will be at the discretion of the starter and/or race director.

(k) Pull to the infield (well off the track) if experiencing difficulty or if shown the black flag.

(l) Unless otherwise stated at a driver’s meeting, any car that goes off the track by four wheels may return to the race, only in a safe manner, without jeopardizing the race in progress. If driver is responsible for any accident or incident while reentering the race, he/she will be subject to disqualification and/or suspension.

  1. If the field is wet and muddy, any car that enters the infield during a race in progress will not be allowed to resume racing. This will be known as “the Infield Rule.”
  2. Re-entry to the track from the pits under racing conditions is permitted during feature races only, and only under direction of track staff. Any driver approaching the gate to re-enter the race track must be under control and able to stop at the gate safely if requested. No flying re-entry will be permitted, and any driver who does not re-enter the race track as described here will be black flagged from continuing. Drivers who do no take the original green flag for a feature race will not be permitted to join the race once it is underway (all divisions).
  3. Cool-down or cruise lap is to be run at the end of every heat, consi and feature race – obeying all signals from track officials. Failure to take the cool-down or cruise lap will result in penalty equal to being scored as last running car. On victory lap, winner will cruise on the inside portion of the track, stopping in front of the starter’s stand.
  4. All cars must surrender the right of way to Ambulance, Tow Trucks and Track Maintenance Crews.


  1. All drivers (no substitutes) must sign-in at each event. All drivers must qualify for the feature based on the format decided by the Speedway.   Failure to sign-in prior to taking a car onto the race track will result in a scratch position start for the night’s events.

Feature Race(s) Line up:

When setting up the first feature line-up, drivers will draw nightly to determine the order. The second feature will be lined up with an inversion of the lead lap cars from the first feature. Balance of field will consist of remaining cars and anyone not participating in the first feature. A full field for any event shall be considered to be 24 cars (30 for Mini Stock), subject to additions per promoter option or provisional. Any cars starting a race via a promoter option or provisional shall start behind the qualified. At no time shall a full field of cars exceed 30. Field size for special events will be advertised in advance of the event.

Provisional starting positions shall be defined as past champions of Flamboro Speedway for the division in which the driver is to compete (Late Model in Late Model). All other decisions to place a car into a feature race behind qualified cars will be considered Promoter’s options and will be made solely at the discretion of the promoter.


Any penalties, either on-track or in tech inspection, shall be reflected in the feature line-up at the direction and discretion of the Race Director, and points earned at those events under those circumstances will be used in calculating the points average. Any driver, who does not compete in the Feature by choice or default, will receive show-up (non-starter) points in lieu of a feature finish. Points will be awarded to the car number at each race event to determine the championship car/team.   There is no limit to the number of different drivers who may accumulate points to a single car/team. Drivers will also be tracked by performance points, and those points will be used to calculate the Driver Champions of the season.   Individual performance will be the determining factor in deciding the division championships. Drivers who sign-in with one car and through circumstances change cars for the event will receive their driver’s points. Drivers must meet the necessary criteria as set out in the rulebook to be eligible for point fund and contingency awards. A Flamboro Speedway membership (license) is required in order to compete at Flamboro Speedway events (except invitational events).

Flamboro Speedway reserves the right to request and require a driver to start in other than their assigned position where the officials determine that the driver (by talent, ability, skill or mechanical issue) may pose a danger to himself/herself or others. The driver will be consulted by the Race Director prior to such ruling be imposed. Failure to comply with the request will result in disqualification or suspension.


  1. All cars must be neatly and brightly painted. Race cars must be presentable in appearance at all times. Cars that are considered improperly prepared may be rejected by the tech committee at any event (NO BATTERED CARS). Numbers will be assigned by the track using a maximum of two digits, 0 – 99, 00 – 09. NO letters or symbols will be allowed. Numbers shall be on both sides of car (and on roof), block style numbers only, in minimum 24” by 3” wide letters (roof numbers read from right side) and in a colour that distinctly contrasts to the car.   All numbers must be visible to and legible to the scorer’s tower on the front straightaway. No trick numbers. No gold or silver numbers. No reflective type numbers. Officials may require a change to numbers deemed “unreadable.” Failure to make the changes may result in the car not being scored. A minimum 4” high number on both the upper right corner of the windshield and tail light caps is required for line-up purposes.



  1. Protest forms may be obtained from the track handicapper in the pit tower. Protests are to be handed to the handicapper after the completion of a race – NOT DURING. Protests will only be accepted from a registered driver “in good standing” at Flamboro Speedway, and only for a protest against a car/driver within the same division. Any protest involving the teardown or claim of an engine MUST be made in writing and submitted to the Handicapper with the appropriate fee IN FULL within the specified time limit (15 minutes after the end of the feature race). Failure to meet any of the above conditions will result in the protest being void. The handicapper will issue a receipt for the amount paid to the protesting driver, and the protest will be handed over to the Race Director who will then serve notice of the protest to the affected driver. Under no circumstances is the protest to be delivered directly to the tech officials. Once notified that the engine is the subject of a protest, the driver of the affected car will have 45 minutes in which to comply by having the engine ready for removal. Failure to do so will be considered a refusal and penalties assessed as above.

Every attempt will be made to resolve formal protests before the conclusion of a race meet, however; if this is not possible, track management will, at their discretion, hold back all pay-offs, points and positions until a fair decision can be reached. All parties concerned will be informed of the results before the next scheduled race meet whenever possible. All decisions are final. Anyone who persists in arguing with, or striking an official will be fined or suspended or both. AT NO TIME is any driver or pit crewmember allowed to approach the starters’ or scorers’ towers to dispute a decision. Any protests involving a scored finish must be handed, in writing to the handicapper within 10 minutes of the completion of the protested race. Any technical protests must be handed to the Handicapper within 15 minutes after the completion of the race in which the protested car has just competed. Officials will not discuss or consider any protest not submitted in writing.

A visual inspection, i.e. without the use of tools or equipment, must be accompanied with a $30.00 protest fee. A cube check will also require a $30.00 protest fee.


If the protest involves the tear down of a competitors’ engine, the protest fee is $100.00. The driver protesting must remain at the track until the tear down has been completed. If the engine is found to be illegal, the full amount of $100.00 will be returned to the protester and track management will assess the penalties. If the engine is found to be legal, $100.00 will be awarded to the driver of the protested car. Cash must be presented to the handicapper (obtain a receipt) before the start of the Feature race.

During inspection of a protested car, the only authorized persons in attendance shall be the registered driver and or registered owner of the PROTESTED car. The Race Director may request weight, cube or engine teardown at any time. Track will pay legal car $50.00 for teardown. No pay for cube or visual check. Race Director may require both heads and/or oil pan or any other part(s) to be removed to check legality.


GREEN FLAG: START of the RACE: a car that is not on the track when the green flag is displayed may not enter the race.

YELLOW FLAG: The yellow flag signifies caution and will be given to the first car passing the starter. All cars must immediately slow down and fall into a single line until a line-up is established. No car may, unless directed, pass. All drivers will pay attention to the one-way radio instructions at this time. Failure to take up position indicated by track officials can result in penalty, including disqualification from the race. A driver may request a scorer’s check on position. Decisions then become final.

RED FLAG: The red flag means there is danger in continuing the race. All cars must, as quickly and as safely as possible, come to a complete stop. Anyone disobeying the red flag will be disqualified. Starter or track maintenance will motion any car(s) to move for reasons of safety. All drivers will pay attention to the one-way radio instructions at this time. Those drivers not involved in the incident will remain in their cars unless otherwise instructed.

BLACK FLAG: The black flag signals that a penalty has been issued, and will be given to any driver who, in the judgment of the starter, is unable to continue for any reason, including unnecessarily rough driving, failure to maintain competitive speed, blocking or any other reason. When the black flag is thrown those drivers who cross beneath it will pay attention to the one-way radio instructions. Failure to obey the black flag instructions to slow down or take the car to the infield or pits will result in disqualification from the race and/or possible suspension.

WHITE FLAG: On all starts and restarts, the white flag signifies one lap before the green. The white flag will also be shown one lap before the completion of the race. Once the white flag has been shown and a caution situation occurs, the checkered flag will immediately follow and the race will be called complete. The scored finish will be taken from the white lap with accident cars being placed at the back in accordance with their running positions and laps completed.

CHECKERED FLAG: The race is over.



Flamboro Speedway management reserves the right to accept or deny any membership, entry, admission fee, or participation in any racing event.